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  1. Okay so I'm going a bit crazy with this. I'm trying to modify Pokemon Soul Silver to feature Dawn instead of Lyra. Originally I was just going to replace her overworld sprite but my ideas are getting out of control so maybe I'll go all out. I was thinking it'd be cool if the player select let you choose between DP and PT Dawn, but I think that would make your rival the other Dawn which might be weird >_>; Though it could work I guess if one is named Dawn and one is named Hikari (her Japanese name.) I have a bunch of the programs that I need afaik but I'm having a heck of a time figuring out how to use them. I managed to replace the BTX for Lyra with Dawn but when I tried to load the game it crashed so I'm back to square one. Seriously if anyone is interested in this idea I'd love a hand. I've got an interested party on tumblr too who'd love to play so yeah... Thanks in advance! (The picture is from standard Soul Silver using an AR code.)
  2. Hello everyone, I'm here to request a translation of the 3 Wii Ware Mystery Dungeon games. I'm really surprised that no one has translated any of them in all these years, I was hoping that at least someone was working on it, but it seems that actually nobody is doing it. I don't know anything about hacking, but I would really apreciate it if anyone try to translate anything, like the menus, the Pokémon and the moves. Translating one of them would be enough, and if someone makes tools for it, it would be pretty cool if he/she releases they, as a spanish player I would try to translate they into spanish. The games are quite simple, I know that people don't care about they because that, but I find the playability interesting and I'm sure that the Pokémon community is big enough to enjoy the translation. I know that the possibilities are low, but I hope that this can happen someday. Greetings!
  3. We probably all know that some types are objectively better or worse than others - so as a mental exercise I've tried to change the type chart and make every single type equally good, with the same amount of strong and weak points. I am aware that stats, Abilities, movesets and more are all elements that will still make some Pokémon better than others, but it's a step in the right direction. Now I'd love to see a rom edit of XY and/or ΩRαS that uses my new type chart. No other changes necessary, just modified type effectiveness. First of all, my thought process. Every existing type I gave points according to the following: STRENGTHS: - resisting a type = +1 point - being super-effective = +1 point - being immune = +2 points WEAKNESSES: - being hit super-effectively = -1 point - being resisted = -1 point - being immune'd = -2 points And here is what I found: STEEL — 15 strengths VS 7 weaknesses | Overall score: +8 FAIRY — 8 strengths VS 5 weaknesses | Overall score: +3 FIRE — 10 strengths VS 7 weaknesses | Overall score: +3 GHOST — 8 strengths VS 5 weaknesses | Overall score: +3 GROUND — 9 strengths VS 7 weaknesses | Overall score: +2 WATER — 7 strengths VS 5 weaknesses | Overall score: +2 FLYING — 8 strengths VS 6 weaknesses | Overall score: +2 ROCK — 8 strengths VS 8 weaknesses | Overall score: 0 DARK— 6 strengths VS 6 weaknesses | Overall score: 0 POISON — 7 strengths VS 8 weaknesses | Overall score: -1 ELECTRIC — 5 strengths VS 6 weaknesses | Overall score: -1 DRAGON — 5 strengths VS 6 weaknesses | Overall score: -1 FIGHTING — 8 strengths VS 10 weaknesses | Overall score: -2 ICE — 5 strengths VS 8 weaknesses | Overall score: -3 PSYCHIC — 4 strengths VS 7 weaknesses | Overall score: -3 NORMAL — 2 strengths VS 5 weaknesses | Overall score: -3 BUG — 6 strengths VS 10 weaknesses | Overall score: -4 GRASS — 7 strengths VS 12 weaknesses | Overall score: -5 Next was the difficult part - changing type effectiveness in a way that would make all type come to zero points, perfectly balanced. I tried for my changes to make as much sense as possible, though the results are debatable - and that's why I feel a hack is necessary. To test it out and see whether or not doing it this way would make the game more fair. Here it is: Potentially Perfect Type Chart Important: The below changes were the first version, see this post below for a revised one (link leads to the revised version). Other things to do in the hack would include: - changing the effectiveness of Flying Press accordingly; - make Scald a reverse Freeze-Dry? I mean, it would be weird if that attack was resisted by Ice; - no need to worry about Shedinja, no weaknesses were gained or removed from either Bug and Ghost type; - make sure Will-O-Wisp still hits Rock-types, despite the new immunity; - make sure Steel remains immune to poisoning as a status, despite losing the Poison-type immunity. - maybe change some related NPC dialogue? At least the Gym Guide Guy could be checked for possible lies.
