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    Hopefully this is the correct place for this. So, back in the Summer/Fall of 2001, Celebi was given out at various Six Flags locations as part of the Pokémon Fun Fest. The Celebi that I got from the Agawam Six Flags was still on my copy of Crystal when it died. This is probably a long shot. I'm wondering if anyone has any save from GSC that still has a legit Pokémon Fun Fest Celebi on it?
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    use Gold Bottle Cap
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    There are no perfect IVs. With RNGReporter use Reverse Method 1 and a seed range of 0 to 65535.
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    Read the error message; you have to install something else.
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    If you need more help you can see the Tutorials section. There are some other options you can choose from. However members recommended the best options above.
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    Yeah, I kinda figured it was a long shot. Ah well.
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    @SwagKey I don’t know how the others did theirs, but I just edited the HTML of a page that had a card and then took a screen shot.
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    Eh, I might as well try this out. Anyone know where I could possibly make one of those fake cards everyone has been posting?
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    1. Nobody knows where they are stored in the game data. 2. These species can't spawn in the overworld; nobody knows why. 3. Change exp yield in personal data, or edit the EXP threshold tables (grow_0*.bin) manually. 4. Files aren't compressed; they're copied to a separate folder which is set up to be used with layeredfs on atmosphere/etc.
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