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Found 2 results

  1. So a spanish guy named Trifindo released a tool yesterday, which you can use to map for Pokemon DS games. ----------------------------------------------------- In order to make this tool work, you need to download G3DCVTR: G3DCVTR (You need this to convert Imd-->Nsbmd) ----------------------------------------------------- Latest versions (Windows/Linux): PDSMS 2.2 PDSMS Source (Github) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Features: Create Pokemon DS maps [*.nsbmd] Edit map collisions [*.per] Edit map terrain files [*.bdhc] Edit textures (experimental) [*.nsbtx] Import 3D tiles as OBJ format Edit 3D tiles and IMD materials Export maps as OBJ, IMD and NSBMD View maps in 3D and 2D How to use? For running Pokemon DS Map Studio on Windows, Java must be installed in the computer. Pokemon DS Map Studio can be executed by double clicking the "PokemonDsMapStudio.jar" file. If this does not work, use the "PokemonDsMapStudio.bat". If these methods do not work, it may be because your graphics card is not compatible with OpenGL 4. For exporting .nsbmd files, "g3dcvtr.exe" and "xerces-c_2_5_0.dll" must be placed int the "converter" folder. These files can be downloaded easily. Keybinds: Screenshots: ---------------------------------------- Tutorials: How to import custom tiles to PDSMS How to import custom textures in PDSMS How to convert triangles into quads in PDSMS using Blender Phython Script: This can be used for converting a whole tileset of 3D tiles from triangles, to quads. Tiles with quads are better than tiles with triangles, because they use less polygons. That means that you can put more tiles in a Pokemon Map if those tiles are made of quads instead of triangles So, for transforming the whole tileset, go to PDSMS, open your tileset, go to File/export all tiles as OBJ, and select the folder called "Tiles" that is included in the RAR I've just shared. That will export all the tiles and textures in that folder Then open the file called "TrisToQuads.blend" and press the button "Run Script" Then some numbers will appear near the cursor, wait until they dissapear. Once they are gone, the tileset would have been converted And you can import all the tiles again in PDSMS. (Just go to Tileset editor, and click on "Add tiles") ----------------------------------------------------- INFOS and CHANGELOGS: Updates v 1.3: Updates v 1.4: This version has a new option for importing tiles. Now tiles from sketchup should work fine Just make sure that the model has only quads and trianlges, or triangulate it when exporting Updates v 1.5: -Bug fixes with the collision editor Updates v 1.6: - Bug fixes - Possibility to view background image while drawing map. - New folder (Example OBJs) that provides some OBJ tiles that were used for building in default tileset Updates v 1.7: - IMD Exporter now supports Quad Strips for using less polygons (Triangle Strips are not aviable yet) -IMD Exporter normals are reduced by grouping polygons with same normals -BDHC Editor now supports all types of plates and custom angles -Added Undo/Redo button for map editor -Added option for clearing full layers -Bugfix for some Platinum materials on default tileset -Other technical bugfixes v 1.7.1: -Fixed two bugs with exporting IMD Properly Updates 1.8: 1.8 Version is out! It includes the following changes and fixes: - Added wireframe shading in Tileset editor - Added texture thumbnails in Material editor - Added material texture tiling editor (repeat, clamp, flip) - Added button for moving tiles on Z axis - Tile selector now can move multiple tiles by using right click for selecting range and drag for moving - Added more info and colors for BW collisions - Added more tiles for BW - Added Tileset preview when opening maps - Tileset editor dialog can be resized now - Fixed texture coordinates bug when exporting IMD quad stripes - Added 2 Extra Tilesets for Platinum in the folder named "Extra Tilesets" thanks to Driox, the author of the tilesets This table can be used in BW for finding the values of the 3rd collision layer (HEIGHT layer in PDSMS) For cheking the value you need for some stairs, for example, you will need to check the distance of the plane that contains the stairs plate to the origin of coordinates (0,0) in Blender (that will be a perpendicular line with respect to the plane, that passes through the origin). One you have the distance value, you have to get the point that intersects the line and the plane and check if its Z coordinate is positive or negative. Once you have that, you know the value of the distance. Lets say, for example stairs plane is at distance 6.0 to the origin and the position of the intersection point has negative Z coordinate. Then you have to find the value in the table (cheking also the color for the sign). If you find the value of the distance in the table, then you know the Byte value that has to be used in the 3rd collision layer for the tile. In the case of 6.0, the Byte value would be 3C If the value is not in the table, then you would have to find in the game for a map that has a plane at the same distance to the origin as the one you want to use. And then check the byte value used in the 3rd collision layer for that tile I have not been able to find how to transform a distance into the corresponding byte value. All the values shown in the table were obtained by measuring the distance of the planes in BW from many maps and cheking the byte value used in the corresponding tile in 3rd collision layer Updates 1.9: -Added nsbtx exporter: pallets aviable are: 4,16, 256 colors and semitransparent A315 and A513 -Added color format option to the material editor -Solved a bug related with the undo/redo button -Solved a bug related with the IMD Exporter that was producing extra vertex normals Updates 1.10.0: -Added lights to the IMD Material Exporter -Added Button for exporting one Tile as obj -Added Button for exporting all the tiles of a Tileset as obj Updates 1.11.1: - Border maps added for visually helping the map creation - IMD Exporter now indexes textures automatically (even semitransparent!) using k-means clustering algorithm - IMD Exporter now supports