  4. Introduction Remember that feeling you had when you played G/S/C and reached the credits after beating Lance? Triumph, satisfaction... but also wondering what could be next. Then came your invitation to go to Kanto. Mind blown, a whole other region to explore after all of your travels in Johto. Looking back however, I think it's pretty safe to say that the journey there was rather uneventful and messy. Re-battling the gym leaders and seeing what became of Red and Blue was really cool, but outside of that what purpose did Kanto serve? Maybe you don't feel this way, but I do. As we get older and new games come out, our expectations for content increase and Game Freak tends to deliver (even if it means a Battle Maison here and there). In 2017, we have a wide selection of fan made games inspired by all of the beautiful work Game Freak has done over the years. A glaringly obvious trend among these games is that they're mainly in Gen 3 or made on RPG Maker. While I don't take up issue with this, I strive to build something based in Gen 5. As far as I'm aware, the only notable Gen 5 rom hacks are basically BW/B2W2 with increased difficulty and more pokemon available. I've enjoyed these, but I really am curious as to what other regions could look like with seasonal changes to boot. The Concept A few years have passed since the events of B2W2, and as such the world has changed with time. The spotlight first shines on the Orre region, which has been peaceful ever since the falling of Cipher. Mayor Trest of Phenac City contacted Gym Leader Wattson to lead a massive redesign of the region, resulting in a population increase of both humans and pokemon alike. What was once majorly a barren wasteland has benefited from environmentalists moving over from the Hoenn region and planting many trees and contributing to the ecosystem. With the help of Justy, an official Pokemon League has been established and he is its overseer. You are a student on the verge of graduating the Phenac City Trainer School, where Justy teaches you and your classmates. Since Justy doubles as the strongest Gym Leader in Orre, you've grown up inspired to be a great trainer and have witnessed countless amazing battles. Each graduates' present is a starter pokemon, and after the final ceremony you're allowed to go out and explore all of the new areas in Orre (notably the northern region above Mt. Battle). Once you've gathered all 8 Gym Badges, you gain permission to attend the Pilica Conference - a tournament with all of the other trainers who completed their gym challenge. The winner is granted permission to challenge the Elite 4 and Champion. However, when you win you will notice that you are ill prepared to take them on... so you must keep training! But where to go from here? Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova - Each of these regions will be accessible to take on the Gyms and Elite Four. Over the years, new areas have been built and the roles of familiar characters have changed. You may think you know these regions well, but this hack will give you a lot more to explore. Fiore, Almia, Oblivia - The Pokemon Ranger regions have met with an increase of pokemon trainers, and battling has popularized here to the extent of them having Pokemon Leagues too! A lot will be added/changed to these regions to better suit a pokemon trainer's journey. Holon, Skyridge, Aquapolis - These were all locations in the TCG, and Holon in particular has a lot of really interesting lore to look into. While these places don't really have official maps, I've created concept designs based on the cards depicting locations and residents. Ferrum - Pokken's story and battle stages definitely have enough of an established basis to make a region out of. The concepts shown in the game could definitely make for an interesting plot. Decolore Islands - While a very short arc in the BW anime, it's still enough to warrant a fun island chain to explore. Orange Archipelago - I'm far from the first person to want to include this in a rom hack, but with all of the extra-region inclusion, it would be odd to not add in this. Reverse/Distortion World - For every region, there is a Reverse World counterpart. I won't get into it's purpose too much as of now. On your journey, you will encounter many familiar faces from all sects on the pokemon universe - many friend, many foe. A big goal of mine is to keep it interesting the whole way through. Also, I don't have Kalos or Alola planned mainly because of alternate timeline issues and the lack of sprites in B2W2 for Gen 6/7 pokemon Features After scouring forums, I believe I've compiled a decent collection of editing tools. Now... a ton of trial and error as I learn to use them. This project is massive, especially since my knowledge on hacking minimal. But I don't care how long it takes to make this as long as the outcome is genuinely enjoyable. Below is the list of things to expect from the game. - Every region will be large, beautiful and interesting. - Lots of team options, and an easy ability to change members throughout the game. - Difficult battles - Many big subplots all supporting one storyline (This section will grow as time goes on and I get more ideas). Potential Features There are lots of features and pokemon added since Gen 5, but that's not really a focus of mine as of now. If at some point people want sprites for Gen 6/7 to be in this game and people start making them of their own volition, I'd absolutely add them in along with Fairy Typing. I imagine Terrain and Mega Evolution would be difficult to add, but if there's enough support I say let's go for it. Discussion! Below, I'd love people to share things they've wanted to see in a hack, or some concept in the pokemon universe they've wanted explored but hasn't been covered as much in the main series. This can include Spin Off games, Anime, Manga, and even the TCG. I want to gauge what people are most curious about in PokeLore. Also, if someone else voices a sentiment you agree with, feel free to say you feel the same or similar.
