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  1. Greninja has Kalos as Location. So it is obvious that who sent the gift is Ash at the end of his journey to kalos.
  2. Yes, you can. Some Legendary Pokemon are shiny locked, pay attention.
  3. Just click on "import battery " to use the edited save file
  4. PKHeX has a good legality checker for sixth gen Pokèmon. If It says that your Pokémon is ok, There aren't doubts about it's legality.
  5. Just search "Personality Value Bulbapedia" on Google to get a good answer about PID in sixth gen (you could also surf between old Smogon topics to understand How old games generate PIDs for Pokémon) I'm sure that EC influences Spinda Spots, But I don't know what else.
  6. Great! I wish that Google won't block my app Thank You Very much! I'm so sorry for your application.
  7. What a bad news. I'm developing an Android app about Pokémon hacking (save editor, ecc..)... What can I do?
  8. PKHeX compares The nickname in capital letters and Species name. Anyway, Can I know why Google has blocked The upgrades of your app?
  9. Using Visual Boy Advance... - Load your Rom and click to File -> Import -> Battery - Option -> Emulator -> Save Type -> 128K - Export Battery T convert it from 128 to 64 you just need to modify the save type and follow the same method
  10. It's Wonderful! My favorite Pokemon Tool. Will we able to share our secret base?
  11. I've Uploaded the fixed version! [MENTION=59221]PannenkoekenNL[/MENTION] Can you try it please
  12. I've already found the problem. Thank you very much
  13. I got it. I found the problem. My program wrote a byte in another region of the save that wasn't fixed by checksum algorithm.
  14. Here is what PKHeX gave me after the checksum report of your save: Invalid: 35 @ Region 22600 SAV: 54/55 However my program only works with region#30
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