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  1. Its location number 00004 0x0004 And Nuvema Town is the location name
  2. Ok, But I'm just confused on what it is and how it was made, for some reason it can be uploaded to black and white, and in its ID it has the Pokewalker on it
  3. How do I use the QR codes to upload a pokemon on to Pkhex?
  4. Why is the event Charcadet flagged when I upload it onto PKhex? is there anything that can be done to correct that?
  5. Hey so I'm having trouble on the section of block editing where you go and export sav, the export main option is not popping up and I'm not sure if there's a step im missing or doing wrong is there anyone that can assist me?
  6. This file is flagged with no Z item
  7. hey, these attachments you placed on here, were they the actual pokemon files or something else?
  8. Hey dude so Im rarely ever on here much but I be racking my brain on that wc5full pidove file, I try to follow the steps but its like things are just not clicking, is there a tutorial video I can watch that may help me out?
  9. I just have the files, I never retrieved them from a physical cartridge.
  10. Can anyone help me figure out how to remove the mystery gift issue from my pokemon on Pkhex?
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