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  1. I need that UT shiny 10 aniver. latios but I dnt have ARS so can somebody make for me and that trade to me by wifi
  2. Who has read it? A little thought, I think the anime should have look at what was going on in the manga, meaning, there are 4 err.. "volumes" one per generation,which leads to a different protagonist per manga (and game) but oh well... btw... who knows where to find it on teh internetz? :bidoof: erased my downloaded manga bad bidoof bad bidoof!... hey put that knife down!!
  3. Does Any Body Have A Copy Of Ciro's Pokemon Maker?
  4. Read the Attachment below. RANDOMSPOT555 EDIT: Removed pointless attachment.
  5. Wi-Fi trade pls. Much appreciated! <3
  6. Sorry for requesting so many at once, but I really want these four pokemon. Friend Code is 3566 7741 6296
  7. In attempt to be legal, i made my pokemon via eggs. But at 100 they are deathly weak. Why arent there stats maxing? They have EVs they need and yet they arent comming out strong. Why is this? Like my gengar has 309 speed instead of the 350 it could, and 321 spatk when it should have like 390. What am i doing wrong? I make them in the egg with there EVs and max IVs. Is there IVs or EVs getting messed up? Does the egg thing remove ur EVs?
  8. A new Pokemon game is coming? Read this "much-talked-about big title"? GS remakes anyone? :eek: I'm holding my breath till May 10th.
  9. So we got three new amazing Dragon types with some awesome secondary types. Out of the three which is your favorite? Dialga, Palkia or Giratina?
  10. I'd like to know if it's possible to create roaming Pokemon with random stats (as if it were a real one generated by the game). Seeing as I have all 3 legendary cats/dogs via Wifi, and every other Trio is able to be caught on Platinum, I'd create the 3 dogs to roam my nephews Platinum version for them to have a chance at having them. When I tried creating them, I had to set the current HP, their IV, Nature, and couldn't activate 3 roaming codes at one time. When I left everything blank, the roaming stats were blank, 0 IV, 1 HP, w-e nature, etc...Too much trouble to just want 3 random generated roamers. If in the end it isn't possible to randomly generate what's needed, I'll take the time to do so when bored enough ~_~. Thanks in advance.
  11. Do you have any tricks for catching pokemon in ruby, sapphire, or emerald versions? Like when you throw the pokeball you press or hold X. Something like that...I would like to know if there are any of them out there I think there is one for firered when you press a rapidly when you throw the ball. For sapphire I believe that you hold A at a certain point when the ball is bouncing up and down after you threw the ball. I'm not sure how to describe that point of the bounce and not sure if I have it pin pointed so it might be luck. I hope other people have some!
  12. What's up? My name is James, but I go by JT. I call myself "That Pokemon Guy" for no reason at all. I was just thinking of random names when I registered. I play Platinum, and Diamond, which I'm going to start over on when I get my stuff back from my cousin. If ya has any questions, just ask.
  13. after doing some research on the hatched pokemon's trashbyte in Diamond .. i figure out that hatched pokemon has its own trashbyte string ^^ yeah, it's true ^^ at first , when it is an egg .. the trashbyte is the same as any of the wild pokemon, but after it hatched, it had its own trashbyte ... and i also did some trashbyte research on "nickname rater" and here is the results : I hope this will help you all ^^
  14. It is actually simple and easy all you have to do is write down the name of a pokemon that starts with the last letter of the previously posted pokemon For eg. Pikach(u)---->(U)mbreon, and so on so here we go Giratina...........
  15. I'm going to the one in Fremont.Its my hometown,actually,so this is going to be fun!If anyone is going,im gonna be waring a shirt with my username on the back. Go team Minamimoto!:kikkoman:
  16. Asked this in another thread featuring the e-Reader but felt it would be more relevant. I'm curious to the whereabouts of three event Pokemon that never really cut (from what I know anyway). It was a Togepi, Scizor and a Mareep that appeared in Colosseum in some form that included the addition of an e-Reader. From looking around the database, I don't see any of them so would anyone be lovely and be able to shed some light? Ta'.
  17. I was just woundering what normal stats would look like and what id mave to put down for it to say it came from fire red.
  18. Hi to all here in the community! My name is Michael and I'm an Italian pkmn trainer, I hope we could be friends and we could battle sometimes ^^
  19. What did you evolve your eevee to ?
  20. Off Topic Rule Re: Pokemon Discussion Lately there have been posts regarding Pokemon/ROM/RAM related discussions. So I would like to remind everyone this Forum is intended for the use of Thread Games, Discussions Unrelated to the other Forums and the Sub-Forum, Debate, is for Debates. The only exception to this is Pokémon Forum Games. Thank you.
  21. Here's a stupid question... I hope this is acceptable for the forum, it seemed the most appropriate place. Let's say I traded for an obviously hacked Pokemon (a kid traded me a Prinplup caught in a Master Ball, for starters). I have no intention of keeping it and have deleted it (I only traded to give him an item). I'd assume that if such a hack were on my cart, an officially sanctioned tournament could disqualify from participating. But would I risk being disqualified for EVER having such Pokemon on my cart? I would think not, but when I hear about trash bytes or hex values I wonder if the hacked Pokes would somehow leave a mark behind in the game's save data. Sorry to bug you with n00b questions, but if anyone can confirm with absolute certainty whether I'm fucked or not, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  22. So, kind of curious as to who picked who in the new versions of Red and Blue. Did time change anything? Or, did you stick with the starter you used to pick back in the old days. As for me, it changed. I used to pick Charmander because of how awesome Charizard was. I ended up picking Bulbasaur in the reincarnation though.
  23. i went on the data base to find pkm files for the platinum lagendarys and they only have dimond and pearl versons of all of them can some one help me?
  24. Out of all 493 pokemon, which one is your favourite? Mine would have to be: [sprite]151[/sprite][shinysprite]151[/shinysprite][icon]151[/icon] Mew of course
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