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  1. Is it possible to somehow inject ★and337 into our save files?
  2. Not only that but PokeStock as well
  3. This file is corrupted, everything is warped
  4. Not anymore since any link to those are down, but thanks for the response!
  5. Hello, PP Just dropping a question to see if Gen 5 games will get more support such as functioning c-gear skins, PokeDex Skins, and dream world pokemon editing. Please do consider this as it will only benefit Gen 5 games. I'm playing through Black again so I thought I'd ask this question Thanks!
  6. Will PKHeX allow us to import our PokeDex skins?
  7. Nothing more than a couple pieces of paper, not even a manual, they really should've made it a physical release
  8. That's good, I wish more people knew that you could import your old pokemon (and back up your retro save file) with this and import them into XY
  9. This is great! I love the fact that Retron can extract saves and later import them!
  10. This is like the first inferred event in 15 years, how do those even work?
  11. Even if the game has Wifi you will not need to pay for Wifi in order to play the game 2018 will be the Pokemon Switch game and it will not be DP since game-freak ALWAYS stays on one console per generation
  12. I hope it will come to the switch since the switch is supposed to have WiFi VC games
  13. It was revealed during Nintendo's E3 conference that a main series Pokemon Game (8th Gen) is under development for the Nintendo Switch. We don't know what the game(s) will be called. The Pokemon Company also confirmed we won't see the games before Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon (atleast a year from now).
  14. Sun and Moon leaked EXACTLY 10 days early Probably 2018, then 2019 will be our beloved Sinnoh remakes
  15. Well I must say the hackers are good, finding the game IDs in advance really impresses me, but what are Gold and Silver's ID gonna be? I just hope Crystal has an ID. I wonder how Early USUM will leak since lately 3ds games have been leaking early as hell (looking at you FE: Echoes) Hopefully we won't see an Ultra ban wave again
  16. Hey there, I gotta quick question Will it be possible to transfer Generation 2 Pokemon to Sun & Moon BEFORE the Virtual Console releases? I say this because I play Gold on a rom and want to transfer the Pokemon to Sun and Moon before the 22nd of September (because waiting nearly 4 months for a VC game is absurd) It would be so cool if PKHeX could implement it before the VC release!
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