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  1. Is there a rebattle the shiny haxorus code?
  2. I'm just a bit obsessive over little details like that. Do you know what the eggs hatched part in pokestock means then? Because I've already got and hatched around 100 eggs, yet it says I havent hatched any in pokestock.
  3. Ok, so I've been looking at how to edit the number of eggs received and hatched in Pokestock. I know that you can changed the number of received in there, but there is also an option for number of eggs hatched, but that actually doesn't tell you the number you hatched. Is there anyway to edit the number of eggs hatched not using Pokestock? This is for B/W.
  4. Does anybody have an English translation of PokeTrainerS?
  5. Yeah, don't worry, I fixed mine up with HxD and then opened and saved the file with Pokegen. The save is great. Like I said, thanks for all the help.
  6. Hey! Thanks so much! I know this might be a little much, but can you fix up this save and do the same thing? I spent a bit of time doing the battle subway and I'd rather not have lost all my effort I put into it. Btw, what program are you using to do all of this? I'd like to know more about it.
  7. Thanks man, I appreciate it. I'll be waiting for whenever you find out what to change.
  8. Here you go, before beating the gym, and after. The data is already set to 3/6/11 so it's all ready to be copied and not changed or whatever you have to do. POKEMON B.0.Before&.sav POKEMON B.0.after..sav
  9. You know what, I can provide you a file before and after the first gym in just a little bit; however, those of course will not be with the same id and stuff as my personal file. Then you can poke around a bit. Btw, I'm going to keep playing my black save, so just whenever you have it found out, I'll copy the latest file, because I want to be doing the battle subway in the meantime.
  10. Unfortunately, I cannot provide those. :frown: In the meantime, I'm going to delete my save because I don't like keeping it up for everyone to download. haha.
  11. Ok, so I recently bought a new copy of Pokemon Black. I played it up until the first gym, then I decided to change the date back to when the game was first released, 3/6/11, and get all the wondercards since then, so it would look legitimate. After completely beating the game, I noticed that my trainer card says that my first gym badge was received on 5/25/2013, and the rest say 3/7/11. Is there any program or manner that I can change the first gym badge received to 3/6/11? Any help would be much appreciated because I haven't found anything anywhere that may help solve this problem.
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