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  1. but i already finished the game... or is there any method to change the date on .wr7 file?
  2. Will it be possible to edit Game Start date and time on pokemon LGPE? cuz i used the pokeball mew dump (pk7 & wondercard record) here at project pokemon with caught date of 16th nov 2018... but i started my game on dec 5 2018... it seems not legit save if i have mew on nov16 while i strted my game on dec 5...
  3. Hello, sorry to bump this old thread... just want to ask what save type is used in this rom? and just want to ask if this ROM have any RTC based events? thanks and have a nice day...
  4. correct me if im wrong... but i think theres cheat code to get those dolls am i right?
  5. Just want to ask, is there any hall of fame editor for gen2 (gsc), and gen3 (rse)? Thanks.
  6. @Kaphotics good day sir, just want to ask if mirage island in oras is already implemented now that the offsets are found? thanks and have a nice day...
  7. yup, its the same as the step 1 of this tutorial (but different approach)... ---> https://gbatemp.net/threads/433266/ the save error message is harmless but im little bit OCD when injecting games... i want it look legit as much as possible... i hope some one could disable it, cuz thats the only time im going to make a cia gain and test the fly error youve mentioned...
  8. thanks for the info, but i already used that... like uve said save error message still persist... anyway, about the fly error, i didnt tested it yet... i already deleted my cia the time i saw the save error message... hope someone could help us to disable the save error message...
  9. Good day, just need some help here on making FireRed LeafGreen GBA VC without save issues... im using this tutorial to inject GBA games to GBA VC: https://gbatemp.net/threads/433266/ on the step 1 of the tutorial, it fixes the rom to make a good save data on the step 2 of the tutorial, it disables the annoying message "save is corrupt and previous file will be loaded" (but save is already working) but step 2 only applies on RSE games... is there a way to apply step 2 of the tutorial to FireRed LeafGreen games. so it wont show the annoying message "save is corrupt and previous file will be loaded". im pretty sure that its on the rom, the only thing we need is what value should we change. i hope even if people are busy on sun/moon, hope some one could help me... thanks and have a nice day...
  10. heres what i did, i save it, then make some changes on pkhex, then restore using savedaatafiler, but still no "pokemon link" on menu
  11. i keep trying and triying to enable pkemon link to show up but it wont show up in main menu? any flag? thanks...
  12. just want to request a unhacked freshly picked up pokemon from professor sycamore (.pk6) bulbasaur + mega stone charmander + mega stone from y (since i have x) squirtle + mega stone sorry if i dont follow the template on request cuz i think i dont need any changes, just a "fleshly picked-up" pokemon from prof sycamore... thanks and have a nice day
  13. Just want to thank Codr for all the efforts, blood & sweat to make a beautiful program. Its not that easy to make a program like this. Hope if you're not busy, hope you could still continue updating this program little by little together with Mat. I just want you to know, i may not be the most active member on this site, but the thread of your pokegen is always on my bookmark :-) always checking to see if theres an update. Im not loosing hope that sometime, not only me, but the whole world will see a version of pokegen that will support 3rd Gen (RSE/FRLG) & the upcomming X & Y. Again thanks Codr & also Mat.
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