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  1. Appreciated man, you're a life saver. Thank you n.n Could you tell us how did you solve it? Just in case other people need it in the future
  2. Yeah, that's what I've been searching how to do, but couldn't find a way to do so. Popular sav editors like PkHex or A-Save don't have any option for coordinates for gen 3
  3. So I was playing Emerald with mGBA because someone heavily recommended it, and wanted to trade a Machoke with myself to evolve. I opened the second game with the same .sav and successfully traded, but as I got to the point where the game automatically saves, my main window froze with a black screen and the second one kept saving. Moments later, I got an error screen saying that it couldn't save, and then I was sent to title screen. Second game just had that "Connection error" black screen and I closed it. Right after I got to the title screen with my main window, I decided to open the game and
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