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  1. Thanks for new update... Hope you can add unlocking exclusive outfits...
  2. but i already finished the game... or is there any method to change the date on .wr7 file?
  3. Will it be possible to edit Game Start date and time on pokemon LGPE? cuz i used the pokeball mew dump (pk7 & wondercard record) here at project pokemon with caught date of 16th nov 2018... but i started my game on dec 5 2018... it seems not legit save if i have mew on nov16 while i strted my game on dec 5...
  4. Hello, sorry to bump this old thread... just want to ask what save type is used in this rom? and just want to ask if this ROM have any RTC based events? thanks and have a nice day...
  5. specific? but i already listed the things that need to be set at least 0 or 1 above... legitimately, the items i listed above (if triggered) it should be only x1, and x0 if the event is not yet triggered... generally it is safe to set eveything (173 items) to x1 (overwrite the current # of items regardless its triggered or not).
  6. @Kaphotics sorry for late reply... anyway i reviewed the official guide and heres the data i collected. anyway theres lots of decoration on the list, im just going to pinpoint decorations that have limited number of times to be obtained. These items are mostly gift from NPCs and a legit gamesave should have only one per item in the of secret base inventory. worn-out light - aarune gift at firt meeting proclamation - aarune gift blackboard - secret base bronze rank gift Jukebox - secret base silver rank gift mood lightting - secret base gold rank gift confetti ball - secret base platinum rank gift level release - battle resort reward glass ornament - fill 15 portrait in museum reward globe - backpacker gift at mauville city pokeflute - gift from a man in lilycove stairs - woman in fortree city gift star light - gift from lisia after winning master rank berry blender - gift from an NPC at fallabor contest spectacular hall mudkip doll - failed businessman in mauville city torchic doll - failed businessman in mauville city treecko doll - failed businessman in mauville city regice doll - special event regirock doll - special event registeel doll - special event lotad doll - lanette gift seedot doll - lanette gift blue tent - trick house reward red tent - trick house reward national award - complete national pokedex regional award - complete hoenn pokedex time travel award - show a pokemon from original RSE so what youre going to do is you'll just retain the "have all decoration" button and youre going to set these items x1? once implemented, players who didnt actually trigger the event to give the reward/gift, will find that they will have these exclusive decoration x1 on their secretbase inventory... and when they trigger the event it will be x2 that will make the gamesave non-legit again... so to make the gamesave legit again is to reedit the save and toggle the "have all decoration" again and it will go back to x1 again? am i right? thanks
  7. thanks sir, i will review the official guide and look at it on how many pieces should each item have on its max that will look game save. legit..
  8. Good day, just want to ask if you could add the Secret Base Decoration Inventory Editor... Cuz if we choose to just click give all decoration, we all have all decoration in which everything is maxed out to x25. it looks not legit to have 25 diploma, 25 tents, etc. hope you could make an inventory editor for secret base secoration just like item editor that we can set how many pieces each decoration... thanks... :-)
  9. correct me if im wrong... but i think theres cheat code to get those dolls am i right?
  10. is there any feature to unlock pokemon amie decorations on XY using pkhex?
  11. Good day Sir @Kaphotics, thanks for keeping updates on pkhex... May i have some request? cuz one of the most hard to get items in pokemon 3ds games are singles trophy - 50 consecutuive win on super singles doubles trophy - 50 consecutuive win on super doubles triples trophy - 50 consecutuive win on super triple rotation trophy - 50 consecutuive win on super rotation multi trophy - 50 consecutuive win on super multi starf berry - 200 consecutuive wins on battle maison/tree. lansat berry - 100 consecutuive wins on battle maison/tree. even using one hit enemy kill, its pain in the ass repetitive battles... i know its easy to edit the bag to put 999 on each berries and edit flags to make trophies show, but its different story when it looks legit and you actually trigger the event by setting the consecutuve wins to 49, 99 and 199... take 1 battle and win it... and trigger the event... anyway sorry for my bad english... thanks and have a nice day...
  12. I just loaded my OR save on pkhex, but i cant find the mirage island enable to catch cressellia... thanks and have a nice day...
  13. Just want to ask, is there any hall of fame editor for gen2 (gsc), and gen3 (rse)? Thanks.
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