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  1. Rusted version is the one that was available in qr code event for sun/moon basically the one where all the color worn off it. There was a shiny one by mistake with pokemon home (though it has also bugged to not be shiny for some) where its completely steel/grey color instead of still having the yellow lining on the form. Seen a few people in sword/shield actually use it against me and my brother in online battles (how I dont know when it wasnt available shiny at all in sun/moon/us/um or home except for the bugged out one that gave a small few a shiny or regular "worn out" one instead of the original colored one) I'm just surprised no one has shared a pkm file of this particular magearna yet even tho it exists unless they somehow made a legit shiny "worn out"magearna. I seen this shiny in online battle a few times
  2. so i am trying to recreate the shiny rusted magearna that was accidentally released in pokemon home (and counted as legit in sw/sh) and i am wondering how would i go about making one that would be legit such as that one? i know it was a accidental release but its apparently legit in sw/sh as my brother had encountered a player online (random) who sent out a shiny magearna (rusted) i just want one for collection purposes (and to sometimes be used in online max raid battles) any help and insight would be very much appreciated. ps i tried finding pkm files of this magearna event wise but cant find one anywhere..
  3. Is there a new event db that includes the mistake official event pokemon home shiny magearna (rusted)? Ya know the one that was accidentally given out to nat dex completed pokemon home accounts on mobile (before it was swapped to the actual "original" color magearna
  4. In a nutshell:imagine a time traveling demon grue that has eaten your character from the inside but kept the exact looks of your character that offers an infinite amount of items and pokemon but in return demands sacrifices made by trades thru wifi and offline (local play) and refuses to be deleted by all means. Cause that is what my Y game save file is right now.
  5. i need help fixing this tiny issue with my Y cartridge game, i do not know if changing a few things in the save would fix it or not but here is my problem:my Y acts normal throughout the game, the only thing that makes it corrupt is that whenever i save it and exit,it resets to a certain point.when i try to delete this save it freezes the game up,it all started after a all clothing code from powersaves was used.i even tried restoring a back up of my Y to a point b4 the code was inplanted in but it wouldn't allow it to write to the game cartridge.i use homebrew but have no save exporting tool for pokemon X/Y/OR/AS.if there is a way to fix this so it will stop taking me back in time and regaining pokemon/items i traded away by destroying pokemon/items that enter my game, it would be helpful.i can't even use pokebank with this Y.
  6. this thought came to a couple of times when in black 2/white 2 there was a type of pokemon theatre thing that featured trainers as the pokemon and the pokemon as the trainers and once again in x/y where a npc in the game had an idea about how people could get closer to pokemon by also going in pokeballs. so i am wondering,is it possible to make a hack where a trainer could catch other trainers and use them as pokemon? if so that would be hilarious.:bidoof:
  7. i tested all my ar codes 4 black and white and i do not see any problems with my exp gain multiplier. there is one thing u should know about the poke mod do not breed and cannot be traded over wifi and shiny encounter cheat can't be used on zoroark battle
  8. Hi! i have a working ar ds for pokemon black and white my ar is 1.71 firmware if u want to know how to get a action replay to upgrade firmware to a 1.71 version then listen up. step 1: turn on your action replay manager and start up an internet explorer window and go to codejunkies.com.Step 2: select your country usa & canada or other part of world. select support then click on the one that has firmware upgrade help on it if u go to the article scroll down then u will see a download for the firmware click on it . then click run then wait 4 it to download the content to the computer. Step 3: now plug in the ar with the ds. then it says listing contents drag the file of the firmware u downloaded to the manager above the box that is listing the ar's contents and then it will say do u want to upload the firmware or something like that then it will upload it to it then after it says it is done it will tell u to reboot the system and then u do ta dah your firmware is now 1.71 and then u can plug it back in the computer and go above the cheat code list box to see the us code junkies list and scroll down and pokemon black and pokemon white ar codes are there for download to ds
  9. i have a tm mod and a nature mod for my pokemon black and pokemon white. i taught my meloetta relic song with it and the tm it uses is the one that is 4 protect i transferred it from a japanese ar pokemon black and white file to a usa pokemon black and white ar file let me tell u something it is very very very long of a code and i store all my codes in my usb drive and ar manager i am a smart person when transferring codes and files
  10. no there is not but u can choose the level when encountering a pokemon. example: petilil + sunstone = liligant. let's say u want a petilil at level 1,10,35,70,100. all u need to do is click on the level u want and then press select then realease it while in lostlorn forest or pinwheel forest when u find the pokemon it will be at the level it was set to on ar menu and then for even more fun add the shiny cheat which comes in the code list for easy acess to make all wild pokemon shiny and keep them shiny even when ar is out when u find a petilil it will be at level 70 if set to 70 and if u have the 100% catch rate on u can catch it in a cherish ball and make it evolve with a sunstone
  11. actually if u go to codejunkies .com and go to support section then u can find the firmware update for black and white. and also word of advice pokemon gotten from pokemod can't be traded thru gts. but theres a way around it . if u still have a hg or ss pokemon mod the one that has 493 master balls and 100 ultra balls . use it to your advantage and also the pokemon mod for pokemon platinum. i found out that a jirachi gotten from the mod can be traded if not shiny. and use the pokemon shiny cheat for black and white only when facing a legendary that does not transform like cobalion, landorus,kyurem,and volcarona,and tornadus and thunderus . and plus i found this out about keldeo. it is in the game but it's location is unknown as in u can't find it yet but if u use the pokemod to get it the music when u faced cobalion or the other 2 will start up when in tall grass so that proves that keldeo is in the game but where exactly either by event like victini and celebi or in a cave some where in the game
  12. Hi! i have an action replay that works with both black and white and all the cheats work for both games . but theres a down side . if u use the pokemon modifier cheat and breed the pokemon say hi to freeze up game time or a bad egg appears . and the down side for the shiny code do not battle zoroark in lostlorn forest or it's freeze up game . i found this out myself . u can use the shiny pokemon cheat anywhere in the game and the pokemon will be able to be traded over gts . but if it was a pokemon mod pokemon then it can't i haven't tried this yet mabye it will work and mabye it will not . if u have the shiny cheat on and quick egg hatch cheat on plus have 2 zoroarks or 1 zoroark and 1 ditto in daycare when they breed and the egg hatches will the zorua be shiny? see 4 yourself and try. i just tried the egg thing and it will not make the baby pokemon shiny
  13. I have an action replay ds that i got to work with pokemon black and pokemon white on the first day i got the games because i got my ar ds upgraded to a 1.71 firmware. but there are some things u all should know about when using the shiny pokemon cheat code that is available in the updated codejunkies list and using the wild pokemon modifier cheat code that is included in the list . wild pokemod do not breed them. and shiny pokemon do not battle zoroark when the shiny cheat is on because it will freeze the game until u reset it of turn off and turn on. and if u do breed the pokemon from pokemon mod the pokemon in the daycare will transform into a bad egg and coruppt the game or the game freezes i don't know it is one of those 2 .
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