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  1. I use the IV editing tool and play with the pids it generates till I get one that checks out.
  2. I have found this program flawlessly converts my .duc files to .sav so that they load into pokesav with full information available. However when I use it to convert back to .duc the files are un loadable by my ARDSI. It says somthing about wrong size. I find the opposite to be true about Save Type Converter v1.7. So what im doing currently is I use this app to down convert and the other one to upconvert back to .duc. My card is Action replay DSI. I am using the latest ver of pokesav.
  3. Ok so here is the wierd thing if I use ARDStoSAV.exe to convert my ARDSI .duc file to a .sav file it reads perfectly. Although if I use the same application to convert it back to .duc it cant be read in my DSI. But if I use your application It doesnt read correctly in my pokesav but if I use yours to convert the edited .sav file back to .DUC it works perfectly...lol PS I love your app I wish it worked for both upconversion and down.
  4. Im seeing same thing and wondering same question? What gives?
  5. Well in theory the new ARDSI can back up your games. I have herd people saying they have converted the .duc to .sav then pokesaved it then converted it back and placed on flash and used it. My problem is I havnt had any luck doing it myself. all of the directions I have found so far have failed.
  6. Hello all, Sorry I'm really new to all of this. Here is my problem. I just brought action replay DSI. I want to use it to load some of the .sav files you can find on internet. I have tried several and every time when I put the game back on the flash card and try to load it in game it says something about "Wrong File size" and will not load. I have tried several different sources of .sav files (of different sizes including 512kb) and several different converters, I have taken it from .sav to .duc yet still I can not get it to load. I have tried renaming it to .duc still no luck. I guess my question is has anyone successfully loaded a save that wasn't originally .duc into thier AR dsi? and if so please give links and details of how it was done. Oh the game im mostly working with is pokemon diamond USA ver. THANX
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