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  1. I just caught it and evolved it, to complete the pokedex, I will try to catch another nidorine to check the movement then.
  2. 031 - NIDOQUEEN - CCFF.pk2
  3. Thanks, now if it looks correct in the pkhex, however another question has arisen, now in my saving of pokemon crystal of the virtual console, I get this error in the pokemon move, could it also be another error? Sorry for my bad english, I'm using a translator.
  4. As I have investigated, the capture rate of dragonite is 45, but in yellow pokemon it is 9, my game is red pokemon so I think it is a PkHex error.
  5. thanks for answering, and about the dragonite is there something i did wrong ?, do not use pkhex or cheats to get it.
  6. Hello, I have a query about these invalid pokemon in the pkhex , 1.In my red pkmn game, I evolved that dragonite through the nursery so that it would level up and I don't know why I made the mistake. 2. I know that altering cave pokemon are illegal, Does anyone know if there is any way to pass those pokemon from colosseum to gba through emulators, like dolphin?, or some guide? 3. the thumbnail marks error, but when I go to verify, that window jumps that is legal, what happens?
  7. Do you know why the IVs that PKHeX indicates to me correspond to method 4 according to RNG Reporter? A wandering pokemon from FRLG would not be for method 1?
  8. Even so, the search is very slow, but if it is the only way, it will have to be done. Thank you for your answers. GetRoamerData.exe can I also search with this?
  9. Hello, someone could tell me how to search Suicune faster through emulator, without the use of RNG .
  10. over 2 years of my original question: v, I'm still missing legendary shinys in 3rd gen :(, damn COVID.
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