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  1. how the crap do I change my appearance?
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    Yeah, so,

    Does anyone have any information on the pokesav backup thing?
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    Yeah, so,

    Its not just with this site's IRC, its with any IRC though I've never attempted using a client before at college.
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    Yeah, so,

    For some reason, my college prevents IRC connections.
  5. Destati

    Yeah, so,

    ha, back to this. Well, in-game Dragonair/nite was always prized during RBY / GSC as being a special attacker with a vast movepool. Few pokemon can shoot off thunderbolt, surf and flamethrower/fireblast, which I definantly suggest for ingame. Dragonair/nite is one of those weird Lucario pokemon. The higher attack stat also has the lesser moves, whereas the lower attack stat has the better moves. Ok, for ingame use, I'd go with Flamethrower/Fire Blast Thunderbolt Surf Outrage/Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse If you have a lot of fire users or whatever, I'd replace it with these moves in order Ice Beam Focus Blast/Super Power Earthquake/Extremespeed Stone Edge Competitive wise... urk, I don't know. Dragonite feels more like the pokemon that fits the mold. Dragon Dance and Extremespeed are cool, but together they're kind of silly. If you want the most FUN set I'd go with either the anti-lead or the mixnite spread from smogon http://www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/dragonite
  6. Just the sheer fact that most UBERS are allowed (yet Celebi, the Pokemon with 7 weaknesses ISN'T) is insane. How many Kyogre/Palkia teams will there be? And the rules about them are silly. Blissey is awesome in uber doubles. I don't have the stats on hand, but Kyogre/Palkia double teams typically win almost 70% of the time.
  7. Destati

    Yeah, so,

    I guess I'm back now. I forgot why I left to be honest. I think I got mad due to all the competitive talk and how Project Pokemon wanted to make their own seperate metagame or whatever, Anywho, can anyone bring me up to speed on things? Like all this stuff I hear about legit copies of HGSS being unable to be backed up. That's crazy! I want a different Trainer ID! Lets see, what else. Um, I remember a bunch of you, as well as all the people who posted in my intro post. I've been playing Minecraft a lot, you can hit me up there under the same name. Yeah... Video games are my favorite types of video games.
  8. Does anyone out there even remember me? I got banned on Gamefaqs a while back for spoiling some details from some anime and games that are over 5 years old. Now I don't have a place to talk about Pokemon anymore. Smogon have massive egos, Serebii reminds me of the Gaia community and other sites are generally regarded as inferior.
  9. I really don't understand why people buy both games. You're just wasting money. ...Meganium's awesome in Mystery dungeon... Aromatherapy+Synthesis...
  10. Ouch, I didn't see the Zapdos. I suggest the Special-based set as seen on Smogon. You seem to be lacking in the special support side.
  11. You seriously think that Shoddy is so glitched that nothing it states can be taken as fact. Thats shocking. I have never seen anyone that thinks that way besides you. A new simulator isn't going to revolutionize the tiers. What works on Shoddy works equally as well in real DS Wifi. Also, Manaphy is banned from OU play anyway. Manaphy is officially an uber.
  12. upon a predicted switch Salamence players will still use a Dragon Dance, outspeeding even a 306 speed Lucario. And what about the jolly/timid Salamences? You cannot take a chance and hope that your opponent is a bulky set.
  13. Why did they flip the island of Kyushu sideways to make Hoenn? If Hoenn was accurate with the map of Japan the in-game west would really be north.
  14. Wraith, even bulky Salamence spreads can outrun Jolly 252 speed ev Lucario. You're not going to outrun it. First of all, 90 base speed, 252 speed evs with a Jolly nature is still SLOWER than a 100 base speed, 252 speed evs and a neutral speed nature. Second, base 100s typically have the EV spread to outrun +speed nature base 90s.
  15. Salamence spreads tend to carry enough EVs to outspeed Lucario while Flygon naturally carries enough EVs. And I'm not annoyed at all
  16. Gamfreak typically only works on one project at a time. They probably started planning work on HG/SS right after they finished production on Platinum.
  17. Ugh. I like Gold's new look, but Silver (or whatever you wanna call her)... Looks like a cowgirl or something. Why can't we just have Kris? Why can't we make our own avatars!?
  18. True. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Google Chrome are the fout most used browsers. Do people still use Netscape?
  19. First off, what is with this forum and Sandstorm teams? They're not bad but this is the fourth one I had to rate. Four out of like seven teams. Yes, standard. I would personally go for Stone Edge over Rock Slide though. Just remember that Aerodactyl is not failproof. Trick Leads are going to set up rocks and then switch out to an adequate counter. No. Special Lucario is not good. All dragons outspeed Lucario, negating the purpose of HP Ice. Use a regular swords dance spread and consider Jirachi as a special sweeper. T-tar is not a sweeper. Not even one DD can give him sweeping capabilities. D-dance is mostly just there to outspeed walls and tanks. Due to the basis of your team, I would go with a Calm Mind set. Try the Superachi or Sub+CalmMind set. http://www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/jirachi I would go with the 188 HP / 252 Def / 68 Spe spread. The one you have is meant for substitute sets. Him? I was actually going to bash this a bit but I C WUT U DID THAR. However, I do fear it allows Pokemon like Lucario, Scizor and other set-up Pokemon to, well, set up. Lucario has quad resistances to both the two moves Summary, you have a big Salamence, Lucario and Flygon weakness. Even with Lucario's special set you would still be dragon-weak. I feel a Metagross or Empoleon might work on this team. Metagross replacing Clefable or Empoleon replacing Vaporeon. You could do both : /. Either way, the set you choose must contain ice moves.
  20. we don't have resources posted anywhere else though. This is it. Greencat's list is his own work.
  21. varna, the Shoddy servers use these rules. In fact, no one uses the other rules. Read the first post. It was never inteded to be a preaching thread. The title was chosen by SCV because for some reason he still disagrees with the Standard Rules and believes that we need to be outcasts and have our own. Is it relevant? Highly. Go to the RMT board to see. Not posted elsewhere? This is where it belongs. ------------- http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54812 23 voters, 12 to win. So far 8 have voted for Uber and 4 have voted for OU. Again, these are people who have used Manaphy in the suspect ladder and have the credibility to claim whether or not they believe Manaphy is too strong for OU play.
  22. they'll probably have an underground. Maybe they'll have mines instead in the north area between Johto and Kanto. Nothing much goes on there. I don't see how they can combine the underground for both Johto and Kanto. Its too big. Or maybe there will be an islet where you can dig for buried treasure and make pirate coves... IN THE ORANGE ISLANDS. I wonder if they're going to make the regis available this time around too. The birds are sort of obvious
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