  5. Hey! So I thought of an idea for a tool that players can use for Pokemon Sun and Moon. You know how you can scout trainers at the Battle Tree? Well, I'd like to know if someone can make a tool that allows the player to modify the scouted trainer's Pokemon but only the ones they already added after the program reads the player's save data,. For example, if I opened the program and it reads my data, it'll only show the trainers that I scouted as you can see in the picture attached to this message but you can change their Pokemon to whatever Pokemon they use at the Battle Tree. If you don't know all of the trainers, you can find the trainers from the battle tree from Serebii.net and search through the Trainer Catalogue. https://www.serebii.net/sunmoon/battletree.shtml So if you're interested, please let me know. I'd like to make different Pokemon combinations. Thank you!
  6. Would it be possible to program in companion Pokemon into the Gen V games, like in HGSS? I know it probably wouldn't be possible on a cartridge, but perhaps an emulator? I know every Pokemon has an overworld sprite even if they would never appear in the overworld normally, so would it be possible to somehow take the data from when NPCs follow you (i.e. Bianca in Reversal Mountain), replace the sprite, and apply it to the whole game? Walking Pokemon was one of my favorite features in HGSS, and I'm not saying interaction would be necessary, but having the little sprite following you wherever would make the games that much better. Could it be possible?
  7. Hi everyone, I am new here, but I have been in my free time making a full collection of Lv. 100 Pokemon from Pokemon Silver with the best stats and move sets possible. I have then correctly connected it to a Pokemon Stadium 2 Rom, where you can use these Pokemon to face the Gym Leader Castle, Prime Cup, and so forth in R2. Due to some pokemon move sets being difficult to acquire, (hidden power, return with bond) ((not sure if this is hard, but I'm not good at programming)) I have made illegal move sets, but tried to keep it close to the standard as possible. Hidden Power Bug Marowak is now seen using Megahorn. I decided to even upgrade each pokemon to the next tier above. Standard Alakazams in Gen2 run fire punch, so I upgraded it to have flamethrower. Screech users now have Swords Dance and so forth. I decided to make 2 copies of every pokemon with different moves to give variety. I used Smogon's official recommended moveset with Gen2 and then made the second version a Gen3 modification. (Gen 4 and on with the special and physical split make it difficult to copy) I was just wondering if people out there would actually be interested in containing a copy of the roms and saves if and when I complete this project or am I just a hardcore Gen2 buff and am just wasting my time. Thanks for reading into my request everyone!
