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  1. I am about to inject some Japanese events like the current shiny Xerneas on to my NA 3DS. How do I keep this legal with my 3DS region not matching the Wonder Card region?
  2. I'm trying to make a legal Wish Chansey on Pkhex and it brought back the memories of doing a bunch more steps. I don't hear anyone talk about trash bytes anymore during their genning. Do I still have to /FFFF/0000 and all that on the Pokemon's nickname on Pkhex or is that no more? I also remembered how only certain PIDs were possible for specific IV spreads but I heard that they changed this in Gen 5 and all PIDs were ok. Is this why everyone simply presses the random PID button without care? Would it make a difference if I were to directly make this on my Gen 6 game as opposed to genning it on Gen 3 to then transfer upwards to my game?
  3. Now that I've decided to leave the WC alone, this brings up another question. Gen VI Pokemon games detect region by the 3DS e-shop and not the game's language. I know that the local wireless events are region free but the WiFi events and serial codes are not. I am using an American 3DS. If I injected WiFi/Code events on my Japanese language Pokemon on a US 3DS, can that actually interfere with my WC legality? Does it read region language or injecting it on a US 3DS in JP language already tricks the system and I'm clear?
  4. This is for Gen VI for the Tanabata Jirachi. And whoops, looks like I posted on the wrong forum.
  5. A little background info: I received a legit Tanabata Jirachi a few months back. Now that I'm on a team building frenzy, I'm breeding all sorts of Pokémon for playing around. This is when I realized that a paraflinching Jirachi would better suit my team as the one I have was a Timid (Moonblast Superachi). As I like to soft reset my legendaries, my question is whether edits to the wonder card (using WC6) would make the thing illegal when I inject through pkhex and pick it up from the lady. By changes I mean like editing the random nature flag to a specific nature so that I don't have to soft reset for both nature and IVs. As any nature is legal I would like to believe that this is alright but as I am less knowledgeable on how the game works I am here to ask if the game has any method to trace the source of the Pokémon back to its wonder card. Because if it can, this seemingly legal nature/stat Jirachi would be traced back to a different WC and therefore illegal. What a long post for a simple question :bidoof:
  6. Also another question....what is "Normal NDS or GBA (A-B-C-D)?" What do those letters mean? I also get different letters like A-B-D-E. WTF IS THT!?
  7. I thought the "Missingno" for DPPT was DPBox.
  8. You can get Celebi on the Colloseum bonus disc. You just have to be lucky and get it shiny, and I think I heard that Ageto Celebi can also be shiny. It was also an event somewhere in Japan. It's not only in Crystal.
  9. Celebi - Depends on which version Arceus - Can be captured from Spear Pillar (I don't care if Azure Flute has not been released or something, it's still in the game just not released yet)
  10. I checked them already in the Legality Checker but it's always best to have others verify it. One thing I'm unsure of is Celebi's, Arceus's, and Groudon's type. I'm not sure it is correct. Please keep in mind that I tried to make all my shinies have the highest IV's with that specific nature while staying Legal/Legit. If the type is incorrect and you would like to notify me please tell me the changes. I would like them "the best they can be" while still not classified as "hacked." Shiny Pokemon.rar
  11. Well here is what I'm talking about. If those algorithms dont work then i can change it to a PID that is normal or GBA which will cause me to tune it down. Its just that I want to make my IV's the highest it can be so yes I'm being greedy. Groudon.pkm Arceus.pkm
  12. i just made a groudon with the algorithm saying uncommon GBA. Is it the correct algorithm? I always thought all legendaries would either be Normal DS or GBA ; or Normal Gba regardless of shiny aspect besides special event pokemon that have common restricted , etc. Same with Arceus. It's algorithm is wild NDS or GBA. Arceus is not a wild pokemon its stationary. So would it still work for them?
  13. Well I did find a nice PID with a working ID. It's for timid and modest tho. It has 31 IVS and shiny and legal. Now I really need to do is find a more efficient way to do the same but for other Natures. I will take a look at RNG
  14. thats exactly what i'm doing making shinies
  15. Theres no option in the PID/IV Generator that tells you what TID/SID works when you get a PID. I thought there would be something similar to the amount of results they would tell you in most options which u can type that number for that amount of results. Since there is'nt one how could I test what IDS work for a legal pair of PID?
  16. heres a question i've been trying to find out for some time now....from what i've seen not all shiny natures can have all 31 IV's right? and the IV/PID generator is supposed to tell u the IV's if u told them the PID and the other way around if u gave them the IV's. But is there like a list or some way to find out just how much IV's a pokemon needs while being shiny so i can actually use the IV/PID generator successfully without guess and test? and im also aware that different TID/SID affects it but what i want to know is how to find the highest amount of IV's while maintaining shiny with a random TID/SID that supports it for a specific nature?
  17. Lol i guess I'm a bit too late but I wanted it shiny and by IV's I meant the highest it can ever be while having that specific nature within the "legal/legit" boundaries. I should've been a bit more specific (slams palm on face) P.S. and u can worry about the others later the most important that I need right now is that Jolly/Adamant/Mild/Hasty. The others you don't hav to do it if u dont hav time.
  18. I would like it in .pkm file plz as im doing some experimenting and if u dont mind i would also like the same thing above but in all other natures but Timid and Jolly.
  19. I dont know. No one seems to post an answer. I tried it but loading a Arceus w/ Griseous Orb to pokesav D/P doesn't seem to work. I'm probably missing a step.
  20. if not then maybe we can try looking at the hex of a bad egg. in generation 3 its type was ??? not sure about generation 4 tho. it could provide a closer hint
  21. Or maybe we can ask ppl who hav ROM hacked to get the ??? plate and take a look at their hex? and maybe successfully find the correct match in the item slot?
  22. Heres a suggestion. You could bring back the old sprite of Missingno or something and other glitched pokemon and turn them to actual pokemon in the dex. Like maybe missingno or DPBox as pokedex #0 or something
  23. Not sure if this is possible Lvl[color="Cyan"]100[/color] limit breaker(as in able to level up over 100) Replace first party pokemon with a DPBOX that can be moved to storage and other functions like a authentic pokemon
  24. I used the PID/IV generator to make a legit max 31 IV, shiny hasty Palkia. So I tried the PID Generator with option number 4 and answering all the questions correctly. And after about 10 min for the results to be made. It always says it could not be made or something along those lines. I tried it again with a different nature and ID to make sure but it all ended up in a 30 minute of epic failure:frown:. Anybody else have a simillar problem?
  25. My first and only legit shiny was in Pokemon Pearl in oreburgh mines. Right in the beginning where u walk inside down those long stairs i encountered a pokemon and i was like dam wat a waste of my time. and a shiny geodude appeared and i was like lol wat? until my bro gasped and told me to catch it right away. it was like lvl5 i think and if i had repels i might hav not gotten it.
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