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  1. Oh man, you must have worked on the Black/White development team. "What can we do to make things different?" "Let's make everything evolved at insanely high levels!" But seriously. By halving the exp I get from battles, I'm basically making it take longer to evolve pokes. Also, I'm raising a lot of their growth rates from fast and medium fast to medium slow and slow, so it takes more exp to level. I want each level to feel like an accomplishment, instead of being able to do one trainee battles and get two or three levels in one go. That said, I might raise some evolution levels, on like the starters and early route Pokemon.
  2. One thing that always bugged me about Pokemon games as far as the single player campaign goes is that you reach a point where almost every fight becomes a OHKOfest. Unless you're fighting an opponent several levels higher than you, normally one decently powered attack will take them out. I should add that this problem is compounded for myself because I always hack in "my" team, movesets and all, albeit at a low level (and by low I mean at level 1), but this still has me waltzing through the first half to two thirds of the game like some sort of god. My solution to this "problem" is making the game "tougher". But I can't do that simply by raising the levels of Pokemon, both wild encounters and trainer battles. Higher level enemies means more exp with means catching up/ out leveling them, circling back around to the original problem. To circumvent this, what ive done is gone through the entire list of Pokemon and halved their base exp values, to keep my own team from skyrocketing too quickly. Secondly, I halved the base attack power of all moves, so I dont have to work about Thurderbolting everything to death. My goal is to make even early and midgame fights feel more like endgame, level 100 player vs player battles. I'm changing a few other things as well, adding status effects to a few more moves, double the effects of stat altering moves like Growl and Iron Defense. Call me silly, but I've been watching the anime with my kids lately, and I know the games and anime are two totally different things, but still. In the anime, each battles takes at least two or three turns. Moves do different things than they do in the games. We all know the games are always a little "too easy". I'm hoping a few little adjustment will make this a little less so. Any ideas, input, insight? This is my first time really making any of my own changes.
  3. I would love to see these things explained as well. I'm trying to make two stage moves only take one turn. Stupid Fly, taking two turns and making my battle last twice as long.. anyways. I figured the issue might have to do with flags, but I have no idea, and can't seem to find an explanation anywhere! Here's hoping someone will enlighten us.
  4. Glad to see this place is back up a d running. I had finally convinced myself to make a profile only to find out it was down.. anyways! I'm looking for the latest version of Pk3ds but I can't seem to find anything. I want to tweak a few things like move types and strength, Pokemon types, base stats, and exp growth rates to march how I had things in XY/Oras. Am I not looking hard enough, or is SuMo not pk3ds compatible yet? I thought I'd heard that Dray was working on a romhack, so I assumed it was. Any help would be great, guys. Thanks!
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