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  1. Dhelmise is taller than Solgaleo, and I know neither of them are on here but Alolan Exeggutor is taller than Mega Rayquaza is long. Canon Pokemon sizes are complete and utter nonsense.
  2. Ghetsis by far imo, being the only villain to straight up try and kill the player with Kyurem's Glaciate. And the foreshadowing in BW, with him occasionally misspeaking, i.e. "We can easily create the world that I--I mean Team Plasma--desires!" Also he's the most villainous for knocking Lillie down in USUM, along with what he says immediately after, which I won't spoil, but things went from 0-100 real quick after that. So yea, Ghetsis is a nasty bugger and my favorite villain.
  3. Don't the site rules say we can't discuss downloading leaked roms?
  4. For Meloetta, set the SID to 00000. For Magmar, remove the Classic Ribbon. The others are all PID-related, which I don't have the knowledge or skill to offer a solution to, but I would try consulting this thread: PS: Clicking on the red exclamation-mark that marks the illegal status will tell you what's wrong with the Pokemon
  5. For the ones I can answer, the star is shininess, and the met level for eggs is always 1. You could probably generate a Mirage Island Pokemon by setting the met location there, and I know there's an editor that sets the required spawn bytes to the current ones if you want to catch it "legitimately". Keep in mind though, the only Pokemon that spawn on the island normally are Wynaut.
  6. Sirnight

    Pokepuff bug

    I've noticed that in PKHex, the index numbers for the Pokepuffs are all mixed up--selecting Supreme Wish from the drop-down will instead result in a Deluxe Spice in-game, Supreme Honor gives Supreme Spring, etc. Is a patch in order? Also on a slightly related topic, is there a feature to add all decorations and wallpapers on the screen where passerby Pokemon come to visit? It is fun to set out puffs and get the items, but it can get tedious.
  7. I think he's a businessman, not a politician, but that's what his cabinet is for. Despite his...impulsiveness, he didn't get where he is by being stupid. I agree with Ruby that he's getting more hate than he deserves. It's good to be critical of a president, but it seems like a lot of people have such a hatred for him that they won't even give him a chance. He certainly wasn't my first choice for President, but he's better than the alternative ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. @wrathsoffire76 Oh well, thank you for your help anyway!
  9. @wrathsoffire76 Hm, is there a way to convert a .sav file to a rom or .gba, and then re-inject it once the changes have been made?
  10. @wrathsoffire76 Will it work for .sav files? I want to edit the cia I've installed on my 3ds, not a pc rom.
  11. @BlueBraviary Oh oh! Sorry to semi-necro this post, but I just got a new computer and I believe I stumbled upon your crashing issue when getting the software set up! When you open it and it asks you to select a save file format, pick NDS, NOT GBA! Gba will insta-crash the software, but NDS works just fine for me. Try it out!
  12. Title pretty much explains it. I'd like to change Brendan's name to Sapphire, and Wally's to Emerald. I'm sure it could probably be accomplished via hex editing, but I don't know if there would be a character limit, like a rename for Wally could only have 5 characters to keep from messing up the text boxes. I wouldn't imagine that would be the case, since the text boxes seem to be generated to accommodate the length of the player's name (i.e. adding an extra if the you used all ten spaces when naming the character, as opposed to three or four, pushing the dialogue after the player's name forward, if that makes any sense) but I'm not entirely sure. Coding pros, got any suggestions?
  13. I don't have the skill to suggest a valid solution, but I would make sure that you extracted the entire thing, plugins, extensions and all from the zip file. @Kaphotics, you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about this sort of thing, do you have a solution?
  14. Have you tried this program? It's what I used to convert my save to 128 KB to use in Suloku's Mystery Gift editor. Try it out if you haven't
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