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  1. piggman

    Dialog design

    I rather like the compacted design like it is now myself. But I can see where some might prefer seeing all data at once. Voted with my preference.
  2. Hey all, now that there is a section on Project Pokemon itself for the official skins I've redirected the Original Post to point there! Also, pretty nice skin there theSLAYER =)
  3. Ah, cool, nice to know the real reason. Thanks Codr.
  4. Any of the skins are unfortunately going to be darker in game than the extracted files that you see here. The game just handles the images that way, I think because the C-gear buttons are overlayed on top.
  5. Completed Request for B2W2 Elesa. Single download available in this post, original post file piggman's skins updated to include as well. Elesa 2 C-Gear..zip
  6. Yes, making your own C-gear skins that are compatible requires much more work and working under limitations. Not really going to make a tutorial for that, as its not really a pokegen thing. Basic constraints are 256x192 pixels, and 16 bit depth. In addition there is a limit of how many 16x16 pixel blocks that the game can load; basically meaning you can't have a busy image and need open space, I am still figuring out exactly how this one works. Click the thread I link in the OP at the bottom to look more into it. I'm a hobbyist pixel artist, so these kind of things are fun for me, though
  7. your welcome, and I didn't change it, That is just my custom Windows 7 theme.
  8. I made a short tutorial for doing this in PokeGen Here. It may help you out.
  9. Hello All! As I have started to make my own skins, and see myself continuing to create more in the future I've decided to create this step by step tutorial to help out! This way I can have a nice and easy place to point people towards for install instructions and as a file dump for my own created skins . What this will allow you to do: You can use any official c-gear skins that you either missed or are unobtainable due to region or release. You will also be able to use completely custom skins, I will provide my skins I have created in this thread. Ultimately you will get to turn your bland
  10. Hey all, found this thread through a Google search after getting curious on whether or not I could make my own completely custom c-gear skin. After a bit of playing around (theres some wierd limitations besides the size and color restraints) I was able to get it working! Was helpful having this thread for resources! I joined up to share my creation and maybe make some more here later! Here is a download Link. I converted it already so all you need to do it load it through PokeGen =) DOWNLOAD
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