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  1. Hi, I would like to start a project to let users create their own Pokémon on PKHeX and send them to their Switch games through local Magic Trade. I don't know if this has already been investigated (I mean, if only it could be something doable), but I'm looking for the type of local wireless connction used by the Switch (I've read somewhere that it was some Adhoc WiFi, but a confirmation never hurts) and how to let it communicate with a PC (maybe an emulated Switch protocol? I really don't know right now). As a Pokémon is only lines of code that are understood for a long time now,
  2. Hello there, been around for quite a few years and never got too engaged in the community since today. I've decided to take a step in 'cause I'm quite interested in developing something for the new Pokémon games. As a web developer, I'm looking forward to extend my comprehension of techs and knowledges required to do so, and thought that this forums were a nice place (maybe the best?) to begin with my researches. So stay tuned for a lot of questions and maybe a nice tool to help the community in the future.
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