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  1. Granted, but the winds are so cold you turn into an ice sculpture. Chilly! I wish I didn't have problems with expressing my feelings -.-'
  2. What is Love? - Hadaway What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.
  3. They've been ripped already, so I'm sure it is out there somewhere.
  4. I'm on vacation. Don't expect anything soon, but do know I have a nearly flawless way to replace the sprites. Unfortunately, my R4i (don't h8) died on me, so I'll be buying a new flashcart for realtime testing.
  5. Well, unfortunately, I haven't made much progress. Whenever I do it the files end up way wrong. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong exactly, though. I'll keep at it and maybe I'll get it right. It always messes up the palletes and offsets the sprites way too much. Gay? Hah, playing as the guy is boring for me now, and so I'm going to play as the girl. Besides, the guy character looks a little gay in HGSS o_O
  6. I'm also trying to change the female sprites to the new female character. She is way more hot. jk. No really though
  7. I'm trying to do that. It's very difficult to get it right for me. Perhaps someone else is more skilled. There is a tutorial to replace Pokemon Platinum overworld sprites below. You should check it out and try it.
  8. I'd play this, but I don't see much point. I've played Pokemon long enough to know most of the moves and abilities by heart, and a good portion of the game off of memory. That, and I'm taking Japanese too (which doesn't help, considering I can only read Japanese but I don't know any vocabulary ) You'll be waiting for the English release, then? xP It'd be a waste and very difficult to translate all of the story. They normally just do the most important parts. I'm attempting to play through it untranslated
  9. Settle down, son. Let the big boys handle this mission. People are already working on it, and I'm sure if you actually know Japanese and aren't using translation tools people would be happy to have you help translate it. You won't be able to do it on your own, so you should either not go for it (seeing as how you don't even know Japanese, according to my inference) or join another group that has already started.
  10. But in that case you must backup the ROM files from your own authentic cartridges and the originals must have been destroyed in an indirect way not of your own doing. EG: You backup Pokemon Platinum. You archive it. You are not allowed to use, copy or distribute it in any way. Your original is destroyed in a fire, oh noeeezz!! You are now allowed to use the single backup you made, but are not allowed to copy it nor distribute it. There is more legal information regarding this on the Nintendo of America website.
  11. The graphics are totally awesome in this game. I chose the female character 'cuz she's totally hot in game
  12. I'm just dumb like that. :biggrin: I probably renamed it and forgot about it. Or maybe I just suck at reading Japanese. Sounds like fun... if I could drive
  13. In my opinion, the transportation scheme created in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald make no sense. You show up in a truck. The truck leaves. How does it leave? There are no roads. They show that they have the technology for cars and trucks, but they never go into play in the game. It really doesn't make sense to me. I think Nintendo had a FAIL on their part in this generation. In a completely different subject, if you look at Treecko's name in Japanese, it reads in Hirigana "shichi", meaning "seven" (may also be other meanings as well, I'm a beginner). Unless the Pokemon names are shown in Katakana or something (probably). :biggrin:
  14. Hey, is this compatible with Vista? I'd like to know before I try it out. Thanks. :biggrin:
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