  8. Hi, after reading about a beta picture of Tyranitar in the Mobile Trainer ROM I found today that this cardrige have much more secrets to discover such as Odd Egg Event, GS Ball event or wallpapers for the cardrige (Celebi) or Pokemon Crystal, maybe we can dump the pokemon pictures? I'm not very confident about finding back the events as they are located in the sav but who knows? Sources: here and here
  9. Hey! I came up with this idea when I first got into the Fairy Tail fandom, which was a long time ago, and since then, I have gained some experience in game hacks. When I was looking through my computer a little while ago, I found my ideas on a notepad and decided to start working on it. Over the last couple of days, I have been working on it and have started to create a Fairy Tail x Pokemon hack for Pokemon Black and White. My basic ideas are as follows: The protagonists would either be Natsu and Gray, and then Erza and Lucy (Different Versions) or Natsu and Lucy, and then Gray and Erza. (Once again, different versions.) Cheren and Bianca would be the other characters that you can play as in the other version. Starters appropriate for each trainer. Gym Leaders and Elite Four would be other FT characters such as Juvia, Gajeel, Levy, Lisanna etc. Wendy would almost definitely replace Iris. Text edited to fit a slightly different storyline and made for Fairy Tail. Ghetsis would be Zeref. (With obvious text edits.) Other Fairy Tail characters would be included like Jellal as N, (fits him perfectly) Meredy and Ultear as the blonde and pink haired women, (can't remember their names) Professor Juniper, (not sure who she would be) and Nurse Joy. (Possibly Mira since it fits her nicely.) I have been working on it for a little while but have had multiple errors. My main problem is that I have had trouble finding a good text editor to use for this hack and I have not been able to recreate amazing sprites despite many attempts. I was wondering if anybody could suggest a good text editor and let me know where I can find the files containing the text. (I tried thenewpoketext for my previous Gen 4 hacks but it was complex and I had a lot of errors and problems with it, so I didn't like it too much.) I'd also like a little help with creating the sprites. I have done a few Gen 4 FT sprites but if anybody could make me some Gen 5 sprites, that would be amazing. (NOTE: Overworld, Mugshots, Front and Back for the 4 Possible Protagonists. - Overworld, Frontsprite and Mugshots for Zeref, Jellal, Possible Gym Leaders and Elite Four - Overworld for any other characters.) If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to share! (Sorry if this is really long or in the wrong place since this is my first post.)
  10. I had thought of this idea for quite a while now... I'm thinking the potential with this could be awesome... I even have a WIP layout of the teams the Hoenn E4 are using. Sidney: Absol, Zoroark, Hoopa Unbound, Zoroark, Darkrai, & Yveltal Phoebe: 2x Hoopa Confined, 2x Ghost Arceus, & 2x Giratina (not that much to choose) Glacia: Articuno, Ice Arceus, Kyurem, Black Kyurem, White Kyurem, & Regice Drake: Shiny Zygarde (won't be shiny in the first few versions), Palkia, Dialga, Giratina (Altered Form), Latios, & Mega Rayquaza
  11. Hey. I'm currently doing a hack for Pokemon Black 2 which will include the whole Sinnoh region, Pokemon, trainers etc. Something like Pokemon Platinum in Gen 5. Main Features (all the features will be listed later) story, characters and locations from Pokémon Platinum (+ some characters from other regions ) National Pokédex from the beginning Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova are obtainable moves and abilities from generation 5 boosted weaker Pokémon stats, moves and abilities "improved" some bad or annoying things from Platinum increased difficulty some things have been added, replaced or removed - no GTS, Pokétch replaced with C-Gear, Battle Frontier with PWT etc. Progress It will probably take a few years to finish this hack. I'll just hope that there will be more tools for editing gen 5 roms, so I could do it quicker. Why I'm doing this hack? Pokemon White 2 is my favourite Pokemon game of all time. But I like Sinnoh more than Unova. But as we all know 4th gen games (especially D/P and not so much but still Platinum) are slooow (compared to 5th gen), so I don't like playing them. But I still love the region and the story. So I want to play them with the 5th game engine and graphics. Screenshots Other stuff Please let me know if you like the idea of this hack If anyone would want to help me, please write to me
