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  1. How did you convert these files?
  2. So is it possible change the size of files that PkHex can inergrate through its settings?
  3. @theSLAYER Hey so I try not to really bother you with this and Im not on here as often as I used to be. But there's two files that I have had trouble opening, I think these were originally the files I was trying so desperately to open so acquire certain PCNY pokemon from. POKEMON STADIUM 2.bak [PKHeX (Stadium2)].dat POKEMON STADIUM 2.fla [PKHeX (Stadium2)].dat
  4. Hey, so maybe you can assist me, there's another collection of files that on here that had not only event pokemon but also lottery pokemon as well, you wouldn't happen to know where its at would you?
  5. Dude whats the point of tellling if you don't want too trade or make it accessible, and I really don't want much just Buizel.
  6. Does anyone know where I can get the event pokemon from this distribution??
  7. Is it possible to convert these pokemon from Jap to english?
  8. Is it possible to load all this content on a GSC rom???
  9. Well there's certain files that im trying to open that I was able to accomplish with an older version of Pkhex but can't seem to accomplish with this newer version.
  10. How do you download an older version of Pkhex????
  11. So did you also document the opponents Pokemon as well???
  12. I could've switched someone from this discord successfully migrated Gen 2 PCNY Pokemon from gen 2 to 3, and they were seemed legal.
  13. You never completed releasing all the opponents teams?
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