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  1. You're getting method 2 and 4 because you're on a emulator.
  2. Ok, amm... This was really tedious, here you go. Pokemon - Emerald.sav You're welcome.
  3. Short answer: Make it as an egg it's not a solution... If you want to fix your Pokémon assign Method 1. Next time search, as @Kaphoticssays.
  4. Hello, you can also use RNG Reporter, you can follow our old guide here to solve PID mismatch / Find PID. And here using Pokefinder. Have a good day.
  5. Seems like this method uses to crash when there are too many PK7s at the same time. Try decreasing the amount of Pokemon. This method is not recommended so use it at your own risk, as usual. And keep in mind the we don't know if/when this is going to be patched. Have a good day.
  6. Do you have any cheat activated? If so, deactivate all of them and delete the plugins. Try disabling 'Game patching' in CFW Settings. If none of that work, you should try with another SD card as clean as possible. It looks like something is wrong with the settings.
  7. Hello, we would love to have your save files posted here. Well, being a cartridge distribution it wouldn't be legal because there's no way to transfer to GEN3+ with a real cartridge, but you can transfer it with PKHeX. I'm not sure if that Mew would pass through Pokémon Bank. That Mew was distributed using a Mew Machine? Do you have any certificate? Any info about the distribution itself would be good too.
  8. It's not legal, you can find the VC Mew here. Yours won't pass through Pokebank, so there's no legit way to send it to HOME.
  9. Hello, please check our event gallery here, or check the Mystery Gift Database in PKHeX for any GEN6-GEN7 event. Here is one of them. Have a nice day.
  10. Hey there, it's amazing you backed up those Mews, we would love to preserve them and a copy/scan of the certificate. You can have a copy of the Mews on the VC using PKHeX, but it won't be “legal". You can transfer them further the same way. Keep in mind that you can't transfer them to GEN3 as PKHeX emulates Poketransporter + Pokebank, but you can still get them in GEN8
  11. Now I see, met conditions need to be adjusted. Two things: 1) Met level is 10, should be 9 or 11. Depending the PID you choose. 2) EVs cannot be greater than 100 (per stat) without EXP up. Here's the fixed file with 0 EVs. 063 - ABRA - 4EA86937DA48.pk3
  12. Just what @theSLAYER said, there's a correlation for PID, IV and Nature in GEN3 and GEN4 for wild encounters. To fix it you'll have to fill the slots with the correct data (PID, Stats and Nature). Otherwise, the program will check it as an egg encounter.
  13. I just want to thank everyone involved in this project. Is always amazing to find, recover and preserve events that we thought lost, but this is something special. From finding this hardware we've learned tons about the mechanics of the distribution machine itself and the code making possible to recreate even more events/campaigns. I hope that with this kind of discoveries and videos makes people know and get even more interest in this world. Some of us thought this would never be possible, now I think that everything can be. Probably we'll find the Mew/Celebi Machine too! Thanks to the owner of the device for letting us preserve the information about this. Thanks to RetroAli and Hard4Games - Tony for your effort and dedication to make people know about this. Flood the market! Thanks to our amazing event research team for their time and love for preservation. @Sabresite @Deoxyz @ajxpk @Gridelin And thanks everyone in this community for supporting this project.
  14. To fix it you need to generate a PID/IV with Gender Female (12.5%) using RNG Reporter. Most likely it will change the Nature and/or IVs. I can tell yours is hacked cause of IVs (31-31-31-24-31-31) almost impossible. Anyway, here's a "fixed" file. 416 - Vespiquen - 27AAC27D781A.pk7
  15. Hi, it says: なし: None Also, it's interesting because it says "Don't care" in English, instead of Japanese. That's odd, I guess.
  16. Hi, you should check this. Even though you're not asking for a shiny Mew, there's a chance to get banned going online with a hacked Switch.
  17. You are very welcome, if you need more help with translations just let me know and I'll do my best.
  18. AGBカートリッジ64Mフラッシュ(E201629) : AGB Cartridge 64M Flash(E201629) ■ディップスイッチの設定: ■ DIP switch settings Horizontal: SW-NO. (Switch Number) Vertical: ROM容量: ROM Size A: 注意!= A: Attention! ディップスイッチの故障を防ぐ為、ピンセット等でスライドさせてください In order to prevent failure of the DIP switch, please slide with tweezers etc. 上から押しつけると壊れる可能性があります。 If it is pressed from above it may break. It was a hard one. Lol ... And yeah its the same text. The only difference I can see is that the first one is AGB Cartridge 128M Flash (E201736)
  19. Hi, it can't be stored in Pokébank, that means that can't be transferred to Gen VI/VII neither.
  20. If you need more help you can see the Tutorials section. There are some other options you can choose from. However members recommended the best options above.
  21. Hi, you will have to load a save data corresponding to the generation wanted in order to create the file. Unless you want to create a LGPE file.
  22. Hi, after you load your save you only need to click on your OT: It will set you OT/SID/TID/Gender
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