  12. SCREENSHOTS: The project want to: 1) Fix correctly the 3 important items that are RAGE CANDY BAR, SLOWPOKé TAIL and BERSERK GENE, and put them in the right places. 2) Add the function to delete the pokégear numbers 3) Fix the places that have wrong musics respect the original Gold and Silver games (MT MOON for example in the remake have the music of JOHTO dungeon and not is right) 4) Fix the Game corner, with the right buildings, pepole and the function for buy coins. Restore also the COIN CASE in the Goldenrod Undergrounds. Move the fake Game corner into a new building. 5) Fix other censored texts. 6) Fix the Move tutors that will ask you shards instead of battle points. 7) Fix the obligation to battle with the legendary before the pokémon league. 8) Fix the obligation to have the first pokémon out from it's ball when you walk I have already done: Point 3, 4 (partially) 5 and I've found the script that come back a pokémon into it's ball. But maybe I need of a way to create a key item that switch a pokémon out from it's battle or inside. The point (4) it's partially because I've restored the COIN CASE, I've restored the original buildings of KANTO and JOHTO game corners, and moved the fake corner into a new building for maintain the Voltorb flip, but I don't know how copy the original slots from the uncensored japaneese rom of Soul Silver. I need of a way to: Restore the missing ITEMS (i've started an help thread for this: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?46137-Item-hacking-SS-HG) and put them into the 2 Mahogany markets Add the slot machines from the japaneese version without delete the Voltorb Flip, in the original Gold and Silver for the Game boy the games in the Game Corner we're 2, half game corner's machines play slots and the second half the cards game, with a little script I can ask 3 coins for play the Voltorb flip, only in the new building of the fake corner Voltorb flip will remain free, then will be a game corner better of the japaneese version of HG/SS. Add the function for delete the pokégear number. I know only the script string that add a number: Recordpokegearnumber 0x25 actually add Morty's number. If I knew the string that delete the number I could add a multichoice dialog for every trainer, that will ask you if you want to delete their numbers.
  13. Hi everyone! I need everyone's help with something. Using tools like pk3ds and lots of thinking I was able to replace Rada and her pokemon for Faba and his choice of pokemon. That's right! I was able to replace Rada for Faba as a multi battle partner at the battle tree. Need you help!!! Now this isn't finished yet. I want to make Faba the best multi battle partner I can while keeping his choice of pokemon. Faba choice of pokemon are as follow: Slowbro, Bruxish, Alakazam, Alolan Raichu and Hypno. From this list pick two that you think are the best pokemon for battle tree and their best four moves for multi battle. I want to make them as legit as possible so pick moves they can learn in game. Thanks! Here's a progress video of it.
  14. Poke-WHAT Omega Ruby Randomizer Steven Universe Homestuck Hack Something odd is happening in the Hoenn region. Things from other universes are popping into our universe. There are new people and gym leaders, they say they are here for a test. They won't elaborate, saying "The test isn't for you." It seems this anomaly as caused the Pokemon in Hoenn to get their habitats mixed up. We're gathering pictures tune back in for more.
  15. I know most of you guys have moved on to nds roms, but because I find GBA roms and emulators much easier to work with, I plan on hacking a III generation game. I already have a team of three but I need help, a lot. If you can contribute at all
  16. Project Pachirisu Is A Project I Have Set Up Having Pachirisu Is The Main Character (Meaning Playable), The Game It Will Go Over Is Heart Gold And Any Pokemon That Changes Gets Overwolds Too! (And More Features Like: New Pokemon, More Findable Pokemon, New Starters And More!) The Project Is Going Really Well, Apart From The None Loading The Sprite And *Secret* Is Broken Too, I Will Release The Project Beta When I Get Pachitisu's Trainer Sprite And Walking Sprite Up And Running (Ill Have Videos Too) Beta 0.1 Is Not Done Update Log: Overworld Sprites Fixed Overworld Sprites Done Including: Surf, Walking, Running and Bike
