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This was the biggest earthquake in Japanese recorded history, and the seventh strongest worldwide.

It was pretty ridiculous. Very very long, and very rocky. We've been having aftershocks for about 16 hours now.

The people up north got it real bad, though...

At least you are okay. The footage is just absolutely unbelievable. It looked like a kid poured a bucket of water into a sandbox magnified x 1000. But still, we are glad you are alright. Keep us posted!

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The immense power freed by earth shall remind us how little do we know of it. For all the improvements done by technology in the latest years, no one has found out the earthquake. Despite the earthquake, the tsunami made the worse damage, as I've been said. Considering Japan being 'ready' since they are in a seismic area, I get how little chances has other countries to endure such an event. May the number of fallen stop, they are already too much.

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