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  1. Title. Want to know before I buy one. I'm looking for something that would allow me to transfer saves from the cartridge to the computer, edit it with PkHex, and then transfer the edited save back to the cartridge. Heard the R4i save dongle works, so I figured I'd ask around. I know it's only for DPPt/BW/B2W2.
  2. I'm looking for something that can allow me to transfer a save file from a cartridge onto the computer, edit it with PkHEX, and then write the edited save back onto the cartridge. To my knowledge, the Joey-Joebags works for Gen 1-3, and the R4i Save Dongle works for Gen 4 and 5. Is there anything that works for Gen 6/7? thanks!
  3. ah, got it thanks. How can I make these Pokemon appear as though they were traded? [posts merged] also, why do the wonder cards say "You have already received this gift before"?
  4. Title. I have a save of Platinum that I recently added a few event Pokemon to (Ash's pikachu and pikachu-color pichu, to be exact). Yet after I loaded the file and received the gift, I found that one had an origin game of HG and the other, Diamond. If possible, I'd also like for the Pokemon to appear as though they are traded. Is that possible? thanks!
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