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  2. @jojo12100 are you on luma? You can use Region emulation to set your 3DS to JP, then restart the entire demo. That way, you'll play the demo as JP region. (referring to the Steelix post) As for the special mission, I read that it is repeatable once done, so if anyone has it, they can share the save file with you.
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    Updated! 1. Added Shiny Tapu Koko (HKTW) 2. We have a new Region Information Page 3. We have a new Credits Page
  5. Version ᅟᅟᅟ


    This Pokemon was distributed by Serial Code to players in HKTW, at various participating stores. Tapu Koko is normally not obtainable as a shiny in the game. As this is a HKTW serial code, this Pokemon can be collected on EU 3DS region (running with English Game Save Language), and JP 3DS region (regardless of save language). While redeemable on JP 3DS, this wonder card is only distributed as an ENG wonder card. (we have a Region page, read it here) Distribution Title Shiny Tapu Koko present ! Wondercard ID 233 PID Shiny PID Games SM Type Serial Code Dates Apr 28 - Jun 30, 2017 Species Tapu Koko Nickname (default) Gender Genderless Level 60 Nature Timid Ability Electric Surge (1) OT Melemele TID 170428 Location a lovely place Ribbon Classic Ball Cherish Ball Held Item Electric Seed Moves Nature's Madness Discharge Agility Electro Ball Relearn Moves Nature's Madness Discharge Agility Electro Ball Receiving Text 0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Distribution Text Get this rare shiny Tapu Koko! Enjoy Pokémon battle together with the guardian of Melemele Island!! You can also enter this Pokémon in the WCS 2017.
  6. eh? It's right up there (that's the Distribution title, not the text. It's program generated, so I definitely didn't forget it)
  7. This also means I get one more wonder card to add to our beta section
  8. I did it without any problems. 722 - Rowlet - 79F9B955D07A.pk7
  9. I'll look into it when I get some time. Since it's in unicode, my inclination is that it's the master boot roms listing. And referencing an entry is how you get the pokemon for the master rom menu.
  10. Awesome than you!
  11. I am going to pick up the data.
  12. Its still the wrong files in the event gallery.
  13. Just added the official Japanese site page
  14. I'm sure that I'm using the latest version. I just double checked. Here are some screens and a PK7 if you would like to take a look. 722 - Rowlet - 9E10B955D07A.pk7
  15. Thanks Holla! I added Serebii as the source. I will be personally looking out for these, because Eeveelutions are one of my favorites. @argus1963 - Do you think you will be willing to grab these for us?
  16. Unable to replicate; be sure you are using the latest version.
  17. I cannot get any value (1-255) in Fullness or Enjoyment to stick. I've tried many individual edits and batch edits both on my Moon save and on my Sun save with no success. Could someone please do this type of edit too? Perhaps I'm missing something. Thanks!
  18. Any members here in Japan can hopefully download and contribute them! Appears to be a one per day type event. Sources:
  19. As a note for anyone paying attention to the WCs uploaded, GF fixed Sandshrew so it has the same G7TID as the others! This is a perfect reason for why we don't release WCs early. They do change, sometimes often.
  20. Sandshrew code will be revealed on the Daegyo Auorini ("Kids") channel at 5 pm on May 2, 2017.
  21. How do I make my own custom wallpaper for the storage system in Black and White 2?
  22. Any updates on this particular shiny Jirachi? Did anyone ever get one of these in some form?
  23. Yesterday
  24. Possibly. It's probably a place to read them from while the game is running so that way they can be used in the correct spots (in-battle, Pokédex, party menu, etc.).
  25. Maybe it's just a listing of all pokemon? But that's a bit strange there are not in the numerical order, maybe hex order?
  26. It seems rather weird that it'd be lurking around in an unused memory address space
  27. We could try for these ones next. Thanks for the contribution, @HaxAras! (Even though I've seen this before :P)
  28. 0xDF1747 doesn't exist in a GBA environment. It must be relative to some of the memory areas, such as:
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