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  1. 1)Lucario 2)Darkrai 3) manaphy 4)Aipom 5) Chimchar
  2. I was going to fenzo.. but I don't know how. I'm so noobish
  3. (If any of you call this thread "trolling or spamming"... then I will be really pi55ed off:mad:) Rules 1.no hacks UNLESS we talk about it first and agree 2. No scamming 3. No trade thief 4.DO NOT BEG. 5. Be patient 6. Have a good time here! Services= Cloning= I can clone for you PM ME FOR MORE DETAILS WANTS: Haves: OFFER AWAY PLEASE!
  4. Thanks it worked! Maybe my copy is corrputed! This thread can be locked now.
  5. Rules. 1. No Double-posting 2.No spamming How to play? Simple, just post fenzo and then the number below it. For example, I post fenzo and then number 1. The next person below me will post fenzo and number 2 And then the next person will post fenzo and number 3 Simple? Let's play! FENZO 1
  6. I got the TRU Shaymin event and Regigias
  7. Pokesav crashes when I try to import my save file. I'm using Platinum 0.06d and it freezes when I try to browse for my save file Please help me! I can't do anything without Pokesav! Thanks!
  8. I'll do it.. Just email me them.
  9. If only the freaking wonder card letted me get the shaymin. How come for me the wonder card says "Gift already recivived"?
  10. みなさん、こんにちは! 私anng12よ。 私は長年ロル川のポケモンデータベースとpokesavのファンだった もし私が誰だか分からない。毎日の私を知って以来、私はここで入手されます。 Hello Everyone! I'm anng12. I been a fan of the Pokemon Database and pokesav for years lol If you don't know who I am. Get to know me since I'll be around here daily.
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