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  1. In Emerald, Route 111, good rod fishing, even on mgba, I only find method 4 pokés.
  2. To me, wild in caves use the straight method 1 (RS) while rock smashing (even safari zone) and fishing use method H-2 with the synch doing its job (Emerald).
  3. Hmm, on Ruby I did rng using method 1 for wild, it didn't follow the h1 spreads.
  4. I am talking about a normal gameplay I did on console over a decade ago. The predominant method is method 2, just like on emulator. When are methods H-1, 2 and H4 used? I only tested RSE and this is what I know, I am unsure about FRLG: Method 1: Legends and wilds (sweet scent and walking, no idea about rock smash and fishing) Method H1: Never? Maybe having a synch lead will trigger it? Method 2: Is this a thing? Maybe only walking? Method H2: Sweet scent, fishing, rock smash. No synch required. Method 3/H3: Not even reported on the rng reporter, is this a legend? Method 4: Legends (rare), wilds (walking at least) Method H4: Maybe having a synch lead will trigger it? After abusing the sav to shiny a method 4 spread, I can't seem being able to shiny that spread as method h4 even with a shynch.
  5. There's no difference between console and retail in this case either.
  6. So far I have all the boxes full of wild pokemon in my emerald cartridge played on console, and only 2 wild pokemon are method 1 (shiny spheal and a skitty), all the others are method 2 and like 10 of them are method 4. This seems to be a result comparable to the vba v24 that I used to rng as emulator, since I only rng and don't randomly capture, so the fact I haven't found any method 1 isn't far from the console reality, as the method 2 and 4 encounters seem to be comparable to console ones. Also background music influenced pokemon box kyogre/groudon rngs, because I always had the same result without a background music triggering the dialogue with the legend, while I had different results with the background music because, even using the same states, triggering the dialogue at a different frame but still starting the fight at the same seed to rng the same spread, caused to or not to trigger the method 4. Also, only with the background music, some spreads are sometimes entirely skipped and the difference where you must trigger the encounter varied randomly a lot. Like, sometimes, a singular frame advance made multiple seed advancements. This way, with the background music, you don't have to manually refresh the screen with the pokedex to make it possible to change the method.
  7. No, I always get method 2 and 4 on retail too as well as method 1 (method 1 is rare on console tho). Sure, regis and rayquaza will almost always method 4 when you're playing from box. I've done all the legends method 4 , although I did it on emulator after seeing it working on retail. You don't *need* a box link as method 4 can be random from retail, but the box link will most likely make it happen.
  8. Hi there. I know that generally wild pokemon are generated by method 2 but method 4 can actually happen, especially with pokemon box. But I've just dumped my old sav of pokemon emerald and the only shiny I caught over 10 years ago has a PID and IVs that match the method 1, which is ever confirmed by the Pkhex. No such spread exists for method h1 without a synchronizer, just a plain method 1. But I've never seen any method 1 pokemon when doing rng abuse on the emulator, it just randomly switched to method 4 occasionally. So, how is the method 1 engaged for wild pokemon?
  9. Seems so. Only the eon ticket seems an exception as it isn't visible as a wonder card. Eon ticket -> Doesn't need the wondercard edited to be distributed, as the official one also is already distributable -> Postman disappears Wondercards -> Needs the edited wondercard to be distributed -> Postman stays there forever on both the distributable and distributed
  10. Interesting. Another weird thing with this is that the post man never disappears, while it does with the eon ticket (which is different as it uses the mixed record to share and doesn't need the distribution-enabled wondercard to be shared, as the official also works)
  11. Hey, this worked, thanks! The BIOS file wasn't even needed. It was extremely fast at first try. Hopefully this version will also work on dolphin's box connection, as with others the pokemon box screens doesn't show the nintendo logo and doesn't do anything after the gba bios animation However, are we sure the old sea map wondercard is legit? The missing item sprite makes me wonder about it...
  12. No difference I am so unlucky with neither of the vba-m wondercard sharing and the vba-m to pokemon box connections working...
  13. I've tried doing like you say and it's always "freezing" just like this. The emulators run fine but don't go ahead.
  14. I tried again, but this is always the result with vba-M: I even tried vba link 180b and it even crashes.
  15. Oh, I thought it was the opposite. Especially considering the eon ticket worked trasferred via the "official event distributor", and that the directly injected wondercard doesn't have the sprite and has the "bugged" postman.
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