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  1. I currently don't have my hacked Switch with me, so I am unable to check what it'll say on Sword save (using PKHeX). I could however check out sometime next week?
  2. I assume you meant legal? Regardless, I was able to transfer it to my Sword using HOME. Perhaps a programming error?
  3. It sure is! No other error is showing up, other than what I presented.
  4. I don't really understand why my Vespiquen is showing up as level unsatisfied. It evolves starting from level 21, right? I have it on 21 yet still this error. 416 - Vespiquen - EB9C3F6A3D8A.pk7
  5. I'm sorry, but where do I post? When I google search atmosphere glithub it just leads me to a download page. By the way, thank you for being so patient with me.
  6. Pretty sure I didn't (sorry to repeat myself again, but I didn't touch anything on my SD nor my Switch). They are both 64 GB
  7. I have two SD cards (yes I formatted my second SD card before using) and I copied the files from my original SD, yet I still get the same message.
  8. Sorry, I don't know what that means. But basically, I was able to access CFW before (like mentioned, I did not change anything on my Switch nor my SD card) but as of right now, I am unable to do so.
  9. Unfortunately still the same error.
  10. Forgot to mention. Yes, I did that, too.
  11. I dragged and dropped everything from my SD card to my desktop then re-dragged them to my SD, still the same error. I also re-downloaded fuse (just in case). Just tried again and this is the message I see on my screen (black screen) [ERROR] Fatal error: Failed to initialize the SD card!. Press POWER to reboot. When I do press power, I just go in an endless cycle of the same message, unless I hold my power for like 5 seconds, which then reboots normally (without CFW).
  12. I am (and always have been) using TegraRCMGUI with Atmosphere
  13. Yes, I have a hackable Switch and have hacked it many times before. However, as of right now, I am unable to load into CFW. I have not changed anything on my Switch nor my SD card. My Switch version is 9.1.0. The same version I've always been using. As of current, when I try to enter CFW (and after injecting payload), I get a message something along the line of fatal error about my SD card. I don't think there is anything wrong with my SD card, as I am still able to play my games, just not enter into CFW. Can someone please help me out?
  14. I am new to this and I'm not sure how much I can help. On my save file, I have all clothing from serial code, will it be worth uploading here?
  15. I'm not sure if we're allow to discuss this on here, if not allowed, please delete and disregard this post. Anyways, but are there any other save editor tools like PKHeX for other Switch titles, such as Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Smash Bros, etc... ? If so, what are they called and where would I find them?
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