  17. Ok so my whole idea behind this ROM hack is to basically up the difficulty level of Black and White. Here are the ways I am doing this. -Increasing the level curve -Adding in Stronger and more diverse wild pokemon -Giving every gym leader six pokemon -Modifying the stats of some pokemon (including things like type and ability) -Modifying move data to make some moves more useful -Editing Item locations So far, I have edited the stats of every pokemon I wanted to edit, and I have changed the movepools of the starters and the monkeys and all their evolutions. I have also edited quite a few of the weaker moves. Here's just a sample of my work. The tepig line are now all fire/ground, and of course learn some Ground type moves. Emboar and Pignite learn Close Combat in place of Roar as well, as even though they are now Ground types, I still feel like this move suits them. While Snivy and Servine are unchanged, Serperior is now a Grass/Poison type. It learns a new-and-impreoved Poison Tail upon evolution, and it has a new ability. As you could guess, it now learns quite a few other poison type moves, some of them by leveling, some by using a Heart Scale. Dewott and Samurrot are now part Dark type, because I feel that the Dark type suits a Samurai better than a fighting type. As most dark types do, they now have a few tricks up their sleeves, such as the Weak Armor ability, which, while making them more vulnerable, can increase their speed quite a bit. Archen and Archeops have dropped their terrible Defeatist ability for Moody, which changes them from a pokemon that pretty much has to one hit kill everything or it's doomed, to a High-risk, High reward pokemon. Many of the HMs have been edited to make them more useful, such as cut changing to Grass type with 70 Power. Strength has been changed to a fighting type move with 90 Power, and Waterfall is now on Par with Surf in base power. Of course, the move data changes are not only limited to the HMs, Rock Smash and Rock Climb are now Rock type moves, which could possibly give Pokemon like Scolipede and Scrafty a new option. All of the elemental monkeys now have a fighting subtype, and of course learn a few new moves to reflect that. Progress Move editing 100% (unless I change my mind about something) Pokemon Moveset editing around 50%, i still have to do the TM/HM compatability (unless a request is made that I decide to use) Item location editing 0% (actually, if I could get some help on exactly how to do this that would be great) Trainer editing up to about the end of Route 2 Wild Pokemon editing up to Route 3 Text editing (usually to go along with item location changes) 0% Edit: Oh, and one last thing, I would prefer not to add any pokemon from previous generations. The only exception would be if it was impossible to make a gym leader have 6 pokemon without doing that. EDIT 2: Come to think of it, since I have been doing this, Shouldn't it go in Progressive Edits?
  18. Hack of: Pokemon White Wish Unova played like a more Difficult Pokemon game while still following the Unova Rule*? Wish the Pokemon of Unova had decent Level-Up movepools? Wish the Trainers were tougher without being stupidly tough? Wish Certain Pokemon were available earlier earlier? Wish You could be a shut-in and still get those pesky Trade Evolvers? *Unova Rule-Only Unova Pokemon Pre-Game Well Look No Further! Pokemon Purest White! Level-Up Moves have changed. Later Trainers all carry Eviolites on their Unevolved Pokemon (All Gym Leaders bar-Straiton use it) Veterans use Max Revives Ace Trainers use Full Restores Wild Pokemon Locations have sitched up a bit (Vullaby in Route 4, Pidove & Minccino on Route 1, Klink on Driftveil Bridge, etc...) Team Plasma's Roster has been upgraded to incude: Karrablast line, Shelmet Line, and Pawniard Line. Dark Grass is much tougher and will rarely yeild evolved forms of Pokemon found on the Route. Shaking Grass now yeilds extremely tough pokemon in addition to Audinos. Nurses and Docters are now EXP Clerics. Gym Leaders are Tougher too, (I had to redo Striaton and Nimbasa several times). The E4 still use 4 Pokemon, but the levels are increased to compensate. Alder has a different roster. Cynthia uses her Platinum team. To evolve Trade Evolution Pokemon- Normal Trade-Level Up at Night Holding the Gem that equals their Type. Item Trade-Level Up holding Item Specific Pokemon Trade-Level with that Pokemon in Party. Thanks to Shaqnel from YouTube for the RBY wild theme used in Wild Battles. [video=youtube;wFwi4pJUAgQ] [video=youtube;1DGfD4fkaU8] [video=youtube;H2geNAdY0HI] All that's left to do- Update a few more Pokemon's Movesets. Change a few TM attacks* Fix the glitched up Trainer sprites Find a Good Patch Creator-Suggest PLEASE! *Anyone know where the TM data is held? I wanna change a few, like Bug Opposition to Signal Beam.
