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  1. Hi all, i was looking around the forum and other pages, but I did not find what I wanted and ask for help to find the following codes to Pokemon Black2 & White JAPANESE please: ::Egg Instant Hatch ::Receive Egg from Day Care Can anyone tell me if there are and what are these codes?
  2. [english] Marc_max thank you very much for this homebrew to backup NDS saves with support for HG, SS, B, W to Flash Cards Slot 2. I used these flash cards from before I bought my 1st NDS, and have always been very good tools for such applications because they do not need to use Wi-Fi or expansions 3in1, so I settled in his time very well NDS_Backup_Tool_Slot2 of Rudolph, but as ever update for compatibility with HG, SS, B, W I had to buy the NDS Adaptor Plus. Now I can use a similar tool directly from my SuperCard MiniSD and SuperCard Lite MicroSD. I also take the opportunity here to ask you if it is possible that future updates can add some details that have the NDS_Backup_Tool_Slot2, as far as I tested, you can make homebrew backup save only 1 at a time, here I would ask that as Rudolph, could choose to create a new save or overwrite, if you are a new save will add the ending "Pokemon HG_00.sav" _01.sav, _02.sav, etc. And other data would be the ability to view different files. sav that exist in the memory card. I know this is delas first version of your program, but being able to work with HG, SS, B, W in slot 2 flash cards for me Penza has very good future. So I congratulate you and hope you can make in the future these and other improvements to make it even more versatile. PS: sorry for my bad English but use a translator [spanish] (espero que hables español) Muchas gracias marc_max por este homebrew para respaldar saves de NDS con la compatibilidad de HG,SS,B,W para Flash Cards de Slot 2. Yo he usado estas flash cards desde antes de comprar mi 1er NDS, y siempre han sido muy buenas herramientas para este tipo de usos, ya que no necesita usar Wi-Fi o expanciones 3in1, por lo que me acomodaba en su tiempo muy bien el NDS_Backup_Tool_Slot2 de Rudolph, pero como jamas actualizo para compatibilidad con HG,SS,B,W tube que comprar el NDS Adaptor Plus. Ahora ya puedo usar una herramienta similar directamente desde mi Supercard MiniSD y Supercard Lite MicroSD. Tambien quiero aprobechar para pedirte que si es posible que en actualizaciones futuras puedas añadir algunos detalles que tiene el NDS_Backup_Tool_Slot2, ya que hasta donde he probado, tú homebrew permite hacer el respaldo de 1 solo save a la vez, aqui yo pediria que como Rudolph, se pudiera elegir entre crear un nuevo save o sobreescribir, si si es un nuevo save le agrege la terminacion "Pokemon HG_00.sav", _01.sav, _02.sav, etc. Y otro dato seria la posibilidad de visualizar los diferentes archivos .sav que existen en la tarjeta de memoria. Yo se que esta es delas primeras versiones de tú programa, pero el hecho de poder trabajar con HG,SS,B,W en flash cards de slot 2 me hace penzar que tiene muy buen futuro. Asi que te felicito y espero puedas en un futuro hacerle estas y otras mejoras para que sea aun más versatil.
  3. No que yo sepa, solo esta la informacion. Aunque me gustaria que lo pudieran hacer, o de tener los conocimientos, me gustaria poderlo hacer yo
  4. I have the same problem. I have the original game in Japanese and English. So in these games I have pokemon transferred from one to another version, so if I put Pokegen to English language and charge my American save version, when I saved the changes, Pokegen altered all my pokemon that I have Japanese language activating the NickName Flag The same thing happens on the contrary, if I want most of my pokemon from my Japanese game remain intact, I have to change the language of Pokegen to Japanese, but my pokemons Americans now have in this version will have the NickName Flag enabled. I believe that the most appropriate is that Pokegen not try to verify at any time the NickName of Pokemon. If not that, just as it includes Pokesav, add a checkbox to indicate whether the name is the original name of the pokemon or if it is a nickname. For in this way, each user individually set for itself. In this case, now I have to check all my games now to see how many I have now altered pokemon, which are many and I just noticed this problem. For this reason, I hope soon to get Codr an update to this detail. It is obvious, I do not know if my idea is correct, and that if so, perhaps already been implemented. Moreover, I want to warn once about a bug I found. In the latest version Pokegen 3.0b15, the tables of Japanese characters in the Original Trainer are delirious for 1 value. This means that if my OT is はな, the program mark me with these characters, but to save and reopen it, I changed all my pokemons OT by the previous character of each. In my case the change of のど. Checking the table I found that puts the character that comes before displaying the program: と ど な に ぬ ね の は So the program modifies all my pokemons with Japanese OT. I had not fixed it but believed that Pokegen just kept changing the pokemons modified, rather than get their hands on all the save T_T PS: Sorry for my bad English
