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  1. ok , thanks, that zekrom download it from the page, in 7gen events.
  2. hello, my problem is that pkhex detects the zekrom as invalid. Any ideas?
  3. I have no idea how to use that tool, could you give me some guidance?. ok, I used the hex editor adding a line of code at the end, and it worked, thanks: D
  4. when I go from citra to vba it works, but from vba to citra I could not. the application says that it serves to open files in pkhex, but I want to pass my crystal play of visual boy advance to citra.
  5. Can someone tell me if it is possible to pass my pokemon crystal vba emulator game to citra ?, and if possible in what way I would do it.
  6. It seems that I have confused things, in ultra sun says johto and the sun says faraway place. So it is normal that in pkmn sun can not identify the place ?.
  7. Something funny happened, when I transferred my pokemon to sun, the description indicates that it comes from johto, however when it passes others to ultrasun, it only mentions "faraway place" . Is this an error, of the emulator?
  8. En mi caso cada vez que juego en vba las bayas dejan de crecer y los demas eventos temporales se detienen, sin embargo cuando paso el .sav de la partida al emulador de android "My boy" el tiempo continua de alguna manera , varias veces el bayologo reaparecia!
  9. try using pkhex to apply the patch for the berries.
  10. Thanks for the recommendation, I will use mgba to see if the berries grow in that emulator.
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