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PokeStock BW (Updated for B2/W2!)


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This post is mostly aimed at the few(?) of you that actually use this tool so you know what it is. I'll make it clear now that I'm only working on the BW functionality of this tool. GBA stuff can be done by someone else or I'll do it eventually but I'm doing this on my free time and when I have absolutely nothing else to do so don't hold your breath. Also the way the program is made makes it impossible to use some words at times so I've done my best to abbreviate them without losing the meaning. I'm assuming you already have grabbed PokeStock from the author's site so replace his files with mine in their respective directories and enjoy! As always if you find a typo or some error and care enough to get it fixed leave a reply or shoot me a PM.

PokeSkinED is a 5th gen PKM Party/Storage Editor:


PokeBox2 is a 5th gen PKM Party/Storage Editor:

N/A Yet

PokeCGear is the C-Gear Skin Editor, Entralink Editor, and Black City / White Forest Editor:


PokeGift2 is the 5th gen Wondercard Editor:

N/A Yet

PokeIllustrated2 is a 5th gen PokeDex Editor:


PokeItem2 is a 5th gen inventory Editor:


PokeTrainerS is a 5th gen trainer card Editor and the 'Main GUI':




*Contains English Names for Pokemon/Items/Moves/Abilities/Locations/Natures/Gift Powers

Edit by evandixon:

Updated Links:

v3.7 Japanese: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dbdr26bqi2nr638/PokeStock2_ver3_7.zip

English, Possibly outdated: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=9753&d=1334128486

PokeSkinED v2.1 English: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=10704&d=1365968630

PokeCGear v3.7 English: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=10632&d=1362758021

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Someone might have mentioned that the PokeMain folder needed to be in the same as the application.

Is there any plans to make an Action Replay output for the C-Gear? (My Adapter Plus is still somewhere in the mail.)

Side note: which gender is which? It is NOT translated.

Recommendation: Get rid of the Load / Save on Open / Close -- it's annoying.

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i'll be sure to email the japanese guy who makes this and let him know. :rolleyes:

Is there any Walk through on how to use the White Forest/Black City/Entralink editor? I have no idea what to do on them :P

Thanks btw!

high link is easy. all you choose is gender, move, and species and then insert the poke.

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Hello, I literally JUST joined the forums this moment to give you as much thanks as I could for this translation.

Amazing job! Kudos! Thank you!

On a side note...

Anyone know if theres a program to edit the Hall of Fame or First Game Clear list? You can send me it in a PM so not to flood this thread :)

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Just one thing about PokeCGear.

When o open it, i load my save, but when i enter Black City, White Forest Editor, it just give me an error and close.

Any help?

I made this translation under the assumption people had already downloaded the original version and had the required files already and just replace whatever they had with what I uploaded.

If you haven't already, download the latest version from


the download's pass is


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This is awesome. Took me ages to find a way to "fix" my White Forest without Entralinking.

On the City Dweller editor, anyone knows what the "content" vale does?

Basically how happy they are being residents of black city/white forest at 100 they love it, at 10 and below... i think is when they're ready to leave

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Hey, I'm having the same issue with PokeCGear.

I have downloaded the official PokeStock2 (2.4) and then tried to use your english version while opening it up on the Japanese one. I've done what you said about the POKEMAINS part, but it still crashes.

I load my .sav file, and then I click on City Dweller Editor, and it crashes. :(

Any idea why? Thanks.

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Hey, i sort of have a problem with this when i try to load my pokemon white sav file it says that pokecgear has stopped working... How can I fix this error? I assume it is the sav file that has a problem, since so many have it working.

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