  5. I download the events of all languages and extracted the files pcd, pgt and pkm using the Mystery Gift Pokemon Editor v1.4.1.1 to get the files intact. Here they are: USA Card ID: 53 Card Title: The Rare Pokémon MEW! Card Comment: Please enjoy this MEW - a special gift to celebrate generations of Pokémon fans! Be sure to save the game once you receive MEW at a Poké Mart. Pokemon Icon 2: 151 Date Card Received: 2010/10/15 Distribution Value & Game: 8001 (HG/SS) GERMANY Card ID: 53 Card Title: Das seltene Pokémon MEW! Card Comment: Wir wünschen viel Spaß mit diesem MEW, einem besonderen Geschenk zu Ehren der vielen Generationen von Pokémon-Fans! Hole MEW im PKMN-Supermarkt ab und speichere dein Spiel. Pokemon Icon 2: 151 Date Card Received: 2010/10/15 Distribution Value & Game: 8001 (HG/SS) SPAIN Card ID: 53 Card Title: ¡El singular Pokémon MEW! Card Comment: ¡Disfruta de este MEW, un regalo especial para celebrar las numerosas generaciones de fans de Pokémon! Recuerda guardar la partida al recibir a MEW en la Tienda Pokémon. Pokemon Icon 2: 151 Date Card Received: 2010/10/15 Distribution Value & Game: 8001 (HG/SS) FRANCE Card ID: 53 Card Title: MEW, le Pokémon rarissime! Card Comment: Voici donc le légendaire MEW! Une bien belle manière de célébrer nos générations de fans de Pokémon! Récupérez MEW dans une Boutique Pokémon et sauvegardez. Pokemon Icon 2: 151 Date Card Received: 2010/10/15 Distribution Value & Game: 8001 (HG/SS) ITALY Card ID: 53 Card Title: Il Pokémon raro MEW! Card Comment: Divertiti con questo MEW! Un regalo speciale per ringraziare tutte le generazioni di fan dei Pokémon! Ricorda di salvare dopo avere ottenuto MEW in un Pokémon-Market. Pokemon Icon 2: 151 Date Card Received: 2010/10/15 Distribution Value & Game: 8001 (HG/SS) PS: Although I fail to get the Wonder Card for the Shiny Eevee from France, none of my contacts what could get. I hope someone here can do it PS 2: Sorry for my bad English Mew 2010.rar
  6. excuse me, I want to know if the Shiny Eevee distributed in the UK is equal to that distributed in the U.S.? by the Milotic they distributed last year if they were different in the WC On the other hand, I also like to know if someone already has provided the WonderCard of the Shiny Eevee distributed in France?, why not see it anywhere, or even no one has?
  7. Nigoli Thanks and sorry for not noticing, that of not knowing English has its drawbacks.
  8. Thanks for giving us the information Nigoli. But I have a question. This poorly written the text of the Wonder Card: "Poke Mart" instead of "Poké Mart?
  9. The method used in this type of pokemon is (B-A-C-D) ® Almost all GBA event pokemon using this method, less MYSTRY Mew, which uses the method (B-A-C-D) (U)
  10. Thank you very much for the contribution Nigoli, you're always a great help to these contributions. Thanks for the warning, I was not aware of the situation
  11. Ok, here in Mexico are still 11:39 pm on July 30, I just realized that the event is now available and once I did the download in the other languages: Germany Card ID: 54 Card Title: Ein Mytokristall nur für dich! Card Comment: Besuche www.pokemongoldsilver.com und erfahre, wie du in Marmoria City an ein LATIOS oder LATIAS gelangst. Hole den Kristall im PKMN-Supermarkt ab und speichere dein Spiel. Pokemon Icon 1: 381 Pokemon Icon 3: 380 Date Card Received: 2010/07/31 Distribution Value & Game: 8001 (HG/SS) Spain Card ID: 54 Card Title: ¡El Misticristal! Card Comment: ¡Visita www.pokemongoldsilver.com y descubre cómo encontrar a LATIOS o a LATIAS en Ciudad Plateada! Recuerda guardar la partida al recoger el Misticristal en la Tienda Pokémon. Pokemon Icon 1: 381 Pokemon Icon 3: 380 Date Card Received: 2010/07/31 Distribution Value & Game: 8001 (HG/SS) France Card ID: 54 Card Title: Le Mystécristal! Card Comment: Allez sur www.pokemongoldsilver.com pour savoir comment rencontrer LATIOS ou LATIAS à Argenta. Sauvegardez une fois le Mystécristal récupéré dans une Boutique Pokémon. Pokemon Icon 1: 381 Pokemon Icon 3: 380 Date Card Received: 2010/07/31 Distribution Value & Game: 8001 (HG/SS) Italy Card ID: 54 Card Title: Misticristal in regalo! Card Comment: Visita www.pokemongoldsilver.com e scopri come catturare LATIOS o LATIAS a Plumbeopoli! Ricorda di salvare dopo avere ottenuto Misticristal in un Pokémon-Market. Pokemon Icon 1: 381 Pokemon Icon 3: 380 Date Card Received: 2010/07/31 Distribution Value & Game: 8001 (HG/SS) PS. The file .pgt is the same in all cases 2010-07-31~054~Enigma Stone~HG SS~(D).pgt 2010-07-31~054~Enigma Stone~HG SS~(D).pcd 2010-07-31~054~Enigma Stone~HG SS~(S).pcd 2010-07-31~054~Enigma Stone~HG SS~(F).pcd 2010-07-31~054~Enigma Stone~HG SS~(I).pcd
