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  1. Whoops hah your right, those are some of my errors, this is based off an actual class in my program, so I forgot a few things or made some typos here and there. However still interested in that destructor regardless of my own errors. I mean no offense. But this never was a 'find what I did wrong', anyone with a compiler and a lick of programming sense can do that. Writing something from scratch is harder then just correcting errors.
  2. I might 7z it here soon, but to compile it would require a few things you don't have access to just yet. I need to write that quiz first and then I can post what I have so far on the source rebuild. EDIT: Actually here is the first part of the quiz I decided to write up, people interested can just message me this. This is one of the fastest ways to test your abilities, writing a recursive destructor isn't exactly hard, but it tests your ability to think recursively and your basic understanding of C++ and the way it handles memory management (something very important in this case). //Write the destructor for this class class Test { public: Test(Test*); virtual ~Test(); void addChild(Test*); void addNext(Test*); Test *next; Test *child; bool hasChild; bool hasNext; }; Test::Test(Test *p) { hasChild = false; hasNext = false; } void Test::addChild(Test* t) { if(hasChild) { child->addNext(t); return; } child = t; hasChild = true; } void Test::addNext(Test* t) { if(hasNext) { next->addNext(t); return; } next = t; hasNext = true; }
  3. Oh yeah I am kinda taking a short break from programming it so I can get other things out of the way, I will message you later with my little quiz.
  4. If you interested in helping just post some info on the help request thread for this, that or if your shy send me a private message via the forum. (its easier for me to keep track as I may not check this tread as often)
  5. I poked at the the save on an Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team, but in the end not much point to it. In these cases I play the Mystery Dungeons for the story(abiet a lot of grind to get to it, but, it is a pokemon game), if I want my [power gaming/catch them all obsessive] fix i'll hack the other games (like I am now).
  6. Chase-san


    Thankyou for welcoming me back of course.
  7. 1st Edition Base Set Holo Charizard. Atleast I think its still worth something, I don't play the TCG anymore. And Sabresite, I am sure you have atleast one black lotus hiding somewhere right? (I don't but I do have some of the mono's and lotus petal)
  8. The chance of getting all perfect IVs, a specific nature, a specific ability (if it has two) from a shiny wild Pokemon without pokeradar chaining. Actually this might be impossible depending on the nature, since perfect IVs only have a few possible.
  9. I need to clean up my desktop a bit.
  10. Chase-san


    Hello Everyone. I am Chase.. a fairly insane programmer from the wastelands of northern Michigan. I do a number of strange things, and I find some work fun... but so do others so up to you if I am actually insane or not. I have been programming since I was young, finding an old abused BASIC book in the school library when I was 10. I have been addicted ever since.
  11. Welcome. Amazing what you can do with google translate, huh?
  12. I am looking for a c++ programmer who might be interested in helping me out in programming PokesavDS. I would prefer who has at least a few years in general programming, C/C++, Java, or C# are all good candidates. I personally have about 6 or 7 years of experience in programming but less is fine. I would prefer someone who knows their way around C/C++ fairly well... I don't want to discourage anyone with any programming experience from offering. But if you do offer do not do so halfheartedly, this isn't simple programming. Be expected to deal with recursive functions, classes, file handling, packed structures, bit shifting/manipulation, linked lists, UI Design, and all without the support of standard library functions (including streams like cout and cin). I will probably only need the help of one maybe two people. As with all things, to many cooks spoils the stew. If I do select you I will probably PM you with some generic programming questions to be sure your the real deal. While I have nothing against giving out the source to PokesavDS. I don't have time to help everyone setup the environment to compile and test it, as well as you get some leeway in deciding parts of the design. EDIT: There is no pay for this, only do it if your really interested. etc etc
  13. I sure did fashion some pretty nice looking screenshots didn't I?
  14. Known Features: Save Editing: Editing/Loading/Saving of sav files. Editing of Trainer/Rival Name, Gender, and IDs Game Time and Location editing. Modification of in-game signature. Pokemon Editing: Editing/Loading/Saving of pkm files. Ability to edit the most vital parts of a pokemon Trainer Data Species, Nickname, Happiness, and Exp Personality Value Individual Values Effort Values Contest Values Movelist and PPs
  15. PokesavDS is an attempt to port the functionality of Pokesav to the DS platform in the shape of a custom homebrew application.
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