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  1. ba00

    No German In-Games

    Why is actually none of the In-Game-Event Pokemon available in German? Did no one else contributed so far? If so, i could just start and catch them and upload them here.
  2. I manually downloaded all the events to GEN 1-6 so far and with ALL variations i got over 6000 individual files ranging from all pokemon file extensions. My question is: Does the GitHub-Link Event Database contains ALL of the events ? Like all the variations ? Or are some of them not contained in the ZIP-File on Github?
  3. Yup got that already, it shows me a bit above 2500 wondercards, however, filtering them is a bit hard. At least a way, thanks anyways.
  4. Urgh, that is very inconvenient. Sad to hear that. At least, is there any way of adding multiple pokemon or is this one by one too? Would be glad if this would be added with a new update.
  5. Is there an easy way of importing my Wondercards? When i click on "Wondercard Database" it shows me over 2500 cards, without any file in pkmdb. Is there any option that the wondercard database shows me only my own wondercards?
  6. Hey guys, i downloaded all of the GEN I to GEN V items, and i have PCD/PGT/PGF files. I put all of the items (including .pkm and .pk1/2/3/4/5 files) in the pkmdb-folder of PKHEX. After that i imported all of the Pokemons into the boxes. It sucessfully loaded all of the pkm-files, but of course not the wonder cards and other files such PCD/PGT/PGF. However when i put PCD/PGT/PGF files seperately into the boxes via Drag&Drop it loads the actual pokemon behind the cards. Since i got tons of such cards, is there any easy way of "importing" them? Sadly, PkHex does not support multiple items at once (which i greatly miss) - when i drag 20 Pokemon into PkHex it only loads the first i marked actually.
  7. You mean PokeGen's hack checks? I remember there are some online checkers for that. Too bad, i can't really use PkHex due to that. If i can find any 6th GEN save, i would test PkHex, never used this before. So, the time bomb ones are definitely dismissed. Probably the R4i Gold 3DS is the best for that, what do you think? (5th from first row) - All ones compatible, no time bomb, and i think 20$ (or about 20€ for me is actually worth it)
  8. I have DSTWO for my DSLite and it does have a file manager. It works perfectly. But unfortunately i have no physical copy of the games. The risk is, if those hacked pokemon - once transferred onto a PHYSICAL copy - if PokeBank notices the pokemon being edited and thus preventing me from transferring it to the 6th Gen. I would do it, but the cartrides are still a bit expensive.. I used ntrboot, but like it sais, that a flashcard is required. I honestly dont know anything about compatible and usable flashcards. Dont even know which ones are recommended. Is there a list of cards? I remember the popular R4 flashcards, but there were lots of fake copies that were just awful.
  9. Hey guys, since i failed at editing files due to literally all hacks patched (i use 11.8 on my DS) i got the idea of sending pkm files into the game or at least to Pokemon Bank or smth. I am aware that PokeBank locks cheated Pokemon but got some legalitly checkers. Is it possible to get your Pokemon throgh In-Game trading options in X/Y or ORAS? On my old DSlite i got the games on roms, and on my 3DS i got a digital copy of Y and OR. Is there any possible method?
  10. Cant i change the mod without loading a save file? I didnt know that GP stands for Lets fo pikachu, thats why i wondered
  11. Hey Guys, currently i am exhausted by trying to able to edit pokemon. I am not even succeeded at using a CFW, as my Firmware (11.0.8.xxx) is almost patched out by any other method, so it seems like i have to use hardware for that or a flashcard. But i downloaded PkHex (20181202) and, when i click on "Met" i only can choose between Pokemon GO, Lets Go Evoli and Lets Go Pikachu? Why i cant choose GEN VI or GEN VII Editions for making pokemon? Is there any special thing that i miss? Do i have to import an existing file before the app recognizes this as the gen? I remember when i used PokeGen, i could choose the platform for this.
  12. I have downloaded a lot of pokemon from Japanese, English, German Gallerys. But when i look at my pokemon, i see many ones, with about 10 "?" in the name, or the OT is a mixture of signs or letters like "?zW" and so on. But the worst thing is, that the place where i catched it, its always Rumination Field. For example: Regice Lv 40: Date: 9.Nov.06 OT: ?zW Place: Rumination Field Nickname: ?iSUj How can i avoid this, or correct this? Or, why does this contain these errors? Could it be, that european version can't visualize korean language?
  13. I downloaded a Event Pokemon and tried to insert it to my game via PokeGen like normal. But, when i open the file, a window named Mystery Gift opens, which i think is normal. At this point i don*t understand how to import know the event pokemon? I click "<" then all the data is on the left ok. Then above there is the "export" button and a "To Tabs" button, which i can't click. So if i use "Export" it just creates another PGF File, with the same thing going on again. Now i think i did not understand how to import these, so what i am doing wrong?
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