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  1. WOW. Life got away from me again I apologize, man. Anyway, I checked, and you are right, sir. Because Nintendo discontinued the wifi services for these games, the detection method no longer works. At this point, I would suggest you load all the box delete codes and just go through them one by one. Alternatively, you could get one of the save dongles and dump your save and edit it directly. I know it costs money, but it's SO easy with PokeGen, and will allow you to save all your pokemon. Out of curiosity, what code were you using before this error came up? Was it a wonder card code?
  2. Sorry for the late reply my friend. I guess I just need to regularly check this thread, since the email notifications seem to not work for me. =/ I haven't tried this since they shut those down, but I think that this method may still work. I will check it and EDIT with results.
  3. Glad to know this guide is still helping people. Thanks for posting, guys! Well, life got busy and I realized I never got around to testing and modifying those B2/W2 box delete codes. Will work on those and add them to the guide soon.
  4. WINE and Wineskin aren't compatible with NET framework 4 at all as far as I know. But from the sound of Codemonkey's post, it may not take much to compile a Mac friendly version: That would be much appreciated, codemonkey, if you have the time. Would like to be able to help in some way if possible.
  5. I'll have to read up on this more. Is the NDSAP the only one or do ALL current save backup devices share this problem?
  6. Technically, the first one I ever SAW was a shiny Magneton. I was watching my stepdaughter play her Diamond game. She knew it was shiny, but didn't understand how RARE they are. She said "I'll come back and catch it later" and ran Later, she said "I wonder where that shiny Magneton is?" I didn't have the heart to say anything.... MY first shiny was a Tranquill in my Pokemon Black game. Not long after that, I was playing the Ash Grey FireRed hack, and ran into a shiny Nidoran(female). I was able to move it to my FireRed game using Pokemon Encyclopedia
  7. Never? I have the NDSAP as well and I knew it currently didn't work, but I thought that maybe they'd be able to eventually work it out once the encryption was broken. Pardon my ignorance on the specifics, but even with a new save format, if it could eventually be decrypted, why couldn't it work?
  8. HKLives, did you ever find a solution? Check the Black2/White2 AR code thread. If someone hasn't already made a delete box code for those games, you can ask about it. I'll look too and will update if I find it. Best of luck! EDIT: Found it! Once again, thanks to DeltaBlastBurn for generating these codes! http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?24541-B2-W2-AR-Codes&p=153883&viewfull=1#post153883 I haven't personally tested these codes yet, but I will and once I have, I'll be adding them to the guide. And sorry HKLives for not seeing your reply 'til now. I thought I had email
  9. The links for most of the files are broken. They were megaupload apparently.
  10. Hatching bad eggs? I didn't think you could do that without ruining your save (or maybe that's only in Gen 3?) I'd be wary of actually hatching the thing...
  11. Sorry for the double post, but I really wanted to share this. This was a PM I received not long ago based on this guide. It made me feel so good
  12. Ok, I'm gonna let my geek flag fly here.... anyone make/want to make an eternal Sailor Moon skin? Maybe from something like this?
  13. Codr, thank you for all of your hard work on PokeGen and thank you for passing the torch to Mat. I'm sad that you felt the need to retire, but as you said, things change and we can certainly understand that. Congrats on setting the standard for Pokemon editors and I hope you stick around in the forums.
  14. PokeGen all the way, especially for adding Wondercards to your save. Just always keep a backup of your save on your computer, regardless. I have NEVER had a problem using PokeGen, but it never hurts to have a backup. That's the great thing about using Pokedoc's tool to back up your save, you can keep backups of it tucked away in case something happens to your cart.
  15. It would be great if the code to do it were cracked, but given how hard it's said to be, it's unlikely that it will happen (at least any time soon). Personally, I won't mind just Genning my Pokes in B2/W2 and using whatever the 6th gen equivalent to PokeTransfer is. I wonder how their gonna work that anyway? It'd be great if it were a 3DS program that would let you hot swap the carts and not need a second DS/3DS. >_<
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