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Found 2 results

  1. my dad is trying to kill me! every day he beats me up if he's in the city and i don't want to get hurt anymore but what do i do? and i have to put up with people making fun of me all the time let alone being treated like a waiter at home and getting nearly killed by my father there is nothing i can do :confused:
  2. Ok, well yesterday I got home from school. I walked in the front door, I normally don't do that, but for some odd reason I thought I should. My dad says how way school today Aaron, I said it was good, and I asked how his day was, he said "same ol same ol" I said that's cool. (Previous thing you should know) Don't get this confused with real time, this is past. 1 Year 1 Month and 3 days ago I came home from school, (the day starting my Spring Break from school) and my dad had a box, with a hole going inside, a lock on the outside, next to my Xbox 360. To my surprise the xbox was locked up, I went upstairs and said wtf, and all that stuff, he said I needed better grades, I had decent grades: English: B+ World Studies: A- Adv. Algebra: C Science: A P.E.: A Drawing II:A I looked at my grades they where that, exactly that. I was grounded for 9 weeks, that's how long 1/2 a semester is. So I got my grades up on the 4th nine weeks, Went to 4 A's 1 B, and a B-. All summer I played for a while, though he locked the xbox up every night at 11 or so. I normaly played Pokemon from then untill around 2 A.M. For some reason I always had to do something to get on the xbox during the whole summer, whether it was sweeping the kitchen, mowing the grass, or mowing the neighbors grass. Every day I did something for it. Ok, back to yesterday, I came home, I asked for him to unlock the xbox, he said nope, and didn't tell me why, I though it was strange. I asked my mom, she said that he said something was going to change me today to her. she said ask him at 4, I did. Last Spring he planted a tree, now he wants it moved. He said he wants that tree *points* moved to the back yard. I said that's non-logical; he said nope, it's a life lesson. So it's raining and all, while i'm digging up this tree, i get about 3 feet down and I realize that this tree is freaking like 8 or 9 feet down. I talk to him, asking for help, since it's so deep, he says no it's a life lesson, so I come in the house mad after about 2 hours, with my shoes all muddy, he says how is that tree coming along, I said how about you look and see, and I wiped mud on his shirt. He said now if I kill the tree i'm grounded from xbox for a month. That makes me mad, it's like 9 P.M. now, so I was like screw it, I'm going to bed. I wake up today, sick as you can be, nose running, coughing up mucus, all that good stuff, I go to get in the shower, he chuckles. And that's all that. So what exactly should I do and what should I get in return for this tedious task with a shovel that's 3 feet long. I'm thinking he should remove the lock on the box forever, or until I get 'bad' grades again, and he should have to buy me a new pair of shoes, They are muddy beyond cleaning, it's inside and everything. What is this life lesson? I'm saying to my mom that by the time I move out they will have an I-phone app that auto calls the tree transporters... What do you all think? :confused:
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