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  1. Why the heck would I fall infinitely? And I would be back in time if I did that. Your granting makes no sense so I win. My wish was not correctly corrupted!
  2. Banned for attempting to eat a piece of paleozoic toast. I am fossilized, fool!
  3. I am archaic toast. Therefore You would not want to eat me. You would break your teeth. Granted, but they are all clones. I wish that I could spin at lightspeed on an infinitely tall pole that is spinning. *eats RaebErak* I am a winner!
  4. The master ball is in magma's base in ruby. Also, you said aquas. Punctuation error. I'm sorry David, I'm afraid I can't do that.
  5. Let's split this up into two separate trains: To upon: purchase To by: Cyberdyne
  6. You are banned for thinking that I was dissing emoticons.
  7. Warranties (whats with the period?)
  8. No error message, my game just gives the blue screen. Nintendo deleted it though, so i'm fine. Not sure why I even asked, since no one outside of nintendo could actually help.
  9. You were arrested for the possession of stolen property. Granted, people will think before they act, but 'people' has been redefined to mean non homo sapiens. Aliens, pokemon, etc. Now think before they act. I wish that my past self would become inedible, voiding the previous wish to eat me.
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