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  2. Your ROM needs to be identical to the one I used to create the patch. I can't share where I got it from but I tried to get the most obvious one from a quick google search. Remember it has to be the US version and don't scrub it or anything like that.
  3. Cool. Thanks for the feedback!
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  5. I have a problem when i want to use NUPS. Its tells me that "The patch doesn't match the file". Do you know why?
  6. I hope somebody adds this Mew to the Gen 3/Pal Park database, along with the Fire Red event Save, and the ReignOfComputer Collection, along with the tools needed to get one, bundled with the other method 1 events in Emerald done the same way. Maybe when suloku finishes the fan WC we will be able to RNG the legends and make a collection.
  7. This is indeed different from Saori. You can NOT download the Pokémon directly from within the game. You have to get a serial code within the Nintendo Zone Viewer app. This serial code can be redeemed freely from anywhere. Spoofing the 7SPOT Nintendo Zone won't work for accessing the Nintendo Zone Viewer app content. Like I said, it's served from within a private network.
  8. Stable Luma is fine, and with stable Luma all you have to do is drag and drop and enable "external .code"
  9. Just a question, is Luma Nightly really needed for SaltySD or I can perform it with just the stable Luma?
  10. I think I wasn't clear with my explanation, I'm sorry about that. For Saori Machamp, all we needed to do was to connect to the network and receive the Pokemon "Via Internet" option. (not serial code) [when connecting through the spoofed nintendo zone, the 3DS sends the correct AP to grab the Pokemon off the server] However for this, we need to actually open the Nintendo Zone app, then click on the Viewer for it to give us a Serial Code. The problem arises here is that as mentioned by Purin, if we weren't connected to that exact private network at their 7 Spot, The viewer portion will come up blank (a small x, if I'm not mistaken), so we won't be able to grab the serial code. [This serial code can be used on any network; it's the obtaining that is the problem] edit: In any case we'll be able to grab it straight from the server, ap is likely 00011200000 It's just that users won't be able to spoof the NZ to grab it themselves..
  11. How is this different from Saori Machamp, which I thought was NZ also? Is 7SPOT a different kind of NZ? I ask because @SciresM said if we know the AP of the NZ, we can get it from the internet.
  12. So i've started messing around with Black 2 and i'm trying to create a fakemon, and i have done most of what i need to do, but theres still 2 important things i need to change and i have no idea how: The name of the species and the pokedex data. Anyone have any ideas on how these can be changed and where the data for these is kept?
  13. Hi, I'm searching a way to receive the 10ANNIV events in another cartridges than US/ENG, there's a language check in the ROM that I don't find, thinking about the Colosseum region check for E-reader or most probable the PalPark language check, I also tried to dissassemble the ROM but I still not find it for the moment. Any idea?
  14. Fixed in Hotfix 01, which is available in the OP of this thread now.
  15. Finally got it to work after a few tries, adding to applications helps, running on sierra 10.12
  16. How do I activate the event?
  17. Yeah, did some research while being in one of the stores. 7SPOT Nintendo Zone content is reachable through their private network only (some 10.x.x.x IP). No access over the public internet.
  18. Thanks, fixed in latest commit Until the next release, just import while on the Main tab.
  19. The problem isn't that, the problem is the Nintendo Zone app itself may also be receiving data for the selection screen in it, which might be data only sent at the physical location. This event is different from the Machamp, whereas the Serial Code can be used on any normal network, but you'll have to go into the NZ app to obtain it, and the selection may not pop up on a spoofed network, as tried previously by Purin (and to a largely lesser extent by me previously)
  20. Does anyone have the events if they can all of PCNY PCNYA PCNYB PCNYC AND PCNY D AND PCNYE? Also looking for daisuki events
  21. I thought the level of wild Pokemon depended on events such as Firium Z obtained ... but not I got a lv17 Drifblim just after Kiawe so it'll be harder to get the one I want (totally RNG dependent).
  22. I think @SciresM was able to spoof Nintendo zone.
  23. Can anyone give me a link to a working Expanded version of Umbra Moon to play on Citra please? I can't get it to work by myself .
  24. @jasenyofaceAfter I used the updated download with the .dmg file PkHeX started right up and worked the first time. Thanks!!!
  25. Well, this is unexpected, I thought the game would just be some species IDs and maybe some byte that decides if the pokémon stays or leaves, but if they are uncompleted pokémon, getting them edited this way is only editing the species, most of the relevant data is already generated... The game probably uses the same method to generate them from a species table, so I guess it should be safe, but for example entralink forest in gen 5 was more simple and in fact properly editing makes them fully legit (or legal, I always confuse the terms). In any case, good findings! ps: I think I'm still missing some pelago mons, I'll upload a full collection for anyone interested when I have them all, and as suggeste I'll use pporg.
  26. You may use a NDS flashcart or a 3DS that can run hombrew or has custom firmware to mingle with NDS carts save data, as sugested by ThisIsDaAccount Maybe you can find how to reset the savefile in the game's manual, just like the main series games can:
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