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  1. me using google translate: I just tried what you told me, and it works, but then it is a fault of pkhex and not of my save file?, or better ignore the error message?, I'm afraid to edit my pokemon and stop being legal.
  2. Hello, Could someone help me to solve this?
  3. then I will search in emerald, thanks.
  4. what is the difference with the others?
  5. I'm going to look for shinys through eggs in 3 gen, someone knows in which game it would be easier; FRLG or RSE?
  6. thanks for the info, it will be a challenge to find it on FR LG, thanks.
  7. I only found a pokerus finder for R S E, nothing from FR LG :https://pokerng.forumcommunity.net/?t=61020215
  8. I have only been able to find it in emerald, but never in FR / LG, it must be very, very rare, could it be achieved with RNG or something?.
  9. Is it possible to find pokerus in fire red and leaf green or just by swapping with ruby, sapphire and emerald?
  10. in English and Spanish I have searched there on the internet, and these are the ones that have helped me for the English game (Cristal) : 01FFC6DA 01FFC7DA 01FFC8DA 01FFC9DA 01FFCADA 01FFCBDA 01FFCCDA
  11. Oh I didn't know there were codes for this, I thought it was only possible with pokemon stadium. Thanks.
  12. hello, does anyone know how I can get the pikachu surf doll? in pokemon crystal.
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