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So a spanish guy named Trifindo released a tool yesterday, which you can use to map for Pokemon DS games.




Updates v 1.3:


Updates v 1.4:

This version has a new option for importing tiles. Now tiles from sketchup should work fine

Just make sure that the model has only quads and trianlges, or triangulate it when exporting


Updates v 1.5:

-Bug fixes with the collision editor


Updates v 1.6:

- Bug fixes

- Possibility to view background image while drawing map.

- New folder (Example OBJs) that provides some OBJ tiles that were used for building in default tileset


Updates v 1.7:

- IMD Exporter now supports Quad Strips for using less polygons (Triangle Strips are not aviable yet)

-IMD Exporter normals are reduced by grouping polygons with same normals

-BDHC Editor now supports all types of plates and custom angles

-Added Undo/Redo button for map editor

-Added option for clearing full layers

-Bugfix for some Platinum materials on default tileset

-Other technical bugfixes


v 1.7.1:

-Fixed two bugs with exporting IMD Properly


Download section


Download Pokemon DS Map Studio v 1.7.1

Download Pokemon DS Map Studio v1.7

Download Pokemon DS Map Studio v1.6

Download Pokemon DS Map Studio v1.5

Download Pokemon DS Map Studio  v1.4

Download: Pokemon DS Map Studio v1.3


G3DCVTR (You need this to convert Imd-->Nsbmd)


These games are supported in the version 1.3:

Games fully supported:
- Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (YES)
- Pokemon Platinum (YES)
- Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver (YES)
- Pokemon Black and White (PARTIALLY)
- Pokemon Black and White 2 (NOT TESTED)



  • Create Pokemon DS maps [*.nsbmd]
  • Edit map collisions [*.per]
  • Edit map terrain files [*.bdhc]
  • Edit textures (experimental) [*.nsbtx]
  • Import 3D tiles as OBJ format
  • Edit 3D tiles and IMD materials
  • Export maps as OBJ, IMD and NSBMD
  • View maps in 3D and 2D




How to use?

For running Pokemon DS Map Studio on Windows, Java must be installed in the computer.
Pokemon DS Map Studio can be executed by double clicking the "PokemonDsMapStudio.jar" file.
If this does not work, use the "PokemonDsMapStudio.bat".
If these methods do not work, it may be because your graphics card is not compatible with OpenGL 4.

For exporting .nsbmd files, "g3dcvtr.exe" and "xerces-c_2_5_0.dll" must be placed int the "converter" folder.
These files can be downloaded easily.


















How to import custom tiles to PDSMS




I will keep this post updated if newer versions of the Tool will be released.

Also you can check Trifindos YouTube-Channel for more informations

Trifindo YT


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