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  1. So Jasenyoface couldn't trade me because of an unfortunate incident with his DS although he did attach a file for the complete mew for someone else to trade me 151 - Mew - 580D5D0B039E.pk7
  2. Welp, if you could read what I literally just said to you, you'd understand. Copy and pasted, like I said. You're not telling me anything I care to know. Resume your patrol or whatever you call this elsewhere. I don't care as much as you do.
  3. Literally just copied and pasted the format of another request that was accepted. This is my first post ever.
  4. mew lvl 1 (not shiny) ability: Eject+ moves: pound OT: Leon Nature: Timid My frend code: 3024-9752-3819
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