  12. [english] Hello, I noticed that this topic recently bought Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Green Japanese (original) and one years since I own the GB transfer 2, a device that allows me to backup and restore saves the GB and GBC games (among other things), because I can pass this tool saves all my Game Boy cartridges and manipulate using VisualBoyAdvance, very long loading code to use the traditional GameShark to load the saves in the Pokemon Stadium 2 (for my versions American) or the Pokemon Stadium Gold & Silver (for my Japanese versions), thanks to that found more easily the location of CheckSum for different games, although I do not Serb much because I have no programming skills and I can not make a program modifications made to fix a hex editor. I am interested in the information you published (most already knew of bulbapedia) but if that is the case maybe you can make an editing tool saves and creator codes to work directly with game saves from these generations. This would save me much time manipulations I've done so far. Though what disturbs me most so far is to locate the address that allows me to create a GameShark code to activate the GS Ball event on Pokemon Crystal (when the nurse hands you the GS Ball in the PCC), but I think even I need to do further research. Anyway, I wish you success in your purpose and be of much use to other users and gamers. And if I can help you with something, I'll be happy as possible. [spanish] Hola, me llamo la atención este Tema por que hace poco adquirí Pokemon Crystal y Pokemon Green japonesas (originales) y desde hace 1 año poseo el GB Transferer 2, un dispositivo que me permite respaldar y restaurar saves de los juegos de GB y GBC (entre otras cosas), gracias a esta herramienta puedo pasar los saves de todos mis cartuchos de GameBoy y manipularlos usando el VisualBoyAdvance, cargando códigos muy largos como para usar el GameShark tradicional y hasta cargar los saves en el Pokemon Stadium 2 (para mis versiones americanas) ó el Pokemon Stadium Gold&Silver (para mis versiones japonesas), gracias a esto encontré de forma más fácil la locación del CheckSum para los diferentes juegos, aunque no me serbia de mucho por que no tengo conocimientos de programación y no puedo hacer un programa para fixear modificaciones hechas en un editor hexadecimal. Me interesa la información que publicaste (gran parte ya la conocía de bulbapedia) pero si se da el caso tal vez puedas hacer una herramienta de edición de saves y creador de códigos para trabajar directamente con los saves de los juegos de estas generaciones. Esto me ahorraría mucho tiempo en manipulaciones que he hecho hasta ahora. Aunque lo que más me inquieta hasta la fecha es localizar la dirección que me permita crear un código de GameShark para activar el evento de la GS Ball en Pokemon Crystal (cuando la enfermera te entrega la GS Ball en el PCC), pero creo que aun debo seguir investigando para lograrlo. Sea como sea, te deseo éxito en tú propósito y que sirva de mucho para otros usuarios y jugadores. Y si yo puedo ayudarte en algo, con gusto haré lo posible.
  13. [english] Thank you very much!. I am testing the program and so far I seem excellent improvements you've done the program, I see very complete and functional. Congratulations! Perhaps the only thing you can add the methods for the PID-IVs Munchlax Honey Tree and Event Shinys Zigzaggons GBA, which entirely ignorant, but everything else is very comprehensive [spanish] Muchas gracias!!!. Estoy probando el programa y hasta ahora me parecen excelentes las mejoras que le has hecho al programa, lo veo muy completo y funcional. Felicidades!! Tal vez lo único que le puedes agregar los metodos de PID-IVs correspondientes al Munchlax de Honey Tree y los Zigzaggons Shinys de Evento GBA, los cuales desconozco completamente, pero por todo lo demas esta muy completo
  14. [english] Hello again. I am delighted to see that you've continued to update your program and have added the method GBA pokemons events. This ocation suggest if you want you can add in the generator PIDs, the option while you search for a PID Shiny pokemon IDs already involved with the search criteria already selected. This would create Shinys pokemons with the IDs that you want and the characteristics of the PID-IVs method selected. Well, for now is all I can think of, everything else is excellent, good work and continues well [spanish] Hola de nuevo. Me da mucho gusto ver que has seguido actualizando tu programa y has añadido el método de eventos pokemons de GBA. Esta ocación te quiero proponer si es posible añadir en el Generador de PIDs, la opción de al mismo tiempo buscar una PID Shiny para los IDs del pokemon ya insertados, con el criterio de busqueda ya seleccionado. Esto permitiria crear pokemons con Shinys con los IDs que uno quiera y las caracteristicas del método PID-IVs seleccionadas. Bueno, por el momento es todo lo que se me ocurre, por todo lo demas esta excelente, buen trabajo y sigue asi
  15. Very well, I hope this Saturday or Sunday can dump the cartridge and get a picture with much better quality, I will be informed
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