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  1. I found the files involved with the slots and the Voltorb flip: Voltorb Flip ASM code is in the Overlay122 (international, in the japanese rom 122 is the next 123 international) Voltorb flip graphic resource is in the added "contents\a\2\6\4" file. Slot machines ASM code is in the Overlay77, in the international rom is only a placeholder I think, are only 20 bytes, something is written into, but maybe is only an instruction to turn back, in the japanese file I found also the text pointer, is important 'cause in the international the texts are relocated. Slot machines graphics is in the A/1/2/7 file, in the international release are only cleared the images with other hex values intact, I thought then that the code was untouched, and instead no... ? I tried to replace the Voltorb flip asm file and also the graphic, but didn't work, the slots crashed. Now I need of help to adapt the slots ASM file, I think is the problem, 'cause the international Overlay77 file don't exists and then the rom freezes 'cause the ASM try to load contents relocated I think. I found the texts, but I don't know if there are other relocated resources or ASM. Can you help me please? I found the files, please don't left me...
  2. Hello, I'm seriously trying to restore the slots in HG/SS, @Hatchetball once said that his friends made it swapping the narcs and the triggers. I found the cleared graphic, is the same of the japanese rom, except for the erased pics, but the other values are the same, then the file could be swapped and is a narc, but him said also about "triggers" what is the triggers file in HG/SS? Someone know it? If I could know where is this file, maybe I could instead of simply swap it find a way to add also a script function to keep both slots and Voltorb flip, but I need of know where are these triggers to start. Please can you tell me where are?
  3. The numbers are stored in the save file in a similar way by an item. Are stored in the sav starting from the 0xC0EC or 0x4C0EC offset (sometimes if you save a new number is randomly stored in one of the 2 addresses) and the list end with an FF value. Seems that don't have a numbers count like for the items in the bag, simply the list ends with the first FF value. Then will be necessary add a function to delete a number and then if isn't the last, move the next bytes (that are numbers) to the left to fill the FF leftover byte. And maybe a check to avoid the erasing of a "system" number that can't be recorded again, like the MUM and ELM, that should be like key items, too useful to be erased, but the major priority goes to find a way to erase them, and perhaps after find a way to avoid erasing of system numbers. Where add the button to erase a number? Maybe replacing the "Exit" feature when you choose a number, 'cause you can exit from the chosen menu also pressing the B button. I know that the calls can be skipped, but useless trainers can "steal" calls from trainer that could give you evolutionary items that you can't buy from the shops, and if you don't have longer the number the trainer don't call longer and you can add him/her again exactly like in the original G/S/C. Now is necessary only a way to erase the numbers, are like bag items. Someone would try to give an hand please?
  4. I see. Thank however. Otherwise with a GBA cart in the second slot or something else to play it with the original Nintendo DS cart could be possible?
  5. Thinking about R/S/E and the berry system patch, the e-berry and the special trainer, I'm thinking if there is a way to apply a patch in HG/SS installing it in the savegame, to use the patch with the retail games. A patch to fix 2 items with another usage, fix the Mahogany granny market, some texts and routines and door links. Could be possible? I have not made all these edits in my hack, but I'm curious to know if could be possible or if I must will need of a 3DS app to play the game with the patch or a patch trough the NDS 2-card slot.
  6. Do you have a follow script code to disable it permanently without allow to reappear leaving/entering a building/cave or the bike/surf in HG/SS? A very permanently code, at the beginning I think it set a variable/flag, you know it and if there is a way to clear it to disable permanently the following pokémon?
  7. Interesting... Some hidden shops in the Join avenue can sell promotional berries like Starf, Enigma and other rare berries that I can't buy from the ordinary B/W/W2/B2 flower shops? An alternative to plant them isn't longer available...
  8. Hello, can you please upload the shiny Poipole event .pkm? I'm not sure if will arrive also on europe...

  9. In Generation 2 Fairy type didn't exist yet. And Gyarados isn't a Dragon type, but Water/Flying.
  10. In GEN II However there are only few IVS combinations to shiny pokémon and are linked with the gender. If is female you have only 2 combination as example, if you have multiple saves you have also the sav when was just hatched? You could compare the stats in that way.
  11. I had some bugs too, when I saved GEN I or GEN II games after an edit, it moved and corrupted the Wall Of Fame data, Pikasav instead didn't do this.
  12. I replaced my internal battery in Emerald and fixed the time via flash cart, but my phrase is changed replacing the battery, and the man in Dewford don't like my previous phrase... How I can oblige him to accept it? There is a trick to do it in an easy way without hack the sav?
  13. Nope, I was wrong, I'm sorry, I thought that was the end of the tool action when it ask you if you want to replace your Feebas spot with the default tool position. I found my tiles in my savegame by turning back in the tool reading my tiles in my savegame, thank you.
  14. This tool doesn't work correctly, says me that I have Feebas in the same position in all my three games, I have the same phrase in the Dewford Town club, but shouldn't make the same Feebas position in all three games, AFAIK... And however don't match the Feebas spot in no one of my game.
  15. There is an offset to find the tile numbers directly with an hex editor opening the save files?