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  1. Today I caught a level 30 Jynx, traded it to another Pogo account that had just hit level 10, then trasnferred it to Let's Go The result was a level 20 Jynx So it seems that Pogo trading reduces things down to level 20 and no further
  2. When playing normally, the maximum level that wild pokemon appear at is your trainer level. (Not counting weather boost, which adds 5 levels after all other factors are considered) The maximum level you can power up Pokemon to is your trainer level +2 That's why I guessed that the level traded pokemon get rounded down to would be one of those two numbers. I haven't actually tested it however. I've seen things get their levels reduced but not paid attention to the exact levels involved
  3. Is the listing for underlevelled Seadra in Pokemon Let's Go accurate? This list has it at level 13 in Route 11, but Serebii has Seadra at minimum level *31* on all the routes it's on. Just wanted to check if it's a typo before hunting it
  4. The ??? mechanic is hard to understand, it's definitely not just 'this Pokemon has a higher level than your account'. I've repeatedly gotten ??? on level one Pokemon that had high CP It might be 'this Pokemon has a higher CP than anything you have caught' or something uncessarily complicated as Pogo is wont to do I've never actually tried out the 'trade a Pokemon to a level 10 account' idea so it could be that it never actually worked that way and my information was incomplete. What I have done, and was basing my assumption on was trading things from level 40 accounts to accounts at say, level 20 or 30, which definitely did reduce the level for the recipient. Maybe it only rounds things down if the starting level was above 20 or something along those lines.
  5. One thing I know is you have to have no lure on to get the lowest possible level. Even Beedrilll isn't possible at level 3 with a lure on, and he only goes up to like 7 with it on. When my lure's on I'm very consistently getting sky pokemon at exactly level 57. So far I've found Charizard at level 6 and 7 and Pidgeotto at 3 (all with lures off) and nothing low level whatsoever when I'm chaining with lures on
  6. So far I have a mostly complete collection of level 1s on Go and anything I've got a second one of since Let's Go comes out has gone straight to there. I'll probably move them all to Let's Go eventually, just haven't made the jump yet. Right now I don't even have the acccount you need to trade online in Let's Go, let alone the means to hack a switch. If I do get the means to do it down the line I would be happy to upload the data here. Note that right now every seventh day of research tasks gives you a level 15 Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Raikou, Entei or Suicune. This is the lowest possible level for all of them if that's something that appeals. Every other legendary released on Go starts at level 20, which is the lowest possible level for Mewtwo, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza and Cresselia I believe. Plus Deoxys, which might not be very useful as there's so far no way to move it off the original Pokemon Go account it was caught on Go is currently the only source of level 1 Unown, but they're stupidly rare. They're only realistically obtainable from those events where they spell out words. I've got two letters at level 1 and I'm hoping to eventually trade a friend for a third. I do have an account that's exactly level 10 right now, will hopefully get the chance to see if it really is possible to send a level 10 Alolan Marowak to Let's Go this way
  7. The Alolan Eggs method absolutely works Trading between Pokemon Go accounts preserves the level; it does not preserve the IVs and rerolls them at what seems to be total random. It ignores IV restrictions that were in place when you caught or hatched the Pokemon. Can confirm as thanks to this I'm the proud owner of a Lucky Level 1 Alolan Ninetales with perfect IVs For eggs, the level and species are determined when you *obtain* the egg, not when you incubate or hatch it. Again can confirm based on a trophy I have. I hatched a two year old egg on an old account and it turned out to contain a level 1 weedle from the very first day of Pokemon Go. It's now a lucky level 1 Beedrill that I treasure Transferring from Pokemon Go to Let's Go preserves both level and IVs (while adding a random speed stat)
  8. I don't have any device that would let me upload pokemon files or anything unfortunately. I'd be happy to share data if I had a way to. You can get Alolan Grimer/Muk at level 1 yes. (Unless they have removed them from eggs and I haven't noticed) '7k egg' here means 'start a brand new account, send gifts to it, and open them while it's still level 1'. You can do lots of gifts and get 9 eggs and it fortunately lags enough that they will all be level 1 Ninetales - 7k egg/3DS Sandslash - 7k egg/3DS Persian - 7k egg Muk - 7k egg Golem - 7k egg/wild in Pogo Dugtrio - 7k egg/wild in Pogo Exeggutor - wild in Pogo/3DS Raichu - level 1 Pikachu obtainable in Pogo but can't be evolved to Alolan Raichu as yet. level 2 Alolan Raichu obtainable on 3DS Marowak - unobtainable at level 1 The rarest and most convoluted underlevelled has got to be level 10 legendaries. Let's go with Articuno for the example, but it would work on