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  1. Hi all, i was looking around the forum and other pages, but I did not find what I wanted and ask for help to find the following codes to Pokemon Black2 & White JAPANESE please: ::Egg Instant Hatch ::Receive Egg from Day Care Can anyone tell me if there are and what are these codes?
  2. [english] Marc_max thank you very much for this homebrew to backup NDS saves with support for HG, SS, B, W to Flash Cards Slot 2. I used these flash cards from before I bought my 1st NDS, and have always been very good tools for such applications because they do not need to use Wi-Fi or expansions 3in1, so I settled in his time very well NDS_Backup_Tool_Slot2 of Rudolph, but as ever update for compatibility with HG, SS, B, W I had to buy the NDS Adaptor Plus. Now I can use a similar tool directly from my SuperCard MiniSD and SuperCard Lite MicroSD. I also take the opportunity here to ask y
  3. No que yo sepa, solo esta la informacion. Aunque me gustaria que lo pudieran hacer, o de tener los conocimientos, me gustaria poderlo hacer yo
  4. I have the same problem. I have the original game in Japanese and English. So in these games I have pokemon transferred from one to another version, so if I put Pokegen to English language and charge my American save version, when I saved the changes, Pokegen altered all my pokemon that I have Japanese language activating the NickName Flag The same thing happens on the contrary, if I want most of my pokemon from my Japanese game remain intact, I have to change the language of Pokegen to Japanese, but my pokemons Americans now have in this version will have the NickName Flag enabled. I believ
  5. I download the events of all languages and extracted the files pcd, pgt and pkm using the Mystery Gift Pokemon Editor v1.4.1.1 to get the files intact. Here they are: USA Card ID: 53 Card Title: The Rare Pokémon MEW! Card Comment: Please enjoy this MEW - a special gift to celebrate generations of Pokémon fans! Be sure to save the game once you receive MEW at a Poké Mart. Pokemon Icon 2: 151 Date Card Received: 2010/10/15 Distribution Value & Game: 8001 (HG/SS) GERMANY Card ID: 53 Card Title: Das seltene Pokémon MEW! Card Comment: Wir wünschen viel Spaß mit diesem MEW
  6. excuse me, I want to know if the Shiny Eevee distributed in the UK is equal to that distributed in the U.S.? by the Milotic they distributed last year if they were different in the WC On the other hand, I also like to know if someone already has provided the WonderCard of the Shiny Eevee distributed in France?, why not see it anywhere, or even no one has?
  7. Nigoli Thanks and sorry for not noticing, that of not knowing English has its drawbacks.
  8. Thanks for giving us the information Nigoli. But I have a question. This poorly written the text of the Wonder Card: "Poke Mart" instead of "Poké Mart?
  9. The method used in this type of pokemon is (B-A-C-D) ® Almost all GBA event pokemon using this method, less MYSTRY Mew, which uses the method (B-A-C-D) (U)
  10. Thank you very much for the contribution Nigoli, you're always a great help to these contributions. Thanks for the warning, I was not aware of the situation
  11. Ok, here in Mexico are still 11:39 pm on July 30, I just realized that the event is now available and once I did the download in the other languages: Germany Card ID: 54 Card Title: Ein Mytokristall nur für dich! Card Comment: Besuche www.pokemongoldsilver.com und erfahre, wie du in Marmoria City an ein LATIOS oder LATIAS gelangst. Hole den Kristall im PKMN-Supermarkt ab und speichere dein Spiel. Pokemon Icon 1: 381 Pokemon Icon 3: 380 Date Card Received: 2010/07/31 Distribution Value & Game: 8001 (HG/SS) Spain Card ID: 54 Card Title: ¡El Misticristal
  12. [english] Hello, I noticed that this topic recently bought Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Green Japanese (original) and one years since I own the GB transfer 2, a device that allows me to backup and restore saves the GB and GBC games (among other things), because I can pass this tool saves all my Game Boy cartridges and manipulate using VisualBoyAdvance, very long loading code to use the traditional GameShark to load the saves in the Pokemon Stadium 2 (for my versions American) or the Pokemon Stadium Gold & Silver (for my Japanese versions), thanks to that found more easily the location of C
