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  1. Mimikyu: Shiny: NO Female (Level 63) HP: 166/166, Sp. Atk 94 Atk. 150 Sp. Def 156 Def. 132 Speed 143 Nature: Quiet - Ability: Disguise No held item. Moveset: Shadow Claw Mimic Play Rough Shadow Ball Feebas: Male/Female (Any Level) Shiny: NO/YES (Must hold a Prism Scale) Method: Link Trade - If you agree, send a PM.
  2. I am unable to install Homebrew on my 3DS. Is there any way to edit a save file with PkHeX without using Homebrew?
  3. Request: Mewtwo non-Shiny (I don't care what nature, I don't care what IVs.) Holding: Nothing (Or whatever you want) Level: 65 is fine. Intention: To beat the Sun/Moon Elite Four. I have really bad luck. Edit: Suffering a 3hr power outage. PM me on this site.
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