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  1. wait seriously? even for gen 4 where you need to correctly have the seed and time frame so it doesnt cause problems with legit caught pokemon? I remember how mad I was when I changed my ID in the beginning of the game and my shiny capture appeared hacked in Pokecheck cause my ID messed it up ><
  2. which file is the one I use to open in PKHex? Edit: Never mind I got it. Now I just need instructions on how to inject
  3. Hi everyone I'm sort of in a hurry so I have no time to look up all these threads. Is extracting and injecting gamecart saves available now? I have gateway and firmware 9.2 and one in 4.5 (No ROMs)
  4. Is this legit?http://m.ebay.com/itm/141518480567?nav=SEARCH
  5. Does it show in pkhex well? Is this really like the files extracted from cybersaves and gw? No list of checksum invalids?
  6. So is it possible via Gateway to extract my Pokemon game card save (played already in it)? I found some threads on gbatemp about it but tells me to open game in gateway mode when I can't have both red card and game card in. do I need restart and get a cia file?
  7. huh guess they already had it planned before cause the site got organized today
  8. as title says will really help adding a sticky explaining extracting and inserting save files in gen 6 pkhex thread is getting too many posts and should only be about pkhex and not help with gateway, cybersave etc
  9. question will changing trainer ID using pkhex be legal? or is it going to be the same like gen 4?
  10. can you quote it or paste it ?
  11. ok so I edit the C30C to the date I want? but its for all metals right? you cant pick one?
  12. I'm curious if RNG is even possible in gen 6 . If it is will there be a chance in the future someone can research it?
  13. but even before I change anything it has a list of invalid. what does it mean?
  14. little confused on something what does the SAV section exactly do? what is integrity check and hashes and why is it when i edit my save it says I can't see checksums anymore?
  15. how does it work? want to try this myself
  16. How do you extract a AS or OR save? and How can I insert my Pokemon X and Y save (have them on computer) into the gateway?
  17. I hear after 10th (when you battle second elder) the chances go down.
  18. ok I have gateway now but I need help I need specific instructions on how to insert my edited save into the game
  19. I know game is out but I want to test some stuff in the demo and would love to know how some of you guys did it.
  20. Don't bother them too much tho they have their own lives and need time to finish quote from twitter page on September "a decent amount of work has been done. not enough for pokecheck to come back, but things have actually been done. we have... everything we need to do it, but no one has time. i have my company and a ton of work, xfr is doing research for work and.. flying around giving presentations or whatever xfr does. we're also 6 hours apart in time zones. it's not like in 2011 or.. 2012 when we both had plenty of free time and could get things done." please be patient
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