any. You have to get an account to exactly level 10 with either the dex entry for Articuno, or a massive amount of stardust that I'm not even sure is possible to get without exceeding level 10. Then you'd need it to build 30-90 days of friendship with the Articuno donating account. Prior to being traded, the Articuno will be at least level 15 - but when the new account receives it it will always downgrade this level to either 10 or 12. (It's either your trainer level, or your trainer level plus 2 and I'm not totally sure). You could then port your very small Articuno to Let's Go where I'm sure it will fall foul of some legitimacy checker because it's such a convoluted and unlikely thing to do I suppose you could do this more easily with Alolan Marowak, Ninjask and Shedinja. Outside the legendaries I think those are the only Pokemon which can't be obtained below level 10 in either Pogo or 3DS
  9. Weather adds +5 levels to all Pokemon and it's done after all other calculations, meaning level 1 is impossible. Also, Pokemon's levels are locked the first time you click on them. This has two implications: - The same Pokemon can be a lower level if you click on it at 12.01 than it would have had at 11.59 - Rain and Sun castform are only obtainable at level 1 by finding one in the hour immediately *after* sunny or rainy weather - after the weather has changed but before the castform has despawned. Snowy is a little easier because it can spawn, without boost, in foggy weather A brand new account that has done literally nothing to gain XP will force any wild Pokemon encountered, and eggs obtained, to be level 1. This is pretty exploitable for getting rare level 1s. As soon as you catch one thing you're level 2 and that 100% chance of things being level 1 is gone - it goes to 50% level 1 50% level 2, then 33% level 1, 2 or 3, etc. Research task Pokemon are still level 15. Weather boosted Pokemon get their +5 levels *after* their level is reduced down, so if you catch a weather boosted Pokemon on a brand new level 1 account that Pokemon will be level 6. You can lock in a few wild Pokemon at level 1 by clicking, running away and coming back later - that locks their level to level 1. You can obtain exactly one level 1 egg from a poke stop this way, but again the spin will put you on level 2 It's possible to get 9 7km eggs that will all hatch to level 1. You need to make a brand new account, Use about 15 other accounts to send it a gift, then open them all at once. It will go up to something like level 15 and have 9 eggs, every one of which will hatch at level 1. This is the only possible way to get several Alolan Pokemon at level 1, and was also the most feasible way to get regionals at level 1 back when they were in eggs. There's no way to get raid-exclusive Pokemon at a level lower than 20 or research task exclusive at a level lower than 15 (although for several legendaries 15 is the lowest level they've ever been available at by a long way). 7km egg exclusives are fairly easy to obtain at level 1, and 2k/5k/10k egg exclusives are possible, but extremely difficult, to get at level 1. I've been collecting level 1s since the start of this game and spent some time theorycrafting how to get the rare and difficult ones, let me know if you have any questions
  10. Pokemon's stats are made up of three different numbers. - Base Stats are the same for every Pokemon of a species. - Individual Values (IV) are individual stats, slightly different for every individual Pokemon, that cannot be changed. - Effort Values (EV) are numbers that you can put on a Pokemon however you choose to make some of their stats stronger. All three numbers combined make up the number that you see on the 'stats' screen in the game. Every Ninjask has the same Base Speed of 160. A Ninjask which has a 31 Speed IV will be faster than a Ninjask with a 0 Speed IV. A Ninjask with 252 EVs in Speed will be faster than a Ninjask with 0 EVs in Speed. IVs go from 0-31 for each of the 6 stats. EVs go from 0-252 for each of the 6 stats. You can put 510 of them on a single Pokemon, which usually means you raise two of its stats to the maximum.
  11. I'm playing around with editing the Festival Plaza and I just wanted to check what will be recognised by the game as legal. What's the legal maximum number of Fiesta Coins? PkHex seems to let me enter as many '9's as I want which I guess the game wouldn't recognise properly? Is there any limit on having identical facilties (eg could I have 7 Rare Kitchens if I want?) And will Festival Plaza facilties be considered legal if there is no visitor name and the unknown value/visitor FesID is all 0's? Many thanks
  12. Thanks a lot, I'll add those ones to my Hall of Fame
  13. Thank you! That's awesome, I look forward to doing it with the shiny event this year
  14. When I made my 100% Zygardes, I always did it by shredding the Zygardes I had and making one from scratch using 100 Zygarde cells. I noticed there was another option - to make a Zygarde using an existing Zygarde, and some cells, and I was wondering about the details of how that worked. If you use 50 cells on an existing 50% Zygarde, does it become a 100% Zygarde but retain all its other traits? ie can you get a 100% Zygarde in Johto, Beast, Master or Cherish Balls this way? Or a shiny 100% Zygarde?
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