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  1. Since Poke'mon Dreamworld for BW 1&2 is going away soon, would it be at all possible to copy the code off of the website and use somebody's mad hacker skills to create a version that works offline and runs on your computer? Or maybe make one that utilizes another website? I hope it is, as if you use Google Chrome and push F12 you can see all of the files(I think) and might be able to download them if people hurry. So is it possible?
  2. Vulkan

    Missingno pkm file

    Could someone do this for Pokemon Black and White? Link:
  3. I found someone's post on different web site on which the person both posted a missingno pkm file, and how to make one. It's only for D/P/P, though. Could someone try and do the same thing for Pokemon Black and White so that i can get it through pokedit, or should I send it to my brother's Platinum game and use poketransfer (I don't think it would work.) He says that his version of missingno won't glitch up the game. Any if anyone would like to make the PKM file, remember to make it compatible with Pokemon Black and White.(here's the link:
  4. Dang it! Well, thanks any way.
  5. :redface: Hi, my name is Vulkan(Obviously)and i'm a long time pokemon fan, and first poster/pkm gts downloader. I been wondering since recently if it could be possible to take a pkm file (say for example a nidorino) and edit it's sprites so it would look different than ANY of the other pokemon. I believe this would be theoretically possible, but, now that I think about it the game might not recognize the pkm file. If it is, would someone offer help me create the sprite (I'm not a spriter :frown:) and, if it's also possible, change the moveset [including the moves learned through evolution(e
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