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  2. Oh man this is awesome thank you so much ^_^. Would be nice if we could automate this, maybe someday soon (good thing SDSME is open sourced now!). Also, another curiosity, do you know if it's possible at all yet to export importable maps out of blender yet? As far as I know I don't think blender or a plugin for blender supports exporting .nsbmb, but I'm curious if a new method has been implemented. Do you still just have to use either Maya or 3DS Max with that one dev plugin?
  3. Set the met level to level 5.
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  5. There you go, Im not trying to send any pokemon in particular but testing around to familiarize with Pkhex I just made a random incineroar so you could see: (Oh, and the incineroar is in the box because I dragged it in and then out the box again)
  6. too vague. Show images of the pokemon, and when doing so, show all the tabs for said pokemon
  7. We can't share rom links, but its definitely out there. I found it on google after reading the thread, within 3 tries.
  8. I had no idea of this. Where can I download the demo? I've looked for it and nothing. From already thank you very much!! I would like to play the demo. I just need Rom.
  9. Im a noob at this, I started today and I just got into backup my cartidge's Moon SAVE and that all things. so i kinda started to create some pokemons but when I finish there is always one legality issue. Invalid: Unknown encounter What Am i doing wrong? With my 'full legal' Pokemons (ones cacthed inthe game), this dont happen, but whenever I create a Pokemon from scracth this error will show up Also, last Pkhex version. Help?
  10. Guess I'll be re-playing the demos and dumping the saves and Pokemon. I do not wish to change the region of my .sav. I want all of my Colosseum E-reader Pokemon to have unique PID/TID/SID. So I'll be going through all the different languages for myself and I'm getting a set for each of my close friends.
  11. It's not a total failure if you learned something you didn't know before.
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  13. Ok, thanks ^^ So now the only way to get it is to find the machine that gives the data. Or emulates it.
  14. It was not being replaced. It was actually never saved to the cartridge! I know because I attended the event. You had to download the mission from within the C-Gear, but it was only held in RAM for as long as you played that mission. During that time you could catch special Pokémon, retrieve certain items and so on. What you could get exactly was set inside the distributed data. When the mission was over (there was always a time limit), it was gone from your game, but you could download it over and over for as long as your DS received the distribution.
  15. Oh sorry I was speaking about the game ID. But no you can't anyway. So much fails today it's hard
  16. Yeah If I'm not mistaken ORAS demo can be dumped for the Pokemon, just like SM demo. I'll like to assume that the TID/SID may be randomized, but the OT may rotate between a few presets. However we can't compare it against ORAS or SM demo, since those games had Pokemon that were transferable, but XY did not have such a feature.
  17. I've got a little guide here: Once you find the map texture after going through matrix editor and map editor, as per the guide, know the the program doesn't load the correct texture for you. you've got to scroll to it every single time.
  18. I'm so sad, such failures today. Edit: I have a theory about how it works. According to the similarities in the names of the missions, I think that the event mission replace 1 similar mission. For example: Shoping Impossible replace Enjoy Shopping or Shocking Shopping.
  19. @Purin I found that, it confirms your theory. EDIT: It's a WIRELESS EVENT!!! Chances of getting it now are very low If anyone has one of the special mission and can tell us where it's located or share it that's will be awesome !
  20. I think it's not possible to force-load them if you don't have the distribution device that they used. It was not region locked and could be received with all languages of the games!
  21. Yes, that's what I think too now. Or maybe they were deleted in non-Japanese versions? So any idea to force-load them? Edit: Content is not region-locked.
  22. If I remember correctly, special funfest missions are not possible to be just "unlocked", because they were local events with actual data being downloaded.
  23. @BlackSharkPut 7F in the RAM from 0x0222596E-02225981 will unlock the FunFest misssions until the Berry-Hunting Adventure. Holy crap the special mission are in another place!
  24. So normally in SDSME to start editing a map file, I'll locate it first by going to Matrix Editor -> Map Files, then double click on the area I want to edit. Then it'll open it up in the Map Editor, but it'll either default to No Texture in 1.8.1b or default to Texture 15 in 1.8.1 and 1.8.0 in every single map. Is it supposed to function this way and I might just be missing something or is there another way I can find out the correct texture for a map?
  25. Thanks @ajxpk for clarifying the 3rd gen eggs. I see why I was confused about the eggs. PkHex actually has a bug where it displays a Pokemon's name based on its language flag. It is not set up to work with 3rd gen properly, no wonder I thought it was japanese. I'll open the egg in another editor (since I don't have a 3rd gen game set up to test it in-game). I don't think the actual hex is Japanese.
  26. Thank you, I'll try my best to unlock the content and I'll dump the .pkm after.
  27. I did take a look into Funfest Missions a few years ago but then I lost interest. I only have RAM adresses for stats and records that you can look up at the Entree Forest, but I guess better than nothing. RAM (Black 2 US) Unlocked Missions Flags 0x0222596E - 0x02225981 Mission stats (4 Bytes each) 0x0222AEE4 - 0x0222AF97 (mission 1 - 45) 0x00 -> total 0x01 -> usually 0xC0 (0xD0 seems to add 4096 to "total", 0xB0 gives a glitched "total") 0x02 -> usually 0x00 (???) 0x03 -> unlocked levels/stars INVALID VALUES CAN CORRUPT THE SAVE! 0x00 -> default -> Lv 1 unlocked 0x10 -> Lv 1 finished, Lv 2 unlocked (1 star) 0x20 -> Lv 2 finished, Lv 3 unlocked (2 stars) 0x30 -> Lv 3 finished (3 stars) And here the offsets of some records. Save 0x2038E Unknown 0x2120C White Lv. 0x2120E Black Lv. 0x259F0 hosted missions 0x259F2 participated missions 0x259F4 completed missions 0x259F6 top scores 0x259FA the most participants RAM (Black 2 US) 0x0223B544 White Lv 0x0223B546 Black Lv 0x0222AFD4 hosted missions 0x0222AFD6 participated missions 0x0222AFD8 completed missions 0x0222AFDA top scores 0x0222AFDE the most participants
  28. I also find a Hidden Grotto editor but I remember that one existed with a special hidden grotto table. That can help us if I remember where did I put it.
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