  19. About this hack This is a rom hack of Pokemon Diamond Version. In this hack, I’m trying to make the following changes: Team Plasma is the evil team of this game. You can battle two sages of Team Plasma now. More different Pokemon are seen in the wild. Some Pokemon are edited (Stats of some bug types, dream world abilities, new moves). Trainer and Gym Leader Pokemon are edited. Music is edited. The game has a more 3d-like look(thanks to Spiky Eared Pichu's tutorail on Pokécommunity) I'm actually still looking for someone who can change music in the game and someone who can help me with inserting sprites. I’ve made sprites already but I don’t know how to insert it. Could someone helpful insert the sprites (when I'm done with them) into a Diamond rom and send the narc for the sprites to me, or help me with inserting them? I also would like it if someone told me how I can script in fourth gen (probably with PPRE at some way). I can edit Pokemon and other stuff by myself. If you've enough time on your hands to help me with this hack, just reply to this topic. Screenshots I’ll place screens as soon as I’ve edited sprites into the game. For now I can only show you the sprites I've made so far. Click on the spoiler to see them. Note that the overworlds of B/W are bigger than the overworlds of D/P. Bugs No bugs known, because I haven’t edited the hard part already. Progress Status Still working on the hack in the weekends Downloads I've no idea when I finish the first beta. It depends on how much help I get and how easy the editing is(probably really hard). Sorry if my English is really bad. Let me know what you think of this hack, if you can help me or if you have an idea for a better name. Soon I'm going to improve the layout of this topic, but right now I'm busy with school.
  21. This is the storyline of my new game: Pokemon Mystery Version (If you come up with a better name PM me) # is the name of the region (not decided yet) @ is the name of the professor (again not decided) Nacita is the main legendary and finally & is the bad team (name not decided) Pokedex entry for Nascita to come soon. If you have a name for anthing PM me and you will get a place in the credits.
  22. Here are some ideas I was thinking of that might become useful: PokeFusion This program would allow you to fuse two Pokemon games together. This would allow map, text, script, TMs/HMs, Pokemon data, sprites, Poketch Data, PokeWalker Data, ect. to be transferred from one ROM to another. DS and Gameboy Advance compatible. XtremeMap A simple map tile editor, much like EliteMap. Compatible with HG/SS and D/P/Pt. ThirdDimensionGBA A Gameboy Advance Map editor replacing the simple 2D map tiles with new age 3D tiles. IntroPro A simple DS compatible intro editor. PokeMixer A simple GBA and DS music editor. These are just ideas. If anyone could help make these or teach me how to make ROM editing programs then that would be great!:bidoof:
  23. [HGSSSPRITE][/HGSSSPRITE] Presentamos aquí el primer hack español de POKÉMON ALMA PLATA muchísimo antes de que salga el juego en España. Yo fui el responsable de una de las mejores traducciones españolas de este juego de POKÉMON, y cuyos parches podeís encontrar en los foros de Espalnds. Viendo que el juego salía en menos de dos meses, dejé la traducción y empecé a realizar este hack. Os pondré cada semana o cada día las nuevas modificaciones del juego. Todavía no estarán los textos arreglados para el hack, porque eso lo haré cuando el juego llegue a España. Los cambios que voy a hacer: -Las estatuas de Persian en la Tapadera Rocket han cambiado por estas: -La nueva mamá de Rojo(Ash en mi hack):No está terminada, me falta la coleta: -La nueva prota, Marina. Agradecimientos a AMATERASU_sasuke por hacerle las coletas y el flequillo a la parte de la izquierda. -Los ''amigos''(no se porque salen como amigos los mismos que los del Platino) que salen en este juego, serán cambiados por personajes reales de la serie de Televisión. Aquí tenéis la lista de los ''amigos'' y sus correspondientes en mi hack: -Quinoa ---------- Tracey (2 Temporada serie POKéMON Islas Naranja) -Malta ---------- Aura (Temporada Hoenn) -Bulgur ---------- Max (Temporada Hoenn) -Sémola ---------- Maya (Temporada Diamond and Pearl) -Maiza ---------- Paige, hija pequeña Enfermera Joy (Temporada Diamond and