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  2. When you open a gif in Photoshop, it is indeed chopped into stills. It’s a lot of fun messing around with them. However, these^ gifs will be a pain challenge.
  3. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    Considering how the wireless functions worked with Crystal, I doubt it will be utilized. This has to do with the way it did HTTP requests (static url among other things) and that they most likey will not fix any issues or features. If they don't do a trade celebi, then like insane nutter said, most likely a pokemon bank event that injects the GS ball. That is of course if they ever release Crystal lol.
  4. No biggie, GIMP can open gif files by layer and it's free. Also, @theSLAYER I will have a go at doing this
  5. Favourite Pokémon Type

    I typed in Google "Pokemon black all you need to hack" (The site: tag only searches for the query in those sites)
  6. Favourite Pokémon Type

    @wrathsoffire76 YASSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!! Now, what can I do for you? @wrathsoffire76 Also, HOW DID YOU FIND IT?!
  7. Under Level Collection

    @Poke J Okay,then. Here's a random Poke. I'll attach it in a few minutes. @HaxAras The Doc asked for permission so I requested. It should be: I could perhaps help with the every language part. It may not be low-leveled, but I hope it's okay. (Shiny and Italian and HA) Ditto_Pokemon+White+2.pkm
  8. Yes, that's something I'm aware of, I thought frame-by-frame editing would be a possibility, but... I don't have Photoshop, nor can I purchase it, so I didn't know wether it could actually display gifs that way.
  9. Bug report

    Already been reported & fixed:
  10. Special Pokemon (ALL JP 3DS Only)

    Basically Pokemon with Pokedex Entries, yet has no QR code.
  11. USUM Dusk Form Lycanrock

    probably could upload them, to the respective pages ><
  12. USUM Dusk Form Lycanrock

    There is a lot of cool images in the emails , do you want me to forward it to you ?
  13. USUM Dusk Form Lycanrock

    Sweet. Now, for them to reveal more stuff to us XD
  14. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    The thing at the end certainly looks like a Kartana. Now, my reasons for and against - For: - Straight end route, similar pathway as the one in SM - The plants/petals/flowers certainly look like Kartana, like how the bulbs looked like Nihilego - Location cannot easily be seen on USUM's overworld map Against: - Humans? Here? - Feels more Earth-like than Ultra Space like. The surrounding could have easily morphed due to Kartana's presence (or something) I'm glad to see them making use of Overworld sprites again, tho I can't think of a Pokemon in past 2 gens that had over-world sprite for encounter, and WASN'T shiny locked T.T
  15. USUM Dusk Form Lycanrock

    Email from Nintendo Japan
  16. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    Do you really think it can be Kartana's Ultra Space Dimension?
  17. Bug report

    I'm able to replicate this error (through proper evolution) Thanks for reporting!
  18. Bug report

    PKHeX told me Shedinja with breeding moves is invalid. But Shedinja can have breeding moves from Nincada.émon)
  19. Yes, I fully support this topic being moved to the Portal. Can’t wait to take a crack at this project!
  20. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    This is the original article: Translator borked the dates:
  21. SM- Korean Lillie's Alolan Vulpix

    Finally, hi-res images! we already have the wonder card, just waiting for the serial code.
  22. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    Nintendo of HongKong and Taiwan mentionned that pre-downloaded for VC Gold & Silver will begin on September 14. Source: @PkmnGlobalNews
  23. SM- Korean Lillie's Alolan Vulpix

    Source: @iceposs2000
  24. The translucency for still images are achieved by only having those required pixels to be not fully opaque. Now, a gif comprises of multiple still images. (open a gif in photoshop, and you'll see it's all individual layers of still images. No reason why it wouldn't work)
  25. While I might be wrong, as far as I've read it's not even possible to get a gif to be actually translucent. Transparency, as all of us know, is supported to a certain extent. While you can put a translucent element on a gif and make it part of it, and you can have a transparent background, I've never heard nor read about a way to make the gif itself to be partially translucent in such a way to keep the translucency when putting it over another image/gif. Of course, as I said, I might be wrong. Perhaps I just haven't searched enough.
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