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  1. How do you download an older version of Pkhex????
  2. So did you also document the opponents Pokemon as well???
  3. I could've switched someone from this discord successfully migrated Gen 2 PCNY Pokemon from gen 2 to 3, and they were seemed legal.
  4. You never completed releasing all the opponents teams?
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Here's my gift to you guys for all your help and support.
  6. where's the app that can help me edit the hex??
  7. Can you send me that edited srm file? and how did you edit it to the correct size?
  8. PkHex just won't allow me to open any of these stadium save files, and I accomplished it before by changing its name, but I forgot into what???? POKEMON STADIUM G&S.fla POKEMON STADIUM 2_farfetchd_gligar.fla Pokemon Stadium 2.srm POKEMON STADIUM 2.fla
  9. so how do you save the file once its _pad?????
  10. none of the pokemon on these files are legal.
  11. So does anyone have the files on any Beta Pokemon retrieve from the Beta version of Ruby and Sapphire?????
  12. So what does static encounter mean in general?
  13. does it matter if I've already beaten the trainer?
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