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Found 11 results

  1. CHardic


    Hey whats up people? My name is CHardic. I just recently obtained an R4i from the R4 website and it works great. I love to hack Pokemon and other games so if you ever need my help with obtaining event Pokemon etc. I can help. Thank you.
  2. Glad to have you back, dude! I've got a team I need help building. Would you care to do the honor? I'll need your code again, and mine is in the spoiler.
  3. It's STBE. I decided to make an account. I most likely will NEVER post. I just came to make an account. That is all. ~STBE
  4. ZeroIX


    Hey people, my name is Zero, at least online it is. MY real name is Ben. Call me whichever, I don't mind. I've just joined since I'm obsessed with Pokémon, which is kind of strange for someone who's 18, but I don't care. I've just completed Pokémon Pearl (Legit!) I have all legendaries obtainable legitimately and are now building my favourite team, I'm 3/6 so far. Umbreon* Lucario* Pigeot* Palkia Infernape Onix I want Lugia, Charizard and Nidoking, So anyway, Hi and see you around!
  5. sup everyone im New Here...so yea.....Lol
  6. IceMistress


    Hey guys! My name's Katie. I live in the UK, in a little place called Kendal, and I'm 19 years old and have been playing Pokemon games since the first generation! I love Pokemon so much, my favourite Pokemon is Glaceon and.. yeah... I'm not very good at intro's. :biggrin:
  7. :smile: hi im timmy and im new here if you could do what ever you can to make me feel welcome please do like add me as friend and leave profile commment
  8. alexv1


    i will take my mods now, k thanks
  9. Hi everyone, as mentioned above, I'm Sup@Fr0. I'm new to forums and such, but not new to Pokemon. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Silver, which was also my first Gameboy game. I'm basically a black market of Pokemon games. I own every Pokemon game (aside from the Mystery Dungeon, and non-rpg ones) I do have a 2 questions, though. 1 regarding PokeSav and 1 regarding downloaded Pokemon. First, how do I access the Pal Park in the lower right-hand corner of the PokeSav screen? A screenshot has been attached so that you get what I'm talking about. Second, I just downloaded an Wander Card event Pokemon and I want to know how to add that pokemon to my Pokemon Platinum game. -Thanks for reading, and sorry my Intro was too long. Sup@Fr0
  10. So I've been lurking here for quite awhile without an account and with me actually noticing that you guys had an "art work" forum I decided to check it out as I'm really into graphic design and art in general ( drawing, print making photoshop) so I registered and cast my vote on the banner thread Anyway, whats up? I hope to post a team here soon that I want to get some advice on. I'm not generally a serious person and steer away from people who are taking everything too seriously, but other than that , Hello.
  11. Shiranui


    'lo all, I'm Shiranui, your [if you didn't already have one] token wapanese fanboy. Let's see... I like girls, spicy food, games (Megaman, Golden Sun, Okami, Pokémon, Zelda, Metroid, others~) I draw and read quite a bit, I enjoy the outdoors, and I like shouting the Trogdor song at little kids. I've been using PokéSAV quite successfully for a while - I do have some questions I need answered*, which was a primary reason I joined, but I plan on staying - and I consider myself a more-than-decent battler. I don't often write in smallfont, I just don't like typing long messages without it. And I abuse color-letter/number, but I'll try to stop that. *shot* So yeah, I hope to... contribute as best as I can? ; *these concern PID/IVs; what section would I ask in?
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