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  1. Nah, I don't think they'd make the new formes Platinum exclusive, because what would be the point of creating new forms if they were totally limited to being used in ONE game out of the entire franchise?
  2. How can we be so sure? Who are you to make such a claim and state it as if it were a fact? The truth is, we really don't know. There could be new areas unlocked once you get a national dex of some sort that allow you to obtain these new evolutions. The people making this game really aren't restricted to any rules while they make this game, because they are the ones making the rules. Please, people, don't state any speculations as if they are facts. You only confuse others by doing so, and obscure the truth.
  3. Aight then. Yeah, shinies would make sense, because if they're gonna put the effort to put overworld sprites in the game, then they may as well go all the way with them, to make this the BEST POKEMON GAME EVER. Plus, the fans would love it.
  4. I think the pikachu colored pichu implies that we may be seeing differently colored sprites for the overworld. That pichu is a shiny, after all. Infraction for rudeness or red text? I kinda find it hard to live without my favorite color text.
  5. Excuse me for asking, but who the hell said that this was going to be a DSi exclusive? Hell, was there ANY official word whatsoever stating that there were going to be ANY benefits from playing this game on the DSi? Rhetorical question. There is absolutely no basis for a claim that this game will be optimized for the DSi. Why would GameFreak piss their fanbase off like that? They'd make more money with the Game being on the DS lite, because more people would buy it.
  6. I'm assuming you don't own a DS Lite, and are trying to claim your console superior as a result of some manifestation of jealousy. Face it, nobody cares if the DS Lite is made of slightly cheaper material. Everybody I know who has owned both the DS Phat and the DS Lite say that the DS Lite is far superior. the DS Phat just doesn't hold a candle to it. The stylus placement is better, the actual stylus is better, it's not as bulky, far more portable (MUCH easier to just stick in your pocket), the button placement is slightly better, and the screens are WAY brighter. Please don't falsely advertise your system as better just because you don't have the newer version of it.
  7. Not really. It was the leaders moreso than the rest of the group. It could be like team rocket, in the sense that some other members are trying to resurrect the group and bring the leaders back. I think that would work. They would think that if they found a way to control Groudon/Kyogre, that would bring back their leader because that was their leader's ultimate goal. Even if they are including all these legendaries, I still think they should have a Pal Park type thing, because there's really no reason NOT to. Leaving it out would only piss the consumers off, because they would then have to go through the hassle of importing them to D/P/Pt, and THEN trading them over to HG/SS, rather than importing them directly. It would just be an inconvenient, boneheaded move. I think what they might do is use the time capsule to import pokemon, except this time you won't have to trade anything back. They don't need to "add" anything to the game that way.
  8. The people behind this game seem to be putting in a LOT of effort. I guess they want us to feel like we're getting our money's worth out of this game.
  9. Wow, this really looks like it is going to be the BEST pokemon game ever, hands down. I MUST import HeartGold and SoulSilver if I can.
  10. Dude, if he hurts you that's bad. He probably won't go to jail for life or anything, but it will definitely give him a wake up call. There's really not much else you can do.
  11. The same Dr. Strangeglove from the ScrewAttack forums? Haven't seen you in forever, let alone see your face. You're a pretty good looking dude, at least better than me, lol.
  12. Well, if your father was a wrestler and a black belt in a martial art, then it is SERIOUSLY not ok for him to hit you. Black belts are supposed to have their hands and feet registered as deadly weapons, so it would be a pretty serious crime for him to hit you. Not only should you report this because it's unpleasant for you, but your father could seriously hurt your body so your body may not function properly in the future. This is a SERIOUS risk to your health (not to report your father to the authorities, that is), so I suggest that you do not wait to tell somebody about this. Even if your father brings in the money for the house, if you don't have your health (which may be a serious possibility, considering the information you've given us), you don't have ANYTHING.
  13. Does anybody know if the events to be triggered in HG/SS by the movie arceus and pichu, etc. absolutely HAVE to be triggered by those event pokemon, or will any old shiny pichu and/or arceus work? If not, somebody needs to get a hold of those pokemon and CLONE THE SHIT OUT OF THEM!!!
  14. If I have the money, I might do the same, but I probably won't, since I'm only getting these for myself. These games are going to bring about an EPIC moment in pokemon history. The best part will be playing these before my friends .
  15. What would really be fantastic is if they did both a gold and a silver DSi, with a HG logo on the gold, and a SS logo on the silver. I'd definitely buy one of those, provided I'm not broke from buying the games.
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