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  1. IMHO they could program however the Kurt balls for every game also if unobtainable, in R/S/FR/LF/E/D/P/P don't exist, in B/W/2/X/Y aren't working... Why this? And for the Berserk gene, the rage candy bar and the slowpoké tail is the same, I'm working on HG/SS to restore them 'cause they don't brought back from G/S/C in D/P/P and then removed them also in HG/SS, slowpokè tail and rage candy bar are key items without any effect but in B/W/2 Rage candy is like should have been in HG/SS and this is very silly...
  2. I like the green poké ball and the captain's ball... You know the catch rate?
  3. Hi, have you discovered something about slots in HG/SS? Have you found a code to execute the code, if there is? :)

    1. DeadSkullzJr


      Did some digging around, asked some people to look into this along with me, the only way to fix this is if ASM cheats were made, I am not experienced enough to make ASM cheats so for the time being there won't be a cheat for this atm.

  4. Happy 4th of July to all the community, americans and not! ^^
  5. I see. But I hope for the success, hoping that it is currently only inaccessible, if we are lucky is like in european Platinum, I hope...
  6. Ok thank you, however I think should be easy for you trying with a replaced japanese graphic file. If they cleared it IMHO means that the code still exists and they tried to hide it like in european Platinum to prevent players to find it via glitches or cheating trough codes, to escape from legal cares.
  7. Oops... But maybe you could simply find the asm instead of the Voltorb flip ASM? I think that the script point to the VF asm, can you switch to another ASM? You don't have to hack the ASM, only play it if exists. Can you try please?
  8. I can help you if I tell you what graphic file you can replace to find it in easier way? The slot's graphic is stored in both versions (J and international) in Data/a/1/2/7 and the cleared graphic file seems to be the same, but only with the graphic cleared, you can simply replace it using Nitro explorer. I'll prefer access it trough another unused script command (to keep both Voltorb flip and slots) but to discover if is possible play the slots in international HG/SS will be enough for now play it accessing via Voltorb flip script code. Thank you.
  9. Do you have a cheat code to play the slot machines in international HG/SS roms also if the graphic is cleared? Currently if you press A in the game corner you play the Voltorb flip, the script is the same of the japaneese roms, but the graphic file is still present in the roms but cleared, like european Platinum where the script was easier to hack to restore the slots. Can you try to discover how play slots instead of Voltorb flip? I already restored the graphic file, You'll have only to find a code to play them instead of Voltorb flip, to find them. You could recognize them if you find a monocromatic screen (in european platinum was purple as example) and you try to press a button you should ear the slots sounds.
  10. My idea is make the Red chain a Berserk Gene key item replacing the Nugget in Cerulean water, that turns on or off a flag that can be read from the game to use the Spelon berry to works exactly like the old Berserk gene, a flag that turn off automatically when you enter into the union room or the linked battle frontier to avoid glitches if you fight against games that don't have the hacked item (and this is easy to do, you have only to add to clear the flag in the script to enter into) and I want to know where is the major difficulty, to do the Spelon Berry working like the Berserk Gene (have to be like Swagger) or working like it only if a flag is turned on? E-card berries replaced the placeholder Enigma Berry, Why a Spelon Berry couldn't be a "placeholder" to overwrite it only if a flag is set? Or maybe instead of a flag, The key item could do an e-berry like effect? Make the Spelon berry something like an e-berry? And erase the e-berry when you enter in the union room?
  11. I had the idea from the E-berry, but is for something different. Game freak din't restored Berserk gene in HG/SS, is an held item but for keep compatibility with other GEN IV games and retail HG/SS I want to do it over an existing item that can be afflicted by an ipotetic key item Berserk gene, then the item become restored as key item, that turn on or off the flag to make Pinap or Spelon berry the Berserk gene function... A flag that can be turned off when you enter in the linked battles like in the union room or the linked Battle frontier. An item can have a function only if a flag is set however?
  12. Is possible do it? Pinap berry or Spelon berry, berries that don't have a function should have the Berserk gene effect, but only if a flag is set, is possible?