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PokeStock BW (Updated for B2/W2!)


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Ah yeah, I forgot there are some unova mons already released, and showed up fine in entralink xD

Anyway is there an English version for the PokeSkinED?

The links above gives me those random mojibake ¿Ø§Ù„إع jibber-jabber.

Even if they were "English" as described (or so it seems), I still get those ¿Ø§Ù„إع

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Why do you need PokeBox2?

There are better editors like Pokegen.

I won't translate any other programms from PokeStock, because there are better alternatives.

Maybe PokeBoxGBA since there aren't many Gen 3 editors, but I don't have that much time at the moment.

Also feel free to translate the programms yourself. All what you need is a hexeditor, a converter to convert shift_jis characters to utf-8, of course a translator and a lot of time.

Edited by BlackShark
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How can i add all female (if available) Dream World Pokemon to my Entralink?

I already found the post from ''trance'' (page 7, post number 99), but this is adding the Dream Radar Pokemon, or?

That's for adding Dream Radar.

For Entralink, you have to use add them one by one, by using the following program:

Use PokeCgear. Example: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?13832-PokeStock-BW-(Updated-for-B2-W2!)&p=161932&viewfull=1#post161932

You may also use Pikaedit: http://pikaedit.wordpress.com/download/

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See the edit by evandixon in the first post there are all the latest links

There's also an download for the latest English PokeCGear (from PokeStock v3.7) which is missing there


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I have been attempting to use PokeCGear to change my CGear and Pokedex skins in a ROM of Pokemon Black, but whenever I import a CGear skin's file I get some garbled mess instead of the picture. The Pokedex skins appear to import fine, until I start up the ROM and see the Pokedex skin has not actually changed.

Is there any method to change both CGear and Pokedex skins at this point? I have searched around and apparently PikaEdit might have helped, but its download's dead. PokeGen also seems to just delete my save data when I try to change the CGear skin.

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Does someone have the PokeSkinED v2.1 english version? I just realized the package I uploaded doesn't have it in english and it's the only application that allows to create custom skins for BW/BW2.

EDIT: the correct link was just some posts above by BlackShark: 


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