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  1. To warm me up, I did some quick tests. The first five are quite passable: For M-Pinsir precisely, I wanted to make a slight retouch with the tool "brush" paint.net to remove a blue dot lost on the wings (to coloring in yellow): but it gives as result a gif that does not move more (it tells you my level of mounting). But for the next two, I planted myself (superficial gray on the wings for Beedrill and always blue for Yanma): Anyway thank you for your help and your detailed explanations
  2. Ah ok my bad for Pikachu: it would be with Marshadow (excluding the zenith form) and Magearna the only one that does not have a different color for the shiny form. I have never tried editing files, I tested the proposed method (and the result is not terrible): • to train I took one of Reshiram sprites: the only time I was successful • same thing for a second sprite (but I can't remove the background anymore) • then I tried with Beedrill: the rib of the wings is not good • to finish with M-Diancie: maybe it does not work with this software I do not think all these manipulations are done for me
  3. Now it's a certainty: Glameow is the only change in gen 7. I take this opportunity to list the last missing sprites, especially concerning gender differences: • gen 1: Rhydon, Scyther, Magikarp; • gen 2: Politoed, Murkrow, Scizor; • gen 3: Bidoof, Krickenot, Kricketune, Shinx, Luxio, Luxray, Roserade, Pachirisu, Buizel, Floatzel, Ambipom, Gible, Gabite, Garchomp, Croagunk, Toxicroak, Finneon, Lumineon, Weavile, Rhyperior, Tangrowth and Mamoswine. It lacks also very specific sprites: • back shiny Pikachu-Libre (but the texture problem has already been mentioned several times); • Hakamo-o-Totem (I guess there is only the front of the mon). The problem of sprites with the transparency of Pokédex has improved a lot, there are just some scattered examples: The animation of Steelix-Mega (shiny) can also be a point to look at (but it's very cosmetic). Finally, I have two questions: • is there a gender difference in Torchic? I read somewhere that it would have in the male a black dot at the end of the tail but in another site, it would rather be the size of the head feathers; • does Pikachus in a cap have shiny forms? In any case, I have never seen it. Anyway, you all do a great job and thanks for that
  4. According to this video, Glameow would not be the only Pokémon that would have changed sprites in Generation 7. The Talonflame back sprite would have, if I understand correctly, just changed posture. Unless this find has already been reported here, is it worthwhile to import the new sprite on the site?
  5. After a second search, I again found sprites without this defect: But as theSLAYER said before, there is still a problem of transparency (I'm talking about wings, of course). Unless there are already cleaned versions, it remains to be done:
  6. Lessangel is it normal that Kyurem-B has a different posture according to its form?
  7. I posted here recently sprites with "blue wing syndrome". After research, I found 5 who do not have this defect: I have a doubt for Yanmega, it looks like the red bands of the wings have been erased. To compare : If we exclude Scyther, Scizor and others, there are at the end about fifteen sprites
  8. Very well, ty again (and I almost forgot: congrats for this work and gl for the future)
  9. @theSLAYER Ah ok thank you for the link (and sorry for the inconvenience, moreover I understand quite bad English). To not take any risk, are these images free to use (I contribute a little on the French equivalent of Bulbapedia and our images are not up to date)? And finally (promised, I will not pollute this discussion), can I have the link (if there is of course) of all sprites (the 800 mons, even back, and with the blue background removed: I does not find for Araquanid, Pinsir, Diancie or Yanma)?
  10. Hi, I just discovered this forum and I wonder if this is not the best place to solve this problem. There is in many sprites since the gen 6 the "blues wings syndrome" (the background of Pokedex). I have referenced here all sprites that are concerned (I may have forgotten some): And for comparison, some sprites without a blue background (from Bulbapedia but which are not moving): The most obvious case is Pheromosa, which with the "waves" behind give a horrible aspect. Two details: * Tyrunt is here because the clipping is not optimal * I have a doubt for Greninja-Ash: it is possible that the "wave effect" is present in the original sprite I know this is not the precise theme of this discussion (USUM sprites). Also some sprites already exist without this blue background (but I do not have it in my possession). Is it possible to put corrected sprites here? On the other hand, it would be too much to ask to put in bonus the female, back and shiny versions
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