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  1. I don't know if this is the correct forum, but I'm making a living dex for personal use and when I try to "apply current suggested moves" for the moves it would have at it's level it only places them one at a time and automatically gives them pp ups. This is with the current update.
  2. Ahh I didnt see that with the Tapu. I just grabbed it from the database. The Giratina has me confused though
  3. 785 ★ - Tapu Koko - C6DB177231D4.pk7 487 - Gris - B8B42A76F837.pk7
  4. Friend of mine lost his game so I genned him his Tapu Koko event that he lost and his favourite Giratina. PK HeX says they are legal but when I went to trade them to him apparently "there is a problem with the Pokemon" and because the games don't tell you exactly what the problem is I'm stumped.
  5. I never thought of doing that. I figured it wouldn't matter or make any difference but I tried it and it worked. weird, thank you
  6. Im running through crystal version because i never had a chance to play it and I want to use the save for pokemon stadium 2. Im very anal about having everything look as legit as possible. Does PKHEX not recognize gen 1 TM moves on gen 2 pokemon? This is not for online, just for playing pokemon stadium 2 with friends (all aware of them being hacked) and the rentals suck. And I don't know why the OT gender is invalid, the Raticate is from the crystal version.
  7. thank you all. I play a lot within a group of friends (who know and don't care about edited or genned pokemon) I'm very anal about my stuff looking as legit as possible.
  8. I thought the PID would be different because it gets hatched on the game so wouldn't the TID alter it in gen 3 or something like that?
  9. I didn't understand what method I have to put because these are hatched pokemon with a special move.
  10. My wish chansey and leech seed oddish were fine but in the recent pk hex update they are now coming up as illegal with this message. I tried randomizing the PID and IVs but it keeps giving me the same message. 043 - Oddish - 0FE7CBFBC365.pk7 113 - Chansey - 5A22DCF7820D.pk7
  11. I just want to put a Hitmonchan in my game because I picked Hitmonlee and I keep getting this error and I have no clue how to fix it because there is no option for origin game and I've never seen that catch rate error before. This is for Pokemon Yellow. I attached the Hitmonchan file. I am using the most recent PKHeX. It does this for Kabuto too. 107 - HITMONCHAN - 6285.pk1
  12. Not what I'm asking, I asked about why the OT gender keeps changing back to male after I set it to female.
  13. Im messing around in crystal version and making a save file with good rentals for pokemon stadium 2. I'll change the OT gender and it keeps changing back after I set it. In the picture the OT is supposed to be female but wont stay that way. Also if I may ask, how do I make a Pokemon look like it was traded from time capsule from RBY?
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