textures that share the same palette - Tileset editor allows the use of external image editors - Tileset editor "replace" and "update" texture buttons have been added - OBJ exporter bug fixed: now transparent textures are exported properly - Now the map's name is shown in the window title - Change game in a map Change game in a map feature: 2020-02-17_21-01-12.mp4 Updates 1.12: The IMD exporter now supports materials with the same texture but different palette -The Map editor display now shows some tiles of the maps sorrounding it -New dialog for creating new maps and choosing tilesets -New tilesets (credits to Driox) It has the following bugfixes: -Now you can right click in the height editor for selecting the height from the map -Now when you right click in a tile, it will scroll the tile selector for showing the tile Updates 1.13.1: -Button for replacing texture instead of adding. Updates 1.16: bugfixes Updates 2.1: -New interface. -Choose between 3 different themes. -Terrain editor for gen 5. -BDHCAM editor. -3D display for the BDHC editor. -New tilesets. -Normal display. -New tile material display ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates 2.2: -Event Editor warp headers are now shown as names as well. -A blue box now appears under each Warp collision, as a visual aid for placing Warp events. -New "Locate File" buttons in most editor tabs, to easily locate the selected file. -Clicking the "Open Matrix" button of a Header now autoselects the first cell which uses that Header, if such cell exists. -Improved detection of incompatible ROMs. -Updated many HGSS and Platinum command names and parameters. Download section (1.13.1 and above support more Computers and the python script) --------------------------------------------------------- Older versions/infos: TrisToQuads.rar (Phyton Script (Triangels to Quads)) See more in the Tutorial section Pokemon DS Map Studio 1.13.1 Pokemon DS Map Studio 1.12 Pokemon DS Map Studio 1.11.1 Pokemon DS Map Studio 1.10 ------------------------------------------- Download Pokemon DS Map Studio v 1.9 Download Pokemon DS Map Studio v 1.8 Download Pokemon DS Map Studio v 1.7.1 Download Pokemon DS Map Studio v1.7 Download Pokemon DS Map Studio v1.6 Download Pokemon DS Map Studio v1.5 Download Pokemon DS Map Studio v1.4 Download: Pokemon DS Map Studio v1.3 ------------------------------------------------ PDSMS doesn't work on your Computer? Some computers may have problems with running Pokemon DS Map Studio. If so, try out this version: Pokemon DS Map Studio 1.13 "Pokemon DS Map Studio 1.13 is out!This version is specially made for people who couldn't run Pokemon DS Map Studio. I have rewritten all the renderer to OpenGL 2, so this will work for much more computers than before. The overall performance of this version should not be very different from the previous ones. But if you find any bug or performance issue, just let me know Despite this version includes only a couple of bugfixes and it doesn't have any new feature, you can download it anyway" ~Trifindo -------------------------------------------------------------- Download PDSMS Source v 1.12 Download PDSMS Source v 1.8 ------------------------------------------------------------------- These games are supported in the version 1.3: Games fully supported: - Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (YES) - Pokemon Platinum (YES) - Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver (YES) - Pokemon Black and White - Pokemon Black and White 2 I will keep this post updated if newer versions of the Tool will be released. Also you can check Trifindos YouTube-Channel for more informations Trifindo YT
  2. Version 2.2


    If you have any questions or need help. join here for quick assistance. So there is a new Tool for Pokemon DS mapping, which i want to show you, made by Trifindo. Official PDSMS GitHub If you want to import your maps into the Gen 4 Games you will need DSPRE Important! you need to download G3DCVTR in order to make the tool work. Put the (g3dcvtr.exe) file and the (xerces-c_2_5_0.dll) into the following path: Pokemon DS Map Studio-2.2\bin\converter Description: Pokemon DS Map Studio is a tool for creating maps for Pokemon DS games. This tool must be used along with SDSME for importing the maps in the games. The tool contains some predesigned tilesets for each game but custom tiles can also be created. Games available: Pokemon Diamond / Pearl Pokemon Platinum Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver Pokemon Black / White Pokemon Black 2 / White 2 What Pokemon DS Map Studio can do? Create Pokemon DS maps [*.nsbmd] Edit map collisions [*.per] Edit map terrain files [*.bdhc] Edit textures (experimental) [*.nsbtx] Import 3D tiles as OBJ format Edit 3D tiles and IMD materials Export maps as OBJ, IMD and NSBMD View maps in 3D and 2D What Pokemon DS Map Studio CAN'T do? Edit already existing maps from the original games Import maps into the game (that is done with DSPRE) Modify game files ------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you wanna know, how to use this Tool, check out this Tutorial: https://youtu.be/Xnj8cWDRbaA (An older version of PDSMS was used for this Video) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to run Pokemon DS Map Studio You will need the following requirements: Windows or Linux Java 8 (higher versions can be problematic) A graphics card compatible with OpenGL 2 For running the program: Double click the exe file "PokemonDsMapStudio 2.0.exe" Double click the jar file "PokemonDsMapStudio.jar" If the previous method doesn't work, probably there is one requierement that is not fulfilled. If you can't run the program after those steps, please, do the following for cheking the error: Open Windows file explorer and go to the folder where "PokemonDsMapStudio.jar" is located. Type "cmd" in the file explorer's path. That will open Windows command prompt. In Windows command prompt type: "java -jar PokemonDsMapStudio.jar" Then the error message will be displayed in the command prompt. You can share the error message with me for finding a solution. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy Ds mapping
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