  13. [english] Thank you very much!. I am testing the program and so far I seem excellent improvements you've done the program, I see very complete and functional. Congratulations! Perhaps the only thing you can add the methods for the PID-IVs Munchlax Honey Tree and Event Shinys Zigzaggons GBA, which entirely ignorant, but everything else is very comprehensive [spanish] Muchas gracias!!!. Estoy probando el programa y hasta ahora me parecen excelentes las mejoras que le has hecho al programa, lo veo muy completo y funcional. Felicidades!! Tal vez lo único que le puedes agregar los metodos de P
  14. [english] Hello again. I am delighted to see that you've continued to update your program and have added the method GBA pokemons events. This ocation suggest if you want you can add in the generator PIDs, the option while you search for a PID Shiny pokemon IDs already involved with the search criteria already selected. This would create Shinys pokemons with the IDs that you want and the characteristics of the PID-IVs method selected. Well, for now is all I can think of, everything else is excellent, good work and continues well [spanish] Hola de nuevo. Me da mucho gusto ver que has seguid
  15. Very well, I hope this Saturday or Sunday can dump the cartridge and get a picture with much better quality, I will be informed
  16. [english] Hello, on Sunday, February 28 I went to Game Planet to download Jirachi being distributed. At first I was convinced it was the same Jirachi also being distributed in the USA Game Stop stores, but I got home I noticed that the OT is: PKLATAM and that the TID is 03010. At the store, I could photograph the distribution cartridge (sorry for the bad quality, not a good camera). And if he had known all along that was a different Jirachi, would dump the cartridge, but do not think it so important to do this even if I say that would be a good idea, I will These are the files. Pcd and. P
  17. I did not know the problem, maybe I had guilt about possibly publish something that he ought not do. I apologize if I did something wrong T_T SPANISH No sabia del problema, tal vez yo tuve culpa al respecto, posiblemente publique algo que no debia hacer. Yo pido disculpas si hice algo indebido T_T
  18. Ok, I'm glad you this information is helpful you, and will soon be able to update your program by adding this options for before SPANISH Ok, me alegro que te sea de ayuda esta informacion, y que pronto pueda actualizar su programa añadiendo esta opsion
  19. I think I did not understand. B-A-C-D (restricted) refers to the RNG seed can only be between 0 to FFFF, so called restricted, that can only use the last 2 bytes for it. Example: Seed = 00000001 X [1] = 41C6AEE0 A = 41C6 X [2] = AC2115D3 B = AC21 X [3] = D2EEF54A C = D2EE X [4] = 1FB75CF5 D = 1FB7 B-A-C-D (restricted) Method is: PID = 41C6AC21 IVs = HP: 14 Att: 23 Def: 20 Spe: 23 SpA: 29, Spd: 7 And as you can see, the seed may be from 0 to FFFF in this case. B-A-C-D (unrestricted) It refers to the RNG seed can be any number from 0 to FFFFFFFF. Therefore no restriction, since
  20. Hello Codr, first of all I give you my congratulations for your work on this program because it is a good alternative to create pokemons and better job options than Pokesav. On the other hand I take to suggest that if possible, can add an upcoming version of the program, an option to create PID-IVs Methods: B-A-C-D restricted (Seed 00000000 to 0000FFFF) B-A-C-D Unrestricted (Seed 00000000 to FFFFFFFF) Because these are the methods used for GBA Pokémons Event For now is the only suggestion I can do, because the program is very good. SPANISH Hola Codr, antes que nada te doy mis felicitaci
  21. It's this Apricorns x99 (Press L + R) 94000130 FCFF0000 B2110DC0 00000000 E000E568 00000007 63636363 00636363 D2000000 00000000
  22. ok, anyway thank you for the clarification, so I do not kill for it to work. I wanted it to work because I use the NDS_Backup_Tool_Slot2, and for that reason most of my backups are on the SuperCard Lite, so that compatibility had fascinated me. Anyway I still congratulate you on this project and will continue pending further innovations
  23. Excuse me, I want to know if the PPSE-DS r7.2 works in Flash Cards of Slot2, because I have the SuperCard Lite (MicroSD) and M3iZero. With M3iZero works without any problem and that automatically patches the ROM. But in the Super Card Lite Slot 2 did not work, only the top screen is black with a message saying "Initializing menu and icons. Please stand by "despite what the DLDI patch for. Also try to initialize from HomebrewMenu but neither worked. So I want to know if this homebrew only works in the slot 1 flash cards, or else with the Slot 2? Furthermore I give my congratulations for a go
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