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  1. Did you touch any map-level scripts or triggers in any way? Particularly through PPRE or SDSME
  2. My friend has started a project he calls NDSCracker. Simply put, the NDS ROMs don't have a completely-defined documentation all together in one place. Lots of data on The Project Pokémon techdocs? Certainly. Good data across several forums? Yes. Over 80% of the ROM completely described in just one spot online? Not yet. This is our goal, but we only have six people actively working all of this out. We need the help of the ROM hacking community. We need more people ready to break down the NDS gen IV ROMs - specifically Platinum - and document it well, otherwise Pokémon ROM hacking might be permanently stuck in gen III. Sure FireRed is beautiful, but why not we go further? People like mikelan98 have proven just how much can be done with enough effort in gen IV, and he's also contributed a considerable amount of data (in Spanish, but hey - data's data). If you'd like to contribute to the project, or even just watch from the sidelines and screw around with the team, please join us on Discord.
  3. Browsing the PP wiki, I noticed that there's pages dedicated to the save file structure of all the NDS Pokemon games, as well as an explanation of the file system for all of HG, SS, B, W, B2, and W2. File system pages are also available for X, Y, OR, and AS. However, I didn't see any pages regarding the D/P/Pt file system. If anyone knows a lot about it, could they perhaps create a page for it, or at least provide me with a run-down of files the can be and are worth editing? Thanks, ~wundr
  4. Oh thanks you! This seems to be what I was looking for! Really? Interesting...
  5. Unfortunately not. While it does deal with conversions of BRSTMs, I need to convert those to the sound files used in gen IV Pokemon games. Thanks for trying to help, though!
  6. How do I convert a sound file of one type to a DS file? If it helps I'm referring to a BRSTM already primed with looping points
  7. Welcome to the forum! I don't know whether this should go here or in ROM Editing Help, but more importantly, I'm not sure if this can even be done. Maybe, though
  8. Alright, thanks anyway. I'll head onto GBATemp then, since I haven't found help at PokeCommunity nor at Pokemon Forever
  9. Thanks! Any chance you know how I can create models? Also, are there any in-depth tutorials on things like this? I can't seem to find any gen IV guides, everything's for FireRed it seems
  10. Yeah, that definitely helps, thanks! Now I know Roland intended to make a guide directory and one of the other mods intended to clean up his link dump (although neither of these things ever happened), so now I ask this: what tools would I need to do the following. Add/edit/remove scripts* Move things around (to effectively create a new region) Make/add new models Edit sprites Edit movesets Edit typings Edit what Pokemon are what levels where Edit NPC Pokemon Edit text Make long-gone events usable and/or add new ones** *What language does the game use? **Basically I just mean what tool do I need to fully, completely, 100% manipulate events as a whole - adding, editing, removing, etc.
  11. I really don't understand what ROM hacks are and are not capable of. Could someone please run through everything?
  12. Unfortunately, that's about as much as I can do. Without knowledge of the language the game uses, what already exists, and even if script mods are feasible, I can't help much further. Sorry
  13. I'm not certain about most of this for various reasons, but I might be able to help with that last one IF it's possible to add, delete, and/or modify scripts in the game. If so, I may be able to get the game to wait until Red is defeated, then replace him with the GS Ball as an item. It may be a stretch, however, but first i'll need to know if script manipulation as described is possible
  14. So I had a wild idea recently - a Pokemon Platinum ROM hack that would use very little from the original game - just the Pokemon, stats, typing (basic stuff, if ya get me), and the engine - and make the rest all unique. I'm thinking custom scripting, custom region that connects to every region from every Pokemon game from 5th gen and back. I basically want to make my own Pokemon game with Platinum as a base But here's the issue: I have absolutely no clue if it's even possible. If it is, I don't know where to start. So here's what I need from he community: 1) Is this possible? If so, go to 2; else, go to 4 2) What limitations would I have, if any? 3) What tools would I need to do this? (end list) 4) What would I need to make a fan game this massive? Keep in mind that I'm nearly broke Thank you!~
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