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  1. Why the US copies? That's really disappointing, I want to play in Spanish, European roms are better since they have 5 languages.
  2. https://gbatemp.net/attachments/20110430-030159-zip.145410/ This one has Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza and Pikachu Cosplay files. I inserted they into my european copy and worked fine, even the Pikachu Cosplay was translated into spanish (Pikachu Coqueta). Let's hope we can get the missing ones!
  3. Good news everyone! It seems that @noctis90210 from GBATemp has a few more: https://gbatemp.net/threads/pokemon-art-academy-extdata-with-complete-dlc.387261/ We now need only the "Mega Gengar" and "Gourgeist & Mismagius". The difficult one it's going to be the Hoopa for being a japanese exclusive.
  4. I contacted with him via discord, he says that doesn't feel confortable using non-official things on a 3DS that uses for the coverage. I asked about preserving the files in his console until a few years that Nintendo finally kills 3DS and then share it, and he told me "maybe", so at least, if his 3DS didn't broke, we will get the templates "maybe" someday. Until then, I asked a lot of people from GameFaqs who had the game, asked in an spanish forum and asked on GBATemp. Let's hope that we can get at least the European/American ones. I leave there the data for Raquaza that is still avaliable to download until today. exdata.rar
  5. I think that he can try to use Homebrew Launcher to get that with JKSave Manager, no? Let's have a bit of hope and see if we can talk with him before anything.
  6. As I found on GBATemp the downloable templates are stored into the extra data. And there's the list: https://serebii.net/artacademy/downloadtemplates.shtml If anyone can make Joe Merrick (the guy from Serebii) share his saves or if someone from here can get the files or find a new form to unlock the templates would be amazing. I only have the Rayquaza one that works since today, so anything would be nice.
  7. Does anyone know how to extract the music from Pokémon Mini? I would love to have the music from the 10 games we have.
  8. Can you compile the randomizer please (and the XD one too), I don't know how to do it, and I really want to use it. I would really apreciate it!
  9. Then, the Pokémon Crystal version that was on the VC of Gold and Silver didn't had the Celebi patch? Did anyone researched it?
  10. Hello everyone, I'm here to request a translation of the 3 Wii Ware Mystery Dungeon games. I'm really surprised that no one has translated any of them in all these years, I was hoping that at least someone was working on it, but it seems that actually nobody is doing it. I don't know anything about hacking, but I would really apreciate it if anyone try to translate anything, like the menus, the Pokémon and the moves. Translating one of them would be enough, and if someone makes tools for it, it would be pretty cool if he/she releases they, as a spanish player I would try to translate they into spanish. The games are quite simple, I know that people don't care about they because that, but I find the playability interesting and I'm sure that the Pokémon community is big enough to enjoy the translation. I know that the possibilities are low, but I hope that this can happen someday. Greetings!
  11. @Kaphotics I still don't know how to convert the files, can you upload the current version of pk2pk or something please, I would really apreciate it. Edit: Nevermind, a friend compiled the files, thanks for the program.
  12. I can't, maybe I used an older build of pk2pk. I had to download a build from there: But that Swampert worked on the Emerald save, only that it has a wrong object and meet localization.
  13. It didn't leave me to do that, I want to put my Swampert on Emerald, it's from Diamond right now.
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