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  1. The one I just re-uploaded is the latest version. The Pikaedit website uses an older version.
  2. It looks fine to me. There may be an issue with Google Docs not allowing people to see it. PikaEdit v3.3.6.0.rar
  3. I got a random .com Pokémon through random trade, so how can I re-name a Pokémon I got randomly in a trade? Honestly seems like they're punishing people for having random mon they had no control of obtaining. Additionally it was a legendary, so now I feel cheated.
  4. Yes, you have to convert those nikt isos.
  5. Did you make sure to use the recommended settings? Turn off Panic Handlers and Dual Core.
  6. It's custom, but mostly generation 6.
  7. It's meant to. Beldum was changed, because it made the game too easy and Zigzagoon is good for pickup.
  8. I got softlocked. After I beat Cail, the cutscene for the missing Windmill gear never plays.
  9. Are there other changes, like which Pokémon can be caught in the wild in XD and which Pokémon are Shadow Pokémon?
  10. Some of the new attacks you added in the game, like Flame Charge are treated like Fairy Moves when you look at the weakness table. Ponyta can still learn Bounce.
  11. Could you change the starting Zigzagoon into Galarian Zigzagoon when more info on stats and moveset is available?
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