Pearl) He aquí las esperadas fotos: La nueva Pichu hembra: El nuevo Squirtle macho. Créditos al foro de Rom Hacking HGSS por esta foto: Mis dos mejores cambios: Policía por Agente Mara y Sprite de Batalla de Alma por Marina: El nuevo Unown ?: Buterfree rosa (hembra). Agradecimientos a JuanEsmeralda: Onix y Steelix de Cristal. Agradecimientos tambien a JuanEsmeralda: El nuevo Unown !: Conseguiréis más información en: http://pkmn-vs-dgmn.blogspot.com/2010/01/nuestro-hack-exclusivo-pokemon-mineral.html Para los que desesperan por probar este juego, sólo os puedo decir que llevo completada la parte donde eliges personajes (los textos no van a cambiar hasta que salga en juego en español), y si queréis probar esa parte, os cuelgo unos archivitos que tenéis que descargaros. Dentro del archivo hay un tuto de cómo hacerlo. También adjunto lo último que traduje del juego por si queréis mi versión: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0OOB3QWY
  24. .:: Hack Name ::. Pokémon AzolanSpring Version .:: Hack of ::. Pokémon FireRed Version .:: Introduction ::. Hello everyone. It's me, MercuryShadowScizor. I have been ROM-Hacking for about 4-5 years. Over time, I've learned quite a bit of things and there are things that I know I must improve on. Either way, I try as well as I can for a successful hack and remembered. This hack shall have 4 parts to it: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Now without further ado, I shall now present to you, Pokémon AzolanSpring Version. .:: Story ::. The story begins with a brand new trainer's 10th Birthday during the spring season. You'll notice that there's a Poké Ball on the desk next to your PC. Contained within that Poké Ball was an Eevee. After taking the Eevee, you'll also find a note there with your items. Once you go downstairs, your mother isn't down and so you continue out on your way when your new friend and rival comes to you. She'll talk to about how Gyms work and also to see Professor Kayla, but challenges you to a battle first. After the battle, she will then tell you that she'll be traveling on her own to become as best as she can and leaves. Of course after going to the Gym and winning there, you remembered that you had to go to Professor Kayla's Lab and so you make your way there. Once there, she will tell you about Professor Oak and that he's staying somewhere within the region of Razolun. So you begin your travels to go see Professor Oak and eventually find him in a nearby town. He'll explain that there are a bit of legendary Pokémon that he came to do research on and tells you that Professor Kayla has been informed of the research project via e-mail. However, it wasn't before long that Team Rocket and Team Rozen found out about the legendary Pokémon and the secrets they carry. Though they are not alone and you still haven't much leads as to where your mother may have went off to.. Who are the extra evil villains that are assisting Team Rocket and Team Rozen? Where could your mother have gone to? What could the secrets of the legendary Pokémon be? You'll have to figure that all out on your own as you travel on during your journey of becoming a Pokémon Master. .:: Features ::. ~New Pokémon ~New Trainers ~Possibly New Music ~Some New Tiles and Palettes ~4th Generation Pokemon might be included ~New Maps ~New scripts .:: Screenshots ::. ~Blissoma Town Screenies ~The First Route now Route 324 ~Other Screenies .::Current Hacking Team::. MercuryShadowScizor[me] - Owner/Spriter/Tile Inserter/Mapper/Scripter/Music Remixer .::Credits/Special Thanks::. Toonie(another forum) for some support Zeikku(another forum) for some of the Diamond/Pearl Sprites, some tiles and support. Forgotton Memory(another forum) for some support and advice If I so happen to have missed anyone for credits, let me know so I may credit you. Hope it's to your liking.
  25. Hey No rules, which means that you don't have to stick to a type theme (for the most part, One pokemon has to be of the leader's speciality type), and legendaries are allowed. This can also count for the E4+Leader. I want to give myself a challenge, and currently have several interesting ones, like Wake's team is designed to lower attack (Stantler, Staraptor, Gyarados, Masquerain), then Politoed and